Nation Creation originally existed on the forums, and almost all players of the genre as a whole are either active or retired RuneScape players. The Runscape Forums had a post limit in each thread, so whenever a new thread was started for NC, a number was added at the end of the name. Eventually in 2012, the continuous stream of threads stopped as players went inactive. Since then, there have been several attempts at reviving the game by various players on various sites. This is a record of them.

Bismarck's NC: Contrary to the name, Bismarck rarely appeared in this thread however he was the head moderator. This version of the game was on and lasted for the first half of 2013, and is notable for the various disputes and near-wars between Super, Gnu, Eno, Glock, and F3NR3L, however the only full-scale war that occurred in this thread was later voided.

Quill's NC: Later in the fall of 2013, Quill revived NC but it only lasted a few weeks. The game eventually died out from a lack of interest. This game is notable for being the last successful version of NC to exist on

Super's NC: In July 2014, Super started another revive on After no more than 24 hours, a Forum Moderator locked the thread for being too similar to CYOC, an event known as The Banning of Nation Creation.

Various Ninja/Lsuv revives: In the months following the ban, Lsuv and Ninja attempted to revive NC a few more times on to no avail, as all threads were locked.

Roleplaying Forums NC: In October 2014, Super brought NC to, where he hoped a nation roleplaying game would be accepted. The game only lasted a few weeks, however, as it suffered from a moderator power struggle that eventually caused Super's Meltdown.

Spacebattles NC: In May 2015, Quill restarted NC yet again on This version was the most successful NC in years and spawned at least two further iterations.

Spacebattles NC 2: Quill passed control over to Allergic due to university constraints. This version was moderately successful but only lasted 30 pages or so.

Spacebattles NC 3: Due to launch in late June with Quill once again as head moderator.

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