Fame 2009 la pelicula
This is a list of the great nations of Nation Creation, and other CYOC genres. Once the most powerful countries in the universe, or those who have done something beyond belief, and revolutionized the world of Nation Creation or just those who felt obligated to add themselves out of pride. We commemorate these countries to honor them. The following is a list of the countries that have done something, or have acheived being one of the most powerful nations ever to exist on Nation Creation

Nation Creation Hall of Fame


Created by Scorched125


Created by Teran Marine

New Jamaica

Created by E Chip

New United Kingdoms of Earth (NUKE)

Created by E Chip

Austro-Canary Empire

Created by Liam of Fez/Cardnals100


Created by Sithlord Man

The Old Republic

Created by 123xyz8

The Oceani-Zargarian Empire

Created by Akuma Zero/Teran Marine


Created by 99Mageguyman

The Conjoiners

Created by Rache Glock/Ranthar Wane

Create Your Own Country Hall of Fame


Created by Djinn Spell

Index Kingdom

Created by Sirjoseph9


Created by Waterice Man

Neros-Pwnage Empire

Created by 123xyz8/Teh Pwnage55

New Jamaica

Created by E Chip (again)


Created by Teran Marine (again)


Err... Maybe this isn't the right hall of fame.

Feudal Lords Hall of Fame

Austro-Thai Empire

Created by Liam of Fez/Cardnals100

Islamic Caliphate

Created by Liam of Fez/Cardnals100

United Middle Eastern Kingdoms

Created by Pen Par, period of time when the Ottoman Empire was part of it

Japanese Empire

Created by E Chip


Created by Sithlord Man

Imperial China

Created by 123xyz8

Republic of Turkey

Created by 123xyz8(again)

Create a Modern State Hall of Fame


Created by Djinn Spell


Created by Liam of Fez/Cardnals100 (originally East and West Canadas)

Federation of American States

Created by 123xyz8

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