South Canada Treaty Organization
Flag of the SCTO



Pacific Canada


Montreal, Quebec

Toronto, Ontario

Vancouver, British Colombia


King Jean-Hudson of Quebec King Ninja of Ontario

Main City:


Secondary Centre City:


SCTO (short for South Canada Treaty Organazation) is a alliance of strictly Canadian nations.

Countries within the SCTOEdit

The SCTO consists of (by when countries joined):


The SCTO was created by Quebec (later to be called La Terre Sainte du Québec.) and British Colombia (Later to be known as Pacific Canada, and then Imperial Pacific Canada.). The SCTO wished to expand so New Brunswick and Ontario were admitted. Soon after Ontario was admitted, the official flag was the Flag of Quebec.

Soon after the flag was chosen, Newfoundland and Labrador joined, and the flag was taken out. From the time Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island joined, there was no flag.

After the SCTO Buildings were built in IPC (Imperial Pacific Canada) and Ontario, the flag was agreed on the Flag of Former Canada.

As of 29/9/11 [real time], the headquarters are required to fly all flags of the SCTO.

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