Although Rpvictor is closer to Spock, he still enjoys facepalming.

Rpvictor was formerly a player of Nation Creation, Create Your Own Country Classic and currently Create a Modern State. In Nation Creation, he has owned the countries of Abismo and the Central Republic, while he has owned Elemon in CYOCC and the countries of Peripeteia and Gabon in CAMS. He has also served as a moderator in Nation Creation and recently held the C.E.O position.


Rpvictor came to the nation-maker community in late July of 2010, when he joined the game CAMS. When Nation Creation started back up, he joined that game as the New Union of South America, later becoming Abismo. He merged with Cardnals100 and eventually got a position in moderation, where he remained until the restart of the game.

Throughout this time, Rpvictor had briefly tried other, similar games such as Create Your Own Country, Create Your Own Runescape Empire and One Nation, One Government.

Rpvictor continued to play Nation Creation after its restart, controlling the Central Republic. He eventually got appointed to the position of C.E.O of the game, where he has since become extremely overworked. He also plays Feudal Lords and Create a Modern State, although he is extraordinarily inactive in both. He has stated intentiond to become more active in both.

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