N.A.E War
Date November 21st, 2550
Location Atlantis
Result Victory to Atlantis

Offensive: Atlantis, Ascendant Kingdom, DUTML, Sparkadia

Defensive: New African Empire

Commanders and Leaders

Offense Leaders:

King Arthur, Godking Marcus

Defense Leaders:

Morgan (dead), Mordred


Offensive: 6,000,000 (estimate)

Defensive: 1,500,000

Casualties and Losses
Military Casualties: At least 15,000

Civilian Casualties: 360 missing

Military Casualties: At least 40,000

Civilian Casualties: 500

The New African Empire (N.A.E) war is a series of conflicts that occured after secession of Tanzania and Somalia from Atlantis to form the N.A.E.

The war was primarily fought on the ground and by sea, although an arms race involving the Air Force did occur.

Godking Marcus of the Ascendant Kingdom played a major part in the war, personally taking part in the front-line combat. His Ascendant Army was responsible for many of the initial sieges in the war, wearing down enemy shields and taking out outer defenders. The Ascendant Kingdom is also responsible for the capture of the NAE's leader, Mordred, ending the war by forcing the enemy into a position where they were incapable of attacking or fleeing.

The Godking was, however, very pro-humanitarian in the war, giving civilians the chance to flee before engaging in battle.

Sparkadia's contribution to the war was rather odd, since it send about five times the number of troops and units it needed to raze the N.A.E to the ground, as well as Kvothe (who is probably worth another army again). However, these soldiers (and the LAAVs, which aren't even truly alive) appeared to have spent the entire time sitting in deck chairs and drinking apple juice while watching the conflict, since the war, according to them 'stretched out way too long to be worth fighting any more'.

The DUTML was also noted for sending a small part of Nights to fight the N.A.E, Presumably these also joined in the general fun and games since they would equally have won the war for Atlantis almost as soon as they were deployed.

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