The first organized database for Nation Creation.

The Forum took place on March 10, 2012 in the Board of Directors Wiki chat. It was an open event in which anyone, including non-NCers, could attend. It lasted around 3 hours if I remember correctly.

This will be posted in its own category in Stratus called “The Forum”. A link to the BoD wiki can be found below.

Nation Creation BoD Wiki (THIS IS NOT FOR OPEN CHAT!)

The Forum - 3.10.12Edit

· Farmadyll o

· hai

· 3:03 Scorched000 :o

· Bismarck I has joined the chat.

· 3:04 Bismarck I Good evening.

· 3:04 Scorched000 hello bismurk

· R.Glock has joined the chat.

· 3:06 Scorched000 hey r.glock

· 3:06 Farmadyll hi our glock

· DaedricMask has joined the chat.

· 3:06 Scorched000 going to give a little time to see if volc and pen

· log on

· 3:06 DaedricMask I didn't know this existed

· 3:06 Scorched000 lol

· it's mostly secretive

· because it's not for open chat

· 3:07 Rpvictor Well, usually not.

· 3:07 Scorched000 ok, pen said give him 2 mins

· 3:07 Rpvictor This is the only exception I remember.

· I say 1.

· 3:07 Scorched000 ok

· 3:08 Farmadyll kay

· 3:08 Scorched000 ok

· 3:09 Farmadyll k

· 3:09 Scorched000 we will go ahead and begin

· 3:09 Farmadyll okays

· 3:09 Bismarck I we wait

· to 4:10

· 3:09 Scorched000 y

· 3:09 Farmadyll ...

· 3:09 DaedricMask Nuu

· 3:09 Farmadyll it's a minute

· 3:09 DaedricMask start now

· 3:09 Farmadyll @@@@@@

· 3:09 DaedricMask Serious.

· 3:09 Bismarck I its like 20 secs

· 3:09 Rpvictor *sigh*

· 3:09 Scorched000 I need to lay down some ground rules

· 3:09 DaedricMask k

· 3:09 Scorched000 first, once we officially start

· do not talk when someone else is talking

· you need to be recognized by one of the admins before you can talk

· once someone has presented an idea, and it is opened for discussion

· you don't necessarily have to ask before talking

· so that is the only exception

· Volcano1qaz has joined the chat.

· 3:10 Scorched000 as for disruptions

· hey volc

· as for disruptions, they will be dealt with swiftly

· you don't want to miss this event, so don't get yourself kicked

· 3:11 Farmadyll *raises hand*

· 3:11 Scorched000 Now, if someone is talking or w/e, you can open pm

· and talk to one of the amdins

· admins

· 3:11 Farmadyll *nvm*

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 3:11 Scorched000 hey pen

· 3:11 Farmadyll hey pen

· 3:11 Scorched000 Ok, here is how this is going to work:"

· this Forum is split into two major parts

· Part I is a brief presentation

· it deals with all of the planned updates for NC

· just to get you guys up to speed

· at times during said presentation, I will stop and ask for comments

· thoughts, suggestions, etc.

· Ok, any questions?

· 3:12 Pen Par Right, got it.

· 3:12 Farmadyll Okay.

· Jamie Tate has joined the chat.

· 3:12 Scorched000 old jamie

· 3:12 Farmadyll May I start us off?

· 3:12 Scorched000 no

· 3:12 Jamie Tate ohi

· 3:12 Farmadyll no.

· 3:12 Scorched000 presentation first, then open forum

· 3:12 Farmadyll with the banner.

· >_>

· 3:12 Scorched000 wat banner?

· oh, ok

· 3:12 Farmadyll 3.

· 2.

· 1.

· ~ The Forum for Nation Creation has officially started. ~

· 3:13 Rpvictor To summarize the rules, PM an admin if you want to speak or you may be kicked.

· 3:13 Scorched000 yes


· ok, let's begin

· Now, a few years ago, the thread was just that - the thread

· it was where we kept all the game info, all of our country data, projects, and everything else

· if a thread died, everything was lost, including all past events and such

· Then, while talking to Teran a few years ago

· he introduced a pretty awesome idea - he suggested that we expand onto the internet

· instead of being confined to rs

· so, Teran helped put together Nation Creation v1

· this was important as it helped to show that you guys really like to post your own content

· mostly pictures

· Ncv1 was a success in showing that, but

· it began to lose a lot of people

· the only feature that ended up being used was the pm feature

· and ofc the occasional posting of pictures

· but, for the most part, it was a failure

· for what it was originally intended for

· Now, one day I was talking to kyr

· this was... I want to say roughly a year ago

· what resulted from this talk was the concept of the wiki

· So, we launched it, and it exploded

· If I had to say so myself, I would say the wiki is the most important innovation in nc's 3-year history

· Now, how does this story relate to anything?

· As you know, farma has recently been promoted

· to Creative Director

· he has helped to improve the look and feel of the wiki by at least 100%

· what you guys don't know is that he's also working hard on the thread itself

· he is going to make it look better than most threads

· and better than it has ever looked before

· thoughts so far?

· 3:17 Farmadyll I approve.

· 3:17 Scorched000 ok

· As far as the wiki goes today...

· we have over 300 articles and growing

· and nearly 2,000 pictures

· we're pretty massive for such a tiny thread

· 3:17 Bismarck I (Most by Bismarck)

· 3:17 Scorched000 yes


· to top that all off

· because we moved the chat from gay as hell runescape in-game

· to the wiki

· we are now constantly here

· in fact, we are probably on the wiki more

· than we actually post on nc

· O_O

· so, the other day it hit me

· Why in the world is the thread still the main source for gameplay-related info?

· so, here is the bottom line: we are going to move some content from the thread's main page to the wiki in an organized way

· What will this do? it will make the wiki even more useful, and simplify NC as a thread

· How will we do this?

