A carnivorous potato

Potato tech was a family of techs that Rache Glock was responsible for. All potato tech was connected to the potato hive mind.

The TechEdit

Tattie BombEdit

A standard potato plant, well almost. It converts nutrients into penthatyl which is highly explosive. The Penthatyl is stored in the potatoes. When it reaches maturity, the plant develops a detonator that is able to detect sentients in a nearby radius. It then explodes. Varieties exist that are tuned only to detonate when specific organisms come near them. The explosion releases seedlings that grow into non-fertile organisms.

Potato BugEdit

Carnivorous potatoes. They sprout legs and maws. They can fire acid from their mouth. They are also parasitic, preferring to pretend to be a standard potato and be eaten. This spreads seeds into the host that take root and grow. Eventually the host explodes releasing more potato bugs. They can also spread the potato blight or explode.

Potato BlightEdit

Can be spread by the potato bug or Tattie bombs. When a human is infected with potato blight, their skin hardens and has a texture similar to that of a potato. They join the potato hive mind and lose most of their higher brain functions, although they retain skills and memories they had previously.


A plant that fires a Tattie bomb that can either detonate on impact or airburst.

French FliesEdit

Two varieties. First one is a plant armed with 2 rapid fire spudguns that produces gas that inflate gas sacs allowing it to float about. The second lacks the spudguns and instead can carry troops.


Fertilizers that cause plants to grow to maturity very rapidly.

Combat HistoryEdit

Potato technology has never been used in battle as of time of writing.

Most of Potato Tech was voided as a result of an audit against Rache Glock.

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