Purity of Form (Alagos)Edit

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The ultimate goal of Purity of essence: the robotic life form.

Purity of Form describes the most simplistic application of the core of Eergos theory: cybernetics. In this tangent, the 'Seed' Races attempt to rebuild themselves into a balanced hybrid of technology and biology. This, however, is a corruption of the core principles of the theory. While hybrids are a step in the right direction, it is not true harmony between what we call 'Technology' and 'Biology', it is a compromise. A depth of focus in Purity of Form will result in a blending of Cybernetics and Nanotechnology into the Biological system so well that they become one in their physical essence.

This particular facet of the theory has been approached in multiple ways. From the existing data, we know that the Eldarians (Half of the Conjoiners) were well on their way to this end, having attained a level of Alagos that was long unmatched.

Then came the Calaquendi. The 'Quendi took another route to attempt Purity, in a large program to institute compulsory implants and nanobots. However, they were set back multiple times by widespread international condemnation, which eventually destroyed them in the Cataclysm of the Fourth Wall.

The most promising, The Earos, have fulfilled much of the concept of Purity of Form through their nature as fully sentient and developed nano-creatures. With the design of biology fulfilled in nanotechnology. In their final state, the Earos reached a level of Alagos that has never before or since been recorded in Eergos Seed.

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