· Stratus is your answer. Stratus is going to incorporate various useful articles

· from around the wiki

· including other threads such as CYOC

· within stratus will be a category that is created for NC Platform information

· this will allow us to create a better understanding of NC and how it works

· and at the same time simplify NC

· this was formerly an impossible task befre the wiki

· before*

· thoughts so faR?

· far

· 3:20 Bismarck I So, this will mainly transition

· some of the more factual info from the thread

· 3:20 Rpvictor I feel that my contributions to Wikia content and organization are under acknowledged, and I approve of the concept of Stratus.

· 3:20 Bismarck I to the Wikia

· 3:20 Pen Par Erm... why is the Stratus so important? I mean what would it do?

· 3:20 Farmadyll It would link pages together.

· 3:20 Scorched000 yes

· basically, Stratus will tie together all of the really important articles

· it will allow you guys to one-click your way to the good stuff

· rather than searching for things

· ok, now I will transition from the wiki-related updates

· 3:21 Pen Par If I may, how would that simplify NC on a day-to-day basis for us?

· 3:21 Scorched000 well

· we're for sure removing page 2

· page 2 will be moved to the wiki

· and expanded

· 3:21 DaedricMask lol

· 3:22 Scorched000 plus, the time system will be elaborated on in the wiki

· just things like that

· we will reduce NC to 1-page

· 3:22 Rpvictor A lot of the project is simplifying things for new players.

· 3:22 Scorched000 yes

· the thread - the basic stuff you need

· wiki - more advanced

· 3:22 Bismarck I Okay

· 3:22 Rpvictor The main benefit for more veteran players is quick reference to relevant pages.

· 3:22 Pen Par Ah. Thanks for the clarification.

· 3:22 Rpvictor Nobody cares about articles like The June Revolution.

· 3:22 DaedricMask I also think

· That the Stratus

· 3:23 Rpvictor Things like the Tech Database, on the other hand, are much more important.

· 3:23 DaedricMask will help us document

· 3:23 Farmadyll *raises hand*

· 3:23 DaedricMask NC better.

· 3:23 Scorched000 go farma

· 3:23 Farmadyll Okay.

· My suggestion:

· Player Made Nimbus Databases

· 3:23 Scorched000 ??

· 3:23 Farmadyll Where they can link their own articles together

· 3:23 R.Glock I have that already

· 3:23 Farmadyll Like a stratus database, but for their articles.

· 3:23 R.Glock its called the glock category.

· 3:23 Farmadyll ...

· It's

· Simply

· An enhanced category

· 3:24 Scorched000 maybe...

· 3:24 Farmadyll Where you can add more info

· 3:24 Scorched000 if we did that, we would group them together

· 3:24 DaedricMask Nimbus implies Nimbus civilization

· 3:24 Farmadyll Well.

· 3:24 DaedricMask which implies bismarck.

· 3:24 Scorched000 from Stratus you'd navigate to the NC category

· 3:24 Farmadyll I just took the name from a cloud

· >Stratus

· 3:24 Scorched000 and from there. to whatever category you're looking for

· 3:24 Farmadyll >Nimbus

· 3:25 Scorched000 ok, any last statements?

· before we move on*

· 3:25 Rpvictor Just one.

· 3:25 Scorched000 ok

· Gnuispir8 has joined the chat.

· 3:25 Scorched000 hey gnu

· 3:25 Gnuispir8 ello

· 3:25 DaedricMask I think Stratus can be used to better document Nation Creation.

· 3:25 Rpvictor Nimbus would be a better idea than player categories. They just aren't official.

· 3:25 Bismarck I Yeah, like the unofficial guide

· 3:25 Farmadyll

· 3:25 Bismarck I whereas Stratus is the official

· 3:25 DaedricMask Like how we lose some information.

· 3:26 R.Glock that reminds me

· 3:26 DaedricMask Stratus will help us preserve it.

· 3:26 R.Glock NVM

· 3:26 Scorched000 yes, it will definitely preserve info

· 3:26 Farmadyll SRC Nimbus: - SRC Military Page - SRC Economics Page - SRC Main Page - SRC Wars Page.

· SEE?

· see*

· 3:26 Scorched000 hmm...

· that might work

· but we'd need a category for every major article chain

· 3:26 Rpvictor I think we would need to adjust that concept.

· 3:26 Scorched000 or else it would make Stratus look unofficial

· 3:27 Farmadyll >Player Nations

· 3:27 Scorched000 basically, Stratus will go like this:

· from the home page, you go to Stratus

· 3:27 Rpvictor The Nimbus concept is for grouping articles by PLAYER.

· 3:27 Scorched000 you see the various categories

· so, you click on Nation Creation

· and it takes you to every important NC-related article

· 3:27 Rpvictor We don't need to have a separate Nimbus for separate countries. We have categories for country articles.

· 3:27 Scorched000 or, you click on Nation Creation Platform...

· it takes you to all articles related to the NC game setup

· such as, Time System

· any last statements?

· 3:28 Farmadyll Well...

· 3:28 Scorched000 ok, we will move on

· 3:28 Rpvictor Only that the Nimbus concept needs to be refined before doing any sort of implementation.

· 3:28 Farmadyll oh.

· 3:28 Scorched000 oh, go ahead

· 3:28 Farmadyll Page 2 can be totally converted under the NC Platform page.

· As with less inmportant things from page 1

· like ime onversions

· 3:29 Scorched000 yes

· 3:29 Farmadyll time conversions*

· 3:29 Scorched000 farma, you will help design those articles, right?

· 3:29 Farmadyll yes.

· 3:29 Scorched000 ok

· we will move on now

· I want to talk to you about what we're doing that's

· specifically related to NC gameplay

· Basically, Nc recently hit 40 threads

· 3 years

· and we have regained the #1 spot in the genre

· basically, as other threads decline and decline, save ZC

· we become stronger

· as people migrate to NC

· as for planned changes, NC 40 was the first glimpse

· we added the new, dynamic time system - the first of it's kind

· never before has a time system taken activity levels into account

· but, now we do

· but, of course we're not stopping there

· we have enough content planned to last us...

