Neran flag
Flag of Nera


Bratislava, Slovakia

Largest City

Nera City, Nera




Democratic Monarchy

Current Ruler

Dmitri Medvedevski II, King of Nera


Internal: ₦ Neran Credit

International: ⓒ World Credit

The Kingdom of Nera is a Create Your Own Country nation owned by D Chip, and is #4 on the power rankings.



Sometime before CYOC 16, the planet Nera had several nations on it. The major ones were people from the former Confederacy of Independent States (D Chip's first country) who had moved to Nera, and people from the former nation of Nera (D Chip's second country). The Neran nation was the largest, hence the naming of the planet.

However, the native inhabitants of the planet, whose name has been lost, were not happy with the settlers taking their land. Because the CIS and Nerans were also not on good terms, many wars were fought between the three groups in the central part of the largest (or the only, as some people argue) continent.

However, some small groups were on good terms with each other, and escaped to other parts of the continent. Several of them gathered and engineered a new humanoid species, the Nerans. Nerans are capable of better withstanding the heavier 1.3G gravity of Nera, and are also capable of changing their hair, skin, and eye colour at will.

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