Palladium, known in the media as the "Jovian Syndicate" is a trans-stellar organized crime syndicate focused around the Jovian colonies with active members to be found in almost every major and minor colony known to Sol. While originating as a loose association of smuggling crews sharing routes and technology in the early Sol colonial days, Palladium has evolved over recent years to an organization with the resources and structure of a modern corporation.

Although dealing principally in goods and services designated by many national governments as illegal, Palladium appears to operate with a primary focus of profit. Violence is seen as a merely a factor to be accounted for in pursuit of the best capital gains, and as such Palladium has no history of involvement in political or economic terrorism.

Relatively little is known about Palladium's internal structure, other than its corporate language and division into designated divisions with different areas of responsibility based on expertise and region. For example, Palladium's Department of Logistics and Supplies manages interstellar and interplanetary smuggling routes which shift resources between clients and branches of the organization.

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