· maybe 2 threads?

· before everything is done

· firstly, I need to get back to Farma's redesign of the main page

· for NC

· he has worked really hard on it, and he has sent me every page

· that is currently done

· and it really, in short, looks amazing

· it will truly redefine what it means to have a visually appealing thread

· and it will look better than all past NC/CYOC games

· as well as other threads around RS

· (I've reviewed many... trust me)

· now, after the WWIII event, we're also planning to experiment with a new type of gameplay

· basically, it's new in the sense that you guys aren't use to it

· most of you

· but, it's old in the sense that it was once a hugeeee part of NC

· and I mean huge

· I am talking about Alliances

· a while back, NC used to have a ton of alliances

· when one died, one replaced it

· at one point we had NC-based alliances, an EAW alliance

· I think even a CYOC alliance

· It was a time when like-minded people banded together, played together, worked together, and expanded their reach together

· it allowed for gameplay to be taken to the next level

· you could now focus on your own country, and get help from other people

· so your potential to develop new tech was endless

· But, sadly, I must say that teran and I contributed to their downfall

· we introduced new rules, and these rules...

· they crippled alliances

· after that, the whole concept died

· but after WW3

· 3:35 Farmadyll (Is this in-game alliances or affiliates?)

· 3:35 Scorched000 management is going to spur the creation of maybe

· shh farma

· maybe 3 alliances

· Bowswer5 has joined the chat.

· 3:35 Scorched000 Now, I am not trying to take singular gameplay away

· I really want you guys to continue pushing your nations

· to be more powerful

· but, it's always good to have support from fellow alliance members

· it just gives you more options

· thoughts so far?

· 3:36 R.Glock I like the idea of it

· 3:36 Rpvictor Two things.

· 3:36 R.Glock but, what were the three alliances you were thinking of

· 3:36 Rpvictor One, you mentioned WW3. Will that be up for discussion later?

· 3:36 Pen Par Well, alliances are good, I guess. But that does sort of ruin the singular gameplay, won't it?

· 3:37 Scorched000 yes rp

· well, no

· 3:37 Gnuispir8 pen's right

· 3:37 DaedricMask No,Pen.

· 3:37 R.Glock I disagree with pen.

· 3:37 DaedricMask You can work together with people

· 3:37 Bismarck I Indeed it will

· 3:37 Scorched000 you guys will all receive individual ranks

· 3:37 DaedricMask and seperate

· 3:37 Scorched000 so, you NEED to advance yourselves

· unless you want to die in ranks

· 3:37 DaedricMask lol

· 3:37 Bismarck I Why have one man develop everything he needs

· when you and your friends can each specialize in one area

· bring those areas together

· and dominate the game as you share your blessings.

· 3:38 Scorched000 well, you won't

· dominate

· there will be 3 alliances

· 3:38 Gnuispir8 My main fear is, it will make wars between players very unbalanced

· 3:38 Scorched000 it will make wars less common

· 3:38 Pen Par ^

· Have to agree with Gnu

· 3:38 Bismarck I But when those wars happen

· it will be devastating

· 3:38 Scorched000 plus, Rule 8

· 3:38 Gnuispir8 if player A is in an Alliance, and player b isn't, player b is screwed over

· 3:38 Scorched000 is not leaving

· 3:38 DaedricMask Rule 8

· 3:38 Scorched000 Rule 8 will be around

· especially for those that aren't in alliances

· 3:38 R.Glock Rule 8 is a pain in the arse.

· 3:38 Scorched000

· 3:38 R.Glock It effectively bans PVP wars

· 3:39 Pen Par So we're not being forced into alliances?

· 3:39 Gnuispir8 but theres the problem

· 3:39 Pen Par Eh, I fully support Rule 8.

· 3:39 R.Glock which is part of the fun of NC

· 3:39 Pen Par Some people just don't want to fight.

· 3:39 Gnuispir8 if B attacks A

· A's allies have cause to fight

· 3:39 R.Glock pen, that's just because you don't want to be killed by potatoes

· 3:39 Scorched000 well, you won't be forced to

· 3:39 R.Glock Yes, but B's reason for attacking will be inevitably voided.

· 3:39 Pen Par That's partially true.

· 3:39 Scorched000 but, that is up to you whether you want to stay isolationist

· or branch out

· 3:39 Gnuispir8 If A attacks B, A's allies can still help

· 3:39 Bismarck I I must agree with Glock. I dislike Rule 8

· 3:40 Pen Par But I'm also interested in building my nation the way I see it fit.

· 3:40 Scorched000 yeh, but Rule 8 can't leave

· NC would fall into chaos

· everyone wants everyone dead, so best we keep it

· 3:40 Pen Par Very true, Scorched.

· 3:40 Bismarck I Chaos, or activity?

· 3:40 R.Glock err... how do you come to that conclusion?

· 3:40 Farmadyll I don't like Rule 8; because I wanted to go to war with Crazy (Norway) and conquer him.

· 3:40 Scorched000 chaos

· 3:40 R.Glock I agree with bis, activity.

· 3:40 Scorched000 there is a difference between activity spurred because of a crazy war

· and long-term activity

· 3:40 Bowswer5 If alliance-based gameplay is going to be around, Rule 8 is probably going to change. It's up to the alliances to provide projection and keep peace.

· 3:40 Scorched000 a war lasts maybe a few pages

· 3:40 Bismarck I Even before Rule 8,

· 3:40 Gnuispir8 No rule 8= CYOC last month when coolnesse returned

· 3:40 Scorched000 and then everyone stops posting

· 3:40 R.Glock NC is fun because of the ability to wage pvp war.

· 3:40 Bismarck I how many wars occurred?

· Little.

