Remyria launched relatively few operations during its time but the main ones are summarised below. Even Quill isn't sure why they were all named after dinosaurs. Although the Incisivosaurus (as seen to the left) is a hilarious looking thing.

Operation Diplodocus Edit

In 2171 Felucca-class sailships (a 50m long unmanned vessel equipped with a stealthy graphene sail and advanced signature reduction technologies) were sent to every player's system. Each craft was controlled by the Beta class Ai called Pericles using a miniaturized FTL comms device.

They arrived just outside of the sensor range of most nations by FTLing in before activating their sail to get in closer (powered by a small onboard laser). After this they settled into an orbit around the stars.

Using their advanced passive sensors they began developing a detailed image of what exactly was going on in each system. This gave the Remyrians excellent information on all other nation’s fleet capabilities (excluding some of the more secretive spacecraft), sensor networks, interstellar traffic, large-scale orbital construction projects, propulsion/FTL signatures and the like.

Operation Sauropod Edit

Launched in 2255, Operation Sauropod related to interrogating the british prisoners in the later voided Northern Ireland Attack.

Operation Ankylosaurus Edit

Launched immediately after the first battle of Ishval during the Inexplicable war, operation Ankylosaurus involved a fairly comprehensive salvage operation dedicated towards acquiring and reverse-engineering as much Aqarian technology as possible. The main result of this operation was a greater understanding of the effectiveness of Aqarian weapon systems and predictive software.

Operation Stegosaurus Edit

Launched slightly after Ankylosaurus, operation Stegosaurus was the creation of a combined remyrian-sarecian raiding fleet dedicated to disrupting Aqarian resource shipments. Due to negotiations achieving peace this was never launched.

Operation Incisivosaurus Edit

In 2265 Remyrian intelligence officers launched a follow up operation to diplodocus and sent a Felucca class vessel to just outside the Oort Cloud of the Sublime Assembly’s home system. Once there it began stealthily travelling inwards. It was estimated to reach its destination around the year 12500. Remyrian Intelligence congratulated themselves on their long term planning before they took amnesiac pills to forget the whole operation. 

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