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  • Quill Reiver

    NC IV

    January 2, 2017 by Quill Reiver




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  • Quill Reiver


    Planning on restarting NC on the spacebattles forum again in early July. Who would be interested and who has feedback about previous iterations?

    Additionally, I've created an archive for NC spacebattles round 1 and 2 (which can be found on this page ).

    One of the changes I plan on making is changing the time system to one page is equal to one year. 


    Nation Creation Season Three is now live at

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Hey Guys,

    After starting the whole project on cleaning up the wiki, I took it on myself to re-engineer the front page and our navigation bar. I'm on the whole, much happier with it and will be cropping up the navigation images to uniform fits within the near future, but though you all could give feedback on where the page is at thus far.

    ~ Wayne

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  • Akuma Zero

    We are currently going about trying to make the wiki more appealing, and eliminating clutter pages.

    Pages qualified for deletion:

    -Tiny, insignificant pages

    -Pages with no information

    -Pages with a "Will work on later" message not made within the last month or so

    -Troll pages (not those we keep around for humor)

    -Pages that do not document anything of historical value

    -Pages which could be merged with other pages (they will be merged)

    -Pages which could be compiled together to form a more continuous page.

    We are using a category titled "Potential Junk" to deal with any iffy articles or those who could be merged into a larger article or compilation. Please do not be alarmed if an article you have made is titled with this.

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Reposted from Glock.

    Restarting NC in 2012/13/14/15 clearly doesn't work. I've always found the best part of NC to be whenever we get going and colonisation and the like occurs. Hence, I've decided to create a new game on the spacebattles forum. Game will start in 2115, you'll be able to choose your own worlds/species. Once we have enough interest (say about 8 or 9 people) we'll launch. Hopefully within a day.

    Currently onboard

    • Quill
    • Mage
    • Eno
    • Mei
    • Super
    • Wayne
    • Kyr
    • Lsu

    Game will be hosted in this forum.


    Game will be launching at 13:00 GMT 24th May 2015

    UPDATE 2:

    UPDATE 3:

    Chat Room:

    PW: NC

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About the NC/CYOC GenreEdit

The NC/CYOC Genre is a community of that play on the four major threads: Create Your Own Country, Nation Creation, Feudal Lords, and Create A Modern State. The community itself is over three years old, and is still changing as new players come into the picture and the veteran players leave. We are centered in the RuneScape Forum Games.

  • Create Your Own Country: This is the thread that started it all. CYOC is the oldest thread in the genre, having already passed the three-year mark!
  • Nation Creation: Nation Creation was the second major thread that was created. It has passed the two-year mark, and is currently the largest in the NC/CYOC genre.
  • Feudal Lords: Feudal Lords came sometime after Nation Creation. It quickly took off, and still ranks as one of the giants today.
  • Create A Modern State: CAMS was the earliest addition to the genre, and it took off very rapidly. It stood out from most new threads that are created today that are like us, and now ranks as one of the giants.
  • Stellar Empires : SE was formed by a few players from the other games. It was one of the first games to successfully use a Point-Project system. It is also one of the most futuristic in technology, as the game starts in 2500.

Feudal Lords does not have a wiki article. You can help the Nation Creation Wiki by starting it. |}

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