· 3:41 Scorched000 there were a few, and all were dumb

· none succeeded either

· 3:41 Bismarck I And when those happened, few resulted in anything

· 3:41 R.Glock because they were all voided

· 3:41 Scorched000 no

· we voided no wars before rule 8

· 3:41 Pen Par No

· 3:41 Scorched000 not even 1

· 3:41 Pen Par Because both parties argued

· 3:41 Gnuispir8 I think if we have it, we define it more thoroughly

· 3:41 R.Glock perhaps, if a member joins an alliance

· 3:41 Pen Par They argued endlessly (I'm saying this from personal experience) about how unfair the moderation can be, etc.

· 3:41 Bowswer5 Well we just need good war mods that can actually provide closure.

· 3:41 Scorched000 ok, but we will experiment with these alliances no matter what

· 3:41 R.Glock he gives up his right to be protected by rule 8.

· that way

· 3:41 Scorched000 it was honestly one of the best features of NC before this

· well, NC AND CYOC

· 3:42 R.Glock you don't have alliances ganging up on one person.

· 3:42 Scorched000 gameplay isn't as fun without various alliances

· 3:42 R.Glock gameplay isn't fun without pvp wars

· 3:42 Scorched000 yeah, we could do that

· 3:42 Bowswer5 Glock has a good idea.

· 3:42 Gnuispir8 CYOC alliances are horrendous, so they'll have to be kept in check

· 3:42 Scorched000 Rule 8 is for singular players

· and alliances give up the rights to rule 8

· each member does

· 3:42 Pen Par That's pretty good with me.

· 3:42 Rpvictor Very well.

· 3:42 Scorched000 sure, we will do that

· 3:42 R.Glock there should be a period

· after you quit an alliance

· when you can still be vulnerable

· otherwise

· people whenever they feel war is coming

· "Oh I'm a single player"

· "you cannae attack me"

· 3:43 Scorched000 yeah

· 3:43 Pen Par Glock, that can also have reverse effects.

· 3:43 R.Glock well, maybe they won't say canne.

· 3:43 Pen Par If say, I leave an alliance

· 3:43 R.Glock cannae*

· 3:43 Pen Par The alliance may want to get revenge.

· 3:43 R.Glock well, you could always join another alliance.

· 3:43 Scorched000 well, we could make it conditional

· 3:43 Bowswer5 lol

· 3:43 Gnuispir8 brb

· 3:43 Scorched000 the former alliance you were in

· cannot attack you

· but you are vulnerable to everyone else

· for a short period

· 3:43 Pen Par That's a better rule.

· 3:43 Volcano1qaz Strategy:

· Join and quit all alliances.

· 3:43 Bismarck I Yeah

· 3:43 Volcano1qaz = Invincible

· 3:44 Bowswer5 You have to be accepted by members of the alliance.

· 3:44 Pen Par LOL

· 3:44 R.Glock you can only be protected from one alliance at a time

· 3:44 Bowswer5 If they see abuse, they won't let you join.

· 3:44 Bismarck I Or, when you are going to go to war and you are in an alliance,

· you can leave suddenly

· (or was this discussed?)

· 3:44 R.Glock I think so bis.

· 3:44 Scorched000 yes, that is why we are ammending rule 8

· 3:44 Bowswer5 Yes Bismarck.

· 3:44 Scorched000 amending

· 3:44 Bismarck I Mkay

· 3:44 Volcano1qaz Bows. We have to protect against abuse via rule.

· 3:44 Bismarck I Ultimate Protection Against Rule Abuse = No Rules

· 3:45 Volcano1qaz Alliances may not necessarily see abuse if the person is

· clever enough.

· 3:45 Scorched000 lol

· but

· honestly

· 3:45 Bowswer5 The purpose of the alliance system is not only just changing gameplay, but also putting some responsibility over regulating rule 8 on the players.

· 3:45 Scorched000 we never had that problem before

· 3:45 Rpvictor I think that we can handle such problems when the time comes.

· 3:45 Scorched000 alliances did have cold wars

· but, because of the problems caused by war...

· no alliance v alliance wars really happened

· 3:45 R.Glock the thing is.

· 3:45 Scorched000 not even with the Warsaw Pact at its height

· 3:45 R.Glock this breed of nc players

· are a lot more aggressive than the vets

· 3:45 Scorched000 and Warsaw = most war mongering alliance ever to be created

· 3:46 R.Glock I mean look at myself or bismarck

· 3:46 Scorched000 oh no, you guys aren't really that close

· Warsaw was the only alliance to start a world war on CYOC, once.

· djinn voided it because of it's effects ofc

· 3:46 Bowswer5 Scorched, compared to previous NC's, these people are a lot more competitive.

· 3:46 Pen Par Solution:- 1. Players in alliances are not affected by Rule 8. 2. Players who leave an alliance will not be attacked by former members of said alliance, however they're vulnerable to other alliances for a period of time. 3. A time limit is put in place, so that players can join other alliance ONLY after their become affected by rule 8 again.

· 3:46 Scorched000 I would argue the opposite

· 3:47 Bowswer5 And I was involved in a huge rank race with Kyr and Supere back in the day

· 3:47 Bismarck I Well, I'm more competitive than aggressive.

· 3:47 R.Glock no bismarck you are aggressive.

· 3:47 Bowswer5 Then the Magikill wars that were solved the day it was supposed to happen

· 3:47 Bismarck I Due to my small PvP War Record

· 3:47 Scorched000 ok, but

· 3:47 Bismarck I compared to others.

· 3:47 Scorched000 any last statement regarding alliances? otherwise, we need to move on

· 3:47 R.Glock can you explain

· 3:47 Rpvictor No. We spent too much time on this already.

· 3:47 R.Glock who you were thinking of being in the 3 alliances

· 3:47 Bowswer5 I would like to head the 3rd alliance.

· 3:47 Scorched000 I haven't worked that out just yet

· oh, I am not

· 3:48 Rpvictor Bowswer, you were planning on starting as an obscure shrimping nation recently.

