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Chickens occupying the Senate

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Occupy protesters gathered in Trotsky to protest the inflated military budget and its negative effects on the Trotskian economy.

The Occupy Trotsky Movement of January, 2012 was a movement in Trotsky to protest the massive military budget of Trostsky, and its negative effects on The Trotskian economy. Some protestors also seem to be protesting the favor placed on cows over chickens in Trotskian lawbooks.


After a massive military budget that saw to the construction of the Bismark and a massive airfleet amongst other expenses, the Trotskian economy plummeted, until it came to the point where a loaf of bread no


A Trotskian cow giving a speech at a Trotskian college to convince the students to eat more chicken. Cows speak a different dialect of English than humans, so some spellings may differ.

rmally costing around 3 marks was driven up into the trillions by the devaluation of currency due to the excessive printing of money and material shortages. Farmlands were also almost completely erased to make room for the military, forcing food prices to soar to unprecedented heights. The high foodprices made foreign importers, the only source of food in Trotsky, rich, but it bankrupted nearly the entire populace. The chicken populace was hit especially hard, as the lawbooks give advantages for feeding grounds to cows, and not chickens, so any method of gathering ones food also vanished with this prospect.

Seeing the rival chicken populace in peril and the common man hungry, the cows came up with a plan to further thin out the chicken populace by getting the common people to eat more chicken. They opened a fast-food joint called Chick-fil-a in Trotsky, and have been using it as a front for the illegal sale of (now deceased) legal, chicken citizens by disguising them as foreign imports from a restaurant with a similar name. According to the Trotskian Institute for the Advancement of Feathered Citizens (TIAFC), the CFA cows would raid chicken homes, kill the chickens, and then hide the evidence by cooking and selling it. Unfortunately, few believe their tale, and no legal action has been successfully made against Chick-fil-a due to a lack of proof supporting TIAFC's case. As a result, TIAFC urged the chickens to go on strike and to occupy Trotsky.

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