This is a brief description of all races ingame. (P) signifies that they were player created.


No disadvantages and the only advantage they have is a diplomatic boost when talking to human NPC’s.

Denizen Edit

Overview:Genetically modified humans. Amphibious. Advantages: Able to tolerate lower temperatures than humans, just as intelligent as humans, slightly physically stronger than humans. Disadvantages: Human npcs consider them inferior, less dexterous than humans, lower birthrate than humans.

Sentient PenguinsEdit

Overview: Smart penguins

Advantages: Cold-resistant. Cute.

Disadvantages: Weaker than humans. A lack of thumbs.

Fennites (P)Edit

overview: Genetically enhanced humanoids.

Advantages:stronger resistance to disease and slightly enhanced strength and speed

Disadvantages: Poor relations with human nations.

Natalians (P)Edit

Overview: Humans with an unnatural ability to adapt to extreme weather and climate conditions

Advantages: Increased weather tolerance

Disadvantages: Penguins and humans dislike them.

Djinn (P)Edit

Overview: Basically humans, Djinn are extremely well adapted to surviving harsh, heated environments.

Advantages: Extreme tolerance to heat, light, the effects of stars (solar flares, etc.), fire, smoke, etc. More strength than humans in heat.

Disadvantages: Lower birthrate, vulnerable to lower temperatures. Aversion to non-precious metals (They can work with them fine, they're just not as comfortable). Less strength than humans in cold.

Hepheastans (P)Edit

Slightly taller and stronger than humans

Earos (P)Edit

Think hunters from halo

Fezians (P)Edit

To quote the creator "Harry Potter when he used Gillyweed, Only with scales."


Star wars


Star wars

Zilwe (P)Edit

Human like species with the ability to survive with lower amounts of food and water for prolonged periods of time, and have an easier time breathing 'dirty' air. Weakness: Large preference for being underground, low birth rate, softer skeleton==

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