This article is about the CYOC Minecraft 2.0 state. You may be looking for New Superia.

The Republic of Superia was JMoney689's (Super) city in CYOC Minecraft 2. The city disappeared after the server crash, along with all other cities in that world. It existed primarily on a plains biome in the northeast quadrant, and also controlled a swamp penninsula (called Xarnia) to the north. It lied about half a kilometer from Atlantis, Ninja's city.


The original concept for Superia was a trailer park. Super built the first trailer, a mere 6 meters wide, as a home for himself. The trailer park idea didn't work out, as Super later built a second floor on his trailer, and none of the other buildings built looked like mobile homes.

List of Buildings:Edit

-Residence of JMoney689


-Xarnia Military Outpost

-Superian Baptist Church (unfinished)


-Sentry Turret Tower (Defends Super's home, Chest-House, and Source Block House)


-Residence of <insert villager's name here> (unfinished)

-Source Block House

The country was surrounded by cobblestone wall, except for the parts bordering water. In addition to the buildings, there was also a mining pit, and a door to the Dungeons of Superia, which apparantly held some sort of secret because it was filled with turrets.


Superia was close allies with it's neighbor, Atlantis, as well as.... Gnuispir's city. It had friendly relations with Jorcland (Omjorc) and R'ni (Wayne), and no relations with Glock's Grove (although Superia, along with Jorcland, were the only two cities to not nuke Glock's old site).

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