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Explanation of the Soulfuel Scale, Soulfuel Ability, and some explanatory notes Edit

The Soulfuel Scale (hereafter SoS) is designed to measure Soulfuel ability (hereafter SA). The SoS is a near-analogue of the deciBel system; that is, an increase by 10 points on the SoS corresponds to a doubling of SA. A doubling of SA does not necessarily constitute a doubling of ability, and indeed this is rare; the reasons for this are too complex to delve into here.

One's SA encompasses their natural talent towards use of Soulfuel, the complexity of what one may eventually learn to do with Soulfuel, their resistance to being harmed by Soulfuel, the amount of Soulfuel they are capable of manipulating, the amount of "regular" energy they are capable of manipulating through use of Soulfuel, etc.

Note that these abilities are not a proper manifestation of the same thing, nor even perfectly correlated; rather, one's SA is a good indicator of one's level in each of the above, all are positively correlated, and all contribute towards the final SoS score. It is somewhat like I.Q. in this regard - for example, memory has a strong positive correlation with IQ, but some with very low overall IQs may have a tremendous memory. This sort of "savantism" is also observed with SA, although more rarely.

SA values are written with the value preceding the acronym, with no space in between. For example, an SA of 39 would be written as 39SA.

On the scale, example entity descriptions are written as follows: Name (SA). For examples where the entity is unknown, the symbol ? appears after its name. For examples where SA fluctuates, the SA value is a rough guess, or a group with different SA values is being mentioned, it is written as follows: Name (SA1-SA2), where SA1 is the lower value and SA2 is the higher value.

When "current," "conventional," etc. energy sources are mentioned, it is assumed to mean the energy sources fitting that description as of 2317.

The SoS Edit

SA Value Brief description of traits, abilities, etc. generally observed at this level Some examples and scores of entities at this level (confirmed or suspected)
>130 Unknown as it has never been observed. It is suspected that, at 130SA an entity would be capable of effecting planetary-scale changes using conventional energy sources. There is no upper limit, known or theorized, to SA.

Because entities with high SA often have noticeable "warping" effects on Soulfuel by their mere presence, the projected possibility of a Soulfuel "black hole" presents itself at above ~200SA. The nature of such a phenomenon, if possible, is unknown.

110-130 Capable of using any amount of energy that can be provided by current energy sources, although this will likely be untrue in the near future as more advanced energy technologies are developed and implemented on larger scales. There are very few limits on what such entities can do besides matters of scale; "specializations" are usually nonexistent.

The differences between the upper and lower ends of this range consist mostly of energy-efficiency. Power projection of the "crude" sort, such as explosions, ranges from cities to countries; also seen here are macroscopic reality-warping abilities generated by manipulations of subatomic particles. Entities near the top of of this range are compared to gods even by serious researchers.

Suspected upper bound for meta-humans, enhanced humans, etc., depending on what one considers to remain human

Abdul Qadir Jeylani (122)

90-110 Unlike the above, entities in this range can be supplied with more energy than they can use without bringing a whole nation to its knees. Restricted ability sets are often apparent here, especially in the lower part of this range; however, they are usually merely less proficient in an area than would be expected of an entity of their SA, rather than totally incapable.

Such entities are usually capable of reality manipulation at the lowest levels, but do not have the degree of fine control or ability to use such on a mass scale typical of the above range.

Imam Rabbani (104)

Imam Ghazali (101)
Suspected upper bound for baseline humans (94)
Imam Nawawi (90)

70-90 Energy usage abilities can generally be supplied by one starship or military base (the size depends on the entity). Energy-efficiency here begins to decline severely compared to the higher ranges; power projection is usually small-city range.

Crude and fine manipulation abilities are here somewhat mutually exclusive - if an entity here is competent in one, it is usually quite incompetent in the other.

Imam Taymiyyah (84)

The few strongest “regular” Projectors (70-75)

50-70 Energy needs can be supplied, usually many times over, by one conventional reactor; say, a fusion plant. Most entities in this range are capable of crude manipulations only, though a few have limited fine powers. Specialization is the rule here, as very few beings in this range are capable of any notable feats outside of a highly restricted area or two. Most OSLC Projectors (50-70)
30-50 Energy needs can be supplied by household generators. Entities here are almost never capable of manipulations except the “small, local, inefficient, ugly, and crude” type. Specialization/restriction is extreme here, with “mentally controlling fire” or “reading the minds of meta-humans” being the only things they can do with any proficiency.

A few humans outside of Aqarian are practically at this level. Despite having no access to Soulfuel, their “real” SA is so high that they manifest abilities of this range anyway. It has been experimentally shown that above ~85SA, entities naturally generate their own Soulfuel. Without dedicated systems or knowledge of their powers, though, they are left to extract energy from their surroundings, and generally have little or no control over their powers. It is suspected that psychic abilities in non-Soulfuel-using societies are due to this. [DATA EXPUNGED] ongoing since 2315 to identify and exterminate such individuals [DATA EXPUNGED] through the government of infiltrated nations.

Weakest OSLC Projectors (35)
0-30 Generally no powers of significance.

Most humans (and meta-humans, etc.) have practical SA values at this level due to the reasons described above. While not capable of any notable feats of reality-warping, consciously or otherwise, [DATA EXPUNGED] research is currently underway.

<0 In the negative range, Soulfuel actually repels these entities, and entities are repelled by it. This repellance manifests itself through effects such as: pain (physical or mental) or injury when in the vicinity of Soulfuel, increased susceptibility to Soulfuel-based attacks, inability to sense Soulfuel, inability to learn about Soulfuel, etc. The farther one slides down the scale, the more pronounced these problems become. Ya’raqir circa 2150, as confirmed through cloning/replication (-12)

NEO-CAIMEO v3 (-158)

Comments and notes on the nature of SA Edit

The reader may have noticed the negative score of NEO-CAIMEO v3, far down below the centerpoint of 0. To understand this, one must know that Soulfuel is a natural phenomenon in the purest sense. It is a human phenomenon. It is attracted to - to the point of originating from - such things as beauty, love, and innocence.

NEO-CAIMEO v3 is an utterly inhuman, cold, monstrous entity. In Soulfuel, it sees not appreciation or enjoyment but industrial use. Being too far removed from the slightest semblance of human emotion to use it, it can only do so through intermediaries, although it does not understand why.

Abdul Qadir Jeylani, a being not created through one of NEO-CAIMEO v3's cloning facilities, is far more powerful than any of the mass-produced Projectors. And why is this? It is because he feels true love, true devotion, true joy in serving Lord CAIMEO. CAIMEO can not understand this; it cannot see anything but torture, murder, and other twisted evils on its path to omnipotence.

And it is why children are the most excellent generators of the substance. For what being has more naivete, more happiness, more innocent bliss than a young child? But CAIMEO cannot understand this reasoning at any level beyond that of an output graph, and never will.

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