New Superia is Super JMoney's (LiveLong689) nation in CYOC: Minecraft 2.1. It resides around a lake bay, and includes taiga and jungle biomes, as well as a frozen lake in the southwest. Super's home lies between the eastern edge of the bay and Lake Superior, and six villagers live in three cliffside homes on the southern edge of the bay.

New Superia was built to replace Old Superia after Wayne's server crashed, which reset the world. The exact location of New Superia is classified, but Super has stated that it is in the Northwestern quadrant. The current population is 8.

List of Structures:

  • Super's House
  • Chest-House/Nuclear Bunker
  • West Villager House
  • East Villager House
  • Center Villager House
  • Apartment Complex (Unfinished)
  • Turret Tower #1
  • Turret Tower #2
  • Turret Tower #3
  • Turret Tower #4
  • Mobile Home (Moved by Super from Old Superia to it's new site on the western edge of the bay)
  • Vacation House (in Xarnia)
  • Well (in Xarnia)
  • Bay Bridge
  • Lake Superior Bridge
  • Animal House
  • Portal-House
  • Rollercoaster (Demolished)
  • Quarry Hole Cover


  • Resk Island
  • Livelonia Island
  • Xarnia (across the Lake)


  • New Superia has a loose alliance with Omjorc's still-unnamed country.
2014-01-07 21.28.19

Outdated arial view of New Superia. Border is made of stone wall.

2014-01-20 14.14.35

New Superia at night, seen from Mount Rollercoaster.

2014-01-20 14.14.50

Northern Lake Superior, from Mount Rollercoaster. Xarnia is barely visible on the other side.

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