Protest at Westmore Palace
Smoke rises in downtown Arretium and Westmore Palace


September 20th-21st, 2550


7:30 AM-12:00 PM


Westmore Palace, Downtown Arretium


At least 200




About 5M World Credits

The 2550 Riots at Westmore Palace were caused by the war in the New African Empire. At least 200 people were injured, including 20 police officers. 3 officers were killed, and three civilians were also killed.


After Somalia and Tanzania declared secession from Atlantis, and the government chose to declare war, people said that they were better off without the two provinces and began rioting.


The Riot began as a peaceful protest, while F.O.O.L officers guarded the palace, a protester threw a bottle, injuring an officer, causing the officers to use pepper spray, other protesters did the same, and soon a nearby police car was overturned and lit aflame.

The Atlantis Post office was also lit aflame, but was quickly extinguished by a store employee. By this point police were authorized to use their tazers on violent protesters.

King Arthur, trapped inside the palace, which was now on lockdown, watched over the protests. The Atlantis Post office was again lit aflame, burning the entire ground floor before firefighters extinguished it.

One man, Jackson Smith then took a pistol out and shot at officers and other protestors, injuring about 20 and killing one officer and two protesters before being shot and killed.

Officers move in

Nearly 100 were arrested and charged. Roads were closed around the city, Arretium Bus cancelled routes into the area


The Atlantis Post office was eventually torn apart, as they decided to move locations instead of rebuilding. Westmore Palace remained on lockdown for several hours.

The extent of the riot was blamed on the Arretium Police and the F.O.O.L, who underestimated the power of the rioters.

It took 5000 volounteers about three months to clean up the mess made. The road in front of the Palace is now completely closed off to everyone but government officials. Nearby buildings now have automatic sprinkler systems, in case another riot of this scale occurs.

It is estimated nearly 10,000 people participated in the riot.

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