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The Second Cold War was a plot created by Bismarck II, where the United States of America and their allies and Russia and their allies would fight over pieces of land throughout the world.

Cold War Pacts. Red = Axis, Purple = Neutral, Blue = Alliance


Russia condemned the British invasion of France as an act of western imperialism and began meeting with its allies, who collectively formed the Axis.

In response, the United States and its allies reformed the Allies.


The first conflict began in Greenland. The Allies claimed that the Axis had occupied Greenland while the Axis claimed that the Allies were cutting off a vital shipping route.

The Allies attempted to blockade Greenland, which ultimately proved effective due to the backing of several of the United States's allies.


The next battle occurred in the Middle East. The Allies conquered Turkey and Lebanon and then tried Libya and Syria while the Axis tried to take Iraq and Iran. Due to overwhelming support from the North African Republic, the Axis managed to hold the countries and take Cyprus, Turkey and part of Iraq.

Southeast AsiaEdit

The final battle happened throughout Southeast Asia. No territory changed hands in this bloody conflict, leading to the United Nations asking the Allies and the Axis to disband, which they did.

Alliance Aligned PlayersEdit


Cold War is Cold.

Teran Marine



Sithlord Man

Pen Par


Neutral Aligned PlayersEdit

Bismarck II Akuma zero

E Chip

Ranthar Wane



Axis Aligned PlayersEdit

Rache Glock



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