· 3:48 Scorched000 selecting members for the alliances

· just helping them get started

· you guys will have to join at will

· 3:48 Bowswer5 Activity changes Rp. You have no idea.

· 3:48 Scorched000 like, find the alliance you like best

· 3:48 R.Glock eh, I'll start one.

· 3:48 Scorched000 and join

· 3:48 R.Glock I imagine bis will also start one.

· 3:48 Scorched000 yeh, bis might

· 3:48 Gnuispir8 Will there be a limit on how many?

· 3:48 Scorched000 no, no limit

· anyone can start one

· Farmadyll .

· 3:49 Bismarck I ?

· 3:50 Gnuispir8 hello?

· Scorched000 has joined the chat.

· DaedricMask has joined the chat.

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· Rpvictor has joined the chat.

· 3:50 Farmadyll Did anyone else's chat die?

· Volcano1qaz has joined the chat.

· 3:50 Scorched000 lol

· 3:50 R.Glock yes.

· 3:50 Gnuispir8 yep

· 3:50 Bowswer5 Yes. It also happened on the NC chat.

· 3:50 Scorched000 think we crashed it

· 3:50 R.Glock did anyone see what I posted

· before I lagged out

· 3:50 Scorched000 but, I got everything copied

· Jamie Tate has left the chat.

· 3:50 Volcano1qaz Did the chat crash again?

· 3:50 Farmadyll Yeah.

· 3:50 Rpvictor I copied everything as well.

· 3:50 Scorched000 lol

· 3:50 Rpvictor The last thing I have is Scorched saying that anybody can start an alliance.

· 3:50 R.Glock anyway, I was saying that we'll probably end up with 3-4 allainces.

· alliances*

· 3:50 Farmadyll Like the DAC.

· 3:50 R.Glock as any more than that

· 3:50 Scorched000 probably

· 3:50 R.Glock and they'll be too weak to survive

· 3:50 Scorched000 the DAC does't exist anymore

· doese't

· 3:51 Farmadyll Technically it does.

· but...

· 3:51 Scorched000 I removed it from gameplay

· 3:51 Farmadyll it's the AC.

· O

· 3:51 Scorched000 since it was just kinda a useless post

· 3:51 Farmadyll nevermind then.

· 3:51 Scorched000 no one updated it anymore

· ok, the last parts of this presentation will deal specifically with WWIII

· and the new Super, both highly-anticipated

· WWIII, in truth, hasn't been enarly as good as it was intended to be

· nearly

· 3:52 Bismarck I Well, I said I would not be starting an alliance

· 3:52 Scorched000 it was for team bonding, and celebration

· 3:52 Bismarck I <finished>

· 3:52 Scorched000 but you guys fight to much

· shh bis

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 3:52 Scorched000 Basically, there are two things we can do here. We either just go forward as normal, or we make the event

· just a Cold War

· thoughts?

· 3:52 R.Glock there was too many people opposed to the idea of ww3-I'll be quiet now.

· 3:52 Farmadyll WAIT.

· We can have players who wish to have hand on hand combat

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· 3:52 Farmadyll have that

· and the players who do not want to

· can still

· assist them

· by sending troops

· 3:53 Bismarck I My idea was a forced joining together

· 3:53 Farmadyll and stuff

· 3:53 Bismarck I to fight the space power

· 3:53 DaedricMask I think

· 3:53 Farmadyll so everyone is doing something

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 3:53 R.Glock with the new alliances

· 3:53 DaedricMask the idea

· of

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· 3:53 DaedricMask the effects

· of the WW3

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 3:53 R.Glock I'd be happier if we just went to a cold war.

· 3:53 DaedricMask were the best part.

· There isn't really bonding going on

· 3:53 R.Glock but let the two sides keep their tec

· tech*

· 3:53 Farmadyll you get tech

· 3:53 Bismarck I cold war seems alright

· 3:53 DaedricMask it is just causing resentment.

· 3:53 Bismarck I But, yeah

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 3:53 Bismarck I it caused a ripple in the community

· 3:53 Bowswer5 It's Pens connection again

· 3:54 Gnuispir8 lets settle it on AW

· 3:54 DaedricMask The only reason any one wants to do the war.

· 3:54 Scorched000 well, there is bonding somewhat

· 3:54 Bismarck I because suddenly, everyone hates you if you're from the otherside

· 3:54 DaedricMask is the benefits.

· 3:54 Farmadyll Yeah.

· I agree with Fen.

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· 3:54 Scorched000 I mean, there is the inevitable competition between you guys

· 3:54 Bowswer5 Well who doesn't want to take Italy?

· I mean, I want to.


· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 3:54 R.Glock I want britain.

· 3:54 Bismarck I India

· 3:54 Scorched000 ok, so would you guys be happy...

· 3:54 R.Glock I must buy that off leg.

· or at least N.I.

· 3:54 Scorched000 if we kept the alliances until page 80

· allowing you to work on tech and such

· for a Cold WAr?

· 3:54 R.Glock yes

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· 3:55 DaedricMask Yes, that would be fine.

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· 3:55 Bismarck I What would be doing for the Cold War?

· 3:55 Bowswer5 Scorched, if we're going to have the multi-alliance system, we shouldn't have it for WW3.

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 3:55 Bismarck I Proxy Wars and the like?

· 3:55 Bowswer5 Keep the Entente and Allies for now.

· 3:55 R.Glock WW3 won't happen now bowser

· 3:55 Scorched000 multi-alliance is after...

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· 3:55 Bismarck I Still, why have we just thrown Space Super out the window?

· 3:55 Bowswer5 Oh okay then I'm becoming seriously active.

· 3:55 Pen Par (Testing)

· 3:56 Scorched000 Space Super is going to be a major addition to the game

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 3:56 Scorched000 it happens after the Cold War event

· ok, so since we are all in agreement that a Cold War is better than World War...

· shall we move on?

· 3:57 Bowswer5 Yes.

· 3:57 Rpvictor Sure.

· 3:57 R.Glock mmk

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· 3:57 Volcano1qaz Hmph.

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 3:57 Scorched000 ok, moving on

· Wallcano objects?!

· ?@!?!@?

· 3:58 Farmadyll I guess not.

· 3:58 Volcano1qaz I was looking forward to the whole WW3 thing.

· 3:58 Farmadyll :O

· 3:58 Scorched000 wait....

· for cold war...

· 3:58 DaedricMask Lol

· 3:58 Scorched000 what if we removed the two current alliances

· like, you can keep the name

· 3:59 Bowswer5 Make an alliance application.

· 3:59 Scorched000 but reset them

· and create the third

· introduce the multi-alliance right now?

· 3:59 R.Glock eh..

· 3:59 Bismarck I Hmm.

· 3:59 Scorched000 because... if there is no war

· 3:59 R.Glock Idk

· the allies is too generic

· 3:59 Farmadyll or we can have land grab now

· 3:59 R.Glock its okay

· 3:59 Scorched000 we are no longer confined to 2 sides

· 3:59 Farmadyll to stop wasting time

· 3:59 R.Glock for the a war with two sides

· 3:59 Volcano1qaz IDC really. Cold War = Arms build-up, followed by total collapse of one side.

· 3:59 Rpvictor No land grab.

· 3:59 R.Glock but with multiple sides

· the allies is a boring name

· 3:59 Pen Par We won't have a land grab?

· Blast it.

· 3:59 Volcano1qaz Nope.

· So no fun for you.

· 4:00 Rpvictor ...

· 4:00 Volcano1qaz Or me.

· 4:00 Gnuispir8 I gtg, enjoy yourselves

· 4:00 Pen Par =/

· 4:00 Farmadyll :\

· 4:00 Scorched000 cya gnu

· 4:00 Rpvictor We would only have the land grab because of WW3.

· 4:00 Farmadyll Bye GnuGnu.

· 4:00 Scorched000 dun wuri, the alliance system

· will be exciting

· Gnuispir8 has left the chat.

· 4:00 Scorched000 and it will provide good times for now, and in the future

· not just for NC 40

· 4:00 Rpvictor Every time you say that, I worry more.

· 4:00 Bowswer5 Wasn't the land grab basically just free land or did you have to conquer it?

· 4:00 Scorched000 DUN WURI

· Jamie Tate has joined the chat.

· 4:00 Volcano1qaz Everyone was so excited about WW3. Next thing we know, no WW3. >_>

· 4:00 Scorched000 hey jimmy

· 4:00 Bismarck I yo teran

· 4:00 Scorched000 well, everyone

· 4:01 Pen Par Not many were excited, Volc

· 4:01 Scorched000 lost the will to play

· I mean

· lost the will to have WW3

· that is why I am removing it

· 4:01 Rpvictor The Entente lost the will.

· 4:01 Volcano1qaz Because it was taking so long. >_>

· 4:01 Pen Par Scorched, may I re-suggest an idea that seemingly both Bis and I had?

· 4:01 Scorched000 yeh, entente kinda did

· sure

· 4:01 Pen Par We can still celebrate this thing

· Well, we can all be forced to fight this space super

· 4:01 Volcano1qaz Now it's the exact same situation, but with normal gameplay.

· 4:01 Pen Par Like have a fleet go rogue

· They'd be attacking us, and we'd have to work together

· To stop 'em.

· 4:01 Volcano1qaz Meh.

· 4:01 Scorched000 I'll explain the space super in a sec

· you'll see why that won't work

· 4:02 Pen Par This will hopefully have the bonding that you wanted.

· Oh

· Okay

· 4:02 Scorched000 the space super will be a major, major addition

· and redefine things

· ok, let's move on

· 4:02 Bismarck I Well, there are reasons why we stopped.

· 4:02 R.Glock can I say something?

· 4:02 Scorched000 sure

· 4:02 R.Glock I was talking to pen and leg about this earlier

· 4:02 Pen Par You were?

· 4:02 R.Glock maybe we should create an ingame player alliance to prevent the creation and use of hyper-wmds

· 4:03 Pen Par Oh that

· 4:03 R.Glock NC is populated with WMD's that can end all life on earth.

· 4:03 Scorched000 well, alliances...

· here is the thing none of you know

· alliances are not just boring pieces of gameplay

· 4:03 Bismarck I I like to call those WPD's

· 4:03 Scorched000 alliances are mini-worlds, or used to be

· 4:03 Bismarck I weapons of planetary destruction

· 4:03 Scorched000 you guys can set your own rules, regulations

· management systems for that specific alliance

· you can have a motto, goals, etc.

· the rules can include that no members can utilize wmds

· 4:04 R.Glock I would think it would be better if you set it up

· and had the NPC's join it

· 4:04 Scorched000 the alliance can't ban wmds from the whole game...

· 4:04 R.Glock so players don't have to join it

· and can use hyper-wmds if they wish

· but they'd receive massive embargos

· 4:04 Scorched000 well, we can't tie up the NPcs

· in alliances

· 4:04 Volcano1qaz So basically alliances are,

· extra-rules...with slight benefits.

· 4:04 R.Glock this alliance only deals with hyper-wmd profiliteration

· 4:05 Scorched000 no volc

· the alliances can create new rules

· 4:05 Volcano1qaz ^Extra rules

· 4:05 Pen Par For those who play NationStates, apparently alliances are the so-called "Regions" then.

· 4:05 DaedricMask Key word volcano, "CAN"

· 4:05 Scorched000 but these rules are alliance-specific

· anyone outside of it, or in another alliance

· does not have to follow them

· 4:05 Bowswer5 Glock, I really don't want the NPCs to have any major power or political influence in the game

· 4:05 Scorched000 in fact, those not in said alliance, the rules mean absolutely nothing to them

· 4:05 Volcano1qaz Meh.

· 4:05 R.Glock well, hyper wmds bring MAD up to a whole new level.

· 4:06 Scorched000 but, alliances need to be able to add some rules and such, or else it's just a regular band of players

· nothing special

· nothing to differentiate it

· 4:06 Bowswer5 I can easily make unique alliances.

· 4:06 Scorched000 what does it stand for? Is it a peaceful alliance? Does it seek to stop the use of WMDs among it's members?

· just helps differentiate it

· 4:06 R.Glock meh.

· 4:06 Scorched000 its*

· ok, we really need to move on

· discussion closed

· This is the very last part of the presentation

· this may happen sooner since there is no longer a major WW

· basically, this NPC will be unlike any NPC that has ever been on NC

· it is going to revolutionize what we think about said NPCs

· basically, right now, you think of NPCs as either those crap countries we steamroll

· or those powerful ones that never advance until they die, just like Israe

· l

· the former Chinese Empire, Russian NPC and U.S. NPC from the last game session

· this view will be no more with this particular NPC SUper

· the new Super will be managed somewhat similar to a regular player nation

· ofc, it will be incapable of joining an organized alliance

· 4:08 Bismarck I hmmm

· 4:08 Scorched000 or signing a MDP, since it would make it

· shhh bis

· it would make it biased towards one or more players

· however, people will be able to interact with it, join into co-op projects with it, actively trade with it, etc.

· and best of all, it will have it's own tech and project list

· how will we do this? Simple

· I am going to volunteer myself to manage this NPC

· I will create its starting tech list, name

· and even it's small project list, and I will update it regularly

· it will be the FIRST NPC that will actively contribute to overall activity of the game

· rather than just sit there.

· thoughts?

· 4:10 Bowswer5 Well don't forget Belakraine.

· 4:10 Pen Par I still don't see why Bis' and my suggestion can't be used.

· 4:10 Rpvictor This could be good, depending on how it is managed.

· 4:10 Bowswer5 Scorched's idea is good

· 4:10 Scorched000 Belkraine is going to be removed

· 4:10 Rpvictor Belakraine is being phased out of existence.

· 4:10 Scorched000 because, pen, I am not going to go through the trouble to create it

· for it to die instantly

· 4:10 R.Glock I think we should have it about the power of an alliance.

· 4:10 Pen Par No, it won't die instantly.

· 4:10 R.Glock rather than the lofty titan of NC

· 4:10 Pen Par It has a very huge fleet


· A very small part of this fleet goes rogue

· 4:11 Rpvictor *sigh*

· 4:11 Pen Par Still that very small part can be pretty big in our terms.

· 4:11 Farmadyll Are we in open forum yet/

· 4:11 Rpvictor Pen, your idea has been considered.

· We rejected it.

· 4:11 Farmadyll Because this WW3 conversation does not interest me.

· 4:11 Rpvictor ...

· We are not talking about WW3.

· 4:11 Scorched000 WW3 convo has been done for like 10 mins

· lol

· 4:11 Farmadyll kay

· wat are we in nao

· 4:12 DaedricMask Is the forum open to player topics?

· 4:12 Scorched000 no

· 4:12 Farmadyll well then

· 4:12 DaedricMask Okay.

· 4:12 Scorched000 we are talking about the NPC SUper

· 4:12 Farmadyll *goes back to RS*

· 4:12 Scorched000 ok, any last statements about the NPC Super?

· 4:12 Bowswer5 Let's go with Scorched's idea.

· 4:12 R.Glock did you see what I said about the power level?

· 4:12 Bismarck I How will it compare

· 4:12 Scorched000 yes

· 4:12 Bismarck I to the NC Supers right now?

· 4:13 Scorched000 well, the NC SUpers suck, and they are on Earth

· 4:13 Rpvictor Greater by a factor of over 9,000.

· 4:13 Scorched000 it will be in Space

· and it's space fleet will be larger than the three or 4 top players combined

· 4:13 Bowswer5 NC Earth supers really hampered gameplay, especially the US.

· 4:13 Scorched000 like, if you added together the space fleets of Avalon, Casponia, and F3n's country

· as well as Farma

· 4:13 Bismarck I *eye twitch*

· 4:13 R.Glock Farma has a military?

· 4:13 Scorched000 the NPC Super still has a larger one

· 4:13 Rpvictor Farma has space fleets?

· 4:13 R.Glock ^

· 4:13 Rpvictor Ninja'd

· 4:13 Scorched000 true, farma does not

· 4:13 Pen Par Farma doesn't have a fleet

· I've got 4 fleets

· 4:13 Bismarck I Vasari

· 4:13 Scorched000 so the top 3

· 4:13 Bismarck I or some shit

· 4:13 Scorched000 oh yes

· 4:13 DaedricMask lol.

· 4:13 Scorched000 and Vasari

· 4:14 Farmadyll i herd my name

· what?!

· 4:14 Scorched000 so, the 4 major countries that have space fleets

· 4:14 Farmadyll i don't have anything in space

· 4:14 R.Glock fen, did you see my pm?

· 4:14 Scorched000 will be dwarfed by the space fleet of the NPC Super

· 4:14 Farmadyll i just have militaru

· except for colonies

· 4:14 Scorched000 but, it won't have ground based stuff

· it will accomplish all it needs through the space force

· 4:14 DaedricMask No Glock

· 4:14 Scorched000 so, it's space tech will be VERY advanced

· I will post it's space tech tho

· you will know what it has

· 4:14 DaedricMask Try leaving and coming back

· and reposting it.

· 4:14 R.Glock Rp gets pm's fine

· 4:14 DaedricMask k

· 4:15 R.Glock it's your fault

· 4:15 Bismarck I in that case

· 4:15 Pen Par Psst... Scorched, so their fleet will always be superior and larger than our's?

· 4:15 Bismarck I I will be forced

· 4:15 DaedricMask How so, I can pm and get pms from scorched

· >_>

· 4:15 Bismarck I to open my Stellar Forges

· 4:15 Scorched000 the space fleet will be all it has

· it does not have an army, air force or navy

· 4:15 Pen Par Yup, will have to start work on my Star Forges too.

· So basically...

· 4:15 Scorched000 but, size is not the only thing it will have

· 4:15 Pen Par The space fleet doesn't have striker fighters?

· 4:16 Scorched000 I am going to base its tech on past Zargarian/Aiurian tech

· I care less about numbers, more about awesome tech

· 4:16 Bismarck I i see

· 4:16 R.Glock lol.

· this will be fun to deal with.

· 4:16 Scorched000 yes, it will

· 4:16 DaedricMask Farma

· 4:16 Scorched000 but it will also be neutral

· 4:16 DaedricMask unblock me.

· >_>

· 4:16 Scorched000 well, neutral in the sense...

· 4:16 Pen Par Another reason why I need Phase One as soon as we find the NPC. >_>

· 4:16 DaedricMask Need to talk 2 u in pm

· 4:16 Scorched000 that it will allow everyone to interact with it

· the NPC will find you

· 4:17 DaedricMask Pen

· Phase One needs to be revealed

· if you are going to use it.

· 4:17 Pen Par Not yet, it doesn't.

· 4:17 Bowswer5 and reviewed. This is just annoying.

· 4:17 DaedricMask Indeed.

· 4:17 Scorched000 ok, any last statements concerning the NPC?

· 4:17 DaedricMask No sir.

· 4:17 Rpvictor No.

· 4:17 Pen Par Nope

· 4:17 R.Glock wait

· are they alien?

· or what.

· 4:17 Bowswer5 Scorched's idea is good enough.

· 4:17 DaedricMask Yes.

· 4:17 Scorched000 yes, they are in a diff solar system

· 4:18 R.Glock carbon based?

· 4:18 Scorched000 ok, I will now close that topic

· and open the chat

· if you want to speak, you must ask for permission

· to open a new topic

· ok, go for it f3n (He asked via pm)

· DaedricMask Okay guys, I think we need to better enforce the pacts and diplomacy things we have with NPCs.

· I mean c'mon.

· I'm sure multiple players have warred nations with MDPS and NAPs

· with them.

· 4:20 Bismarck I That seems like to much work on the moderation.

· (Sorry not not asking for permission)

· 4:20 DaedricMask I think players should better pay attention to these Pacts or face consequences.

· 4:20 Bowswer5 I only believe that kind of enforcing should be for player relations.

· 4:20 DaedricMask or take them more seriously.

· I mean, what is the point of diplomacy if we aren't going to enforce it.

· 4:21 Bismarck I That will involve making NPA's and MDP's for every nation

· around the world

· and how they relate to other nations

· 4:22 Rpvictor The point is annexation. Your proposal gives a lot more work for moderation without any benefit.

· 4:22 Pen Par Seconded.

· 4:22 Bismarck I Indeed

· 4:22 DaedricMask Let me finish, I think the players MUST keep an up-to-date list of their diplomatic relations.

· 4:22 Rpvictor I need to go afk for dinner. I will respond to anything I deem important on my return.

· 4:22 Pen Par Why?

· Why must we?

· Is there any benefit to it?

· 4:22 DaedricMask NC should be realistic.

· 4:22 Bowswer5 It's easier for mods.

· 4:23 DaedricMask That is what differentiates NC from CYOC

· a measure of realisticness.

· 4:23 Pen Par Realism has always been a major problem. If you want realism...

· 4:23 Scorched000 NC was never meant to be realistic, per se

· 4:23 DaedricMask Okay, I'm done.

· 4:23 Pen Par We must all put away 9/10th of our projects.

· 4:23 Bowswer5 Fen, for once I don't think it should be realistic in that way. People can break treaties and relations whenever they want to.

· 4:23 Scorched000 it was meant to play on creativity

· 4:23 Pen Par And sit there, and just condemn one another like IRL.

· 4:24 DaedricMask Anymore statements on the topic?

· 4:24 Rpvictor One quick point before I really do go afk

· Nations backstab each other all the time.

· See Russia and Germany WW2.

· 4:24 Bismarck I mhm

· 4:24 Pen Par Very true.

· 4:24 DaedricMask I don't mean that the alliances CANT be broken.

· I think you must break the alliances before you go to war.

· To give them some notice

· to militarize.

· 4:25 Pen Par Let's face it, Fen. It's just too much work, while there being no benefits whatsoever to any player, gameplay or the management.

· In fact, it's going to be a burden on everyone.

· Players must produce lists, and maintain them.

· 4:25 DaedricMask Anything else?

· 4:25 Pen Par Management must perform checks every now and then.

· 4:26 DaedricMask Same thing with project lists, Pen.

· 4:26 Pen Par Project lists benefit players.

· 4:26 DaedricMask Not really...

· 4:26 Volcano1qaz ....

· 4:26 Pen Par Projects don't benefit us?

· 4:26 Volcano1qaz Did he really,

· just say that?

· 4:26 Pen Par Sorry.

· 4:26 Scorched000 let's close the topic

· 4:26 Pen Par I didn't know that they don't.

· 4:26 DaedricMask okay.

· 4:26 Scorched000 no more statements can be made.

· next person?

· 4:27 Bowswer5 Hmm..

· 4:27 Farmadyll I asked Scorched in PM.

· 4:27 Scorched000 go bowswer.

· 4:27 Farmadyll :l

· 4:27 Bowswer5 Going to reword it, give me a second

· 4:27 Scorched000 wait

· nvm

· farma asked in pm, go farma

· 4:27 Farmadyll Okay.

· I'd like to re-open the topic of Nimbus.

· And how it can improve.

· Essentially the Stratus; but for the players.

· They can customize it to put their own articles in.

· And make it their own database.

· Comments/Suggestions?

· 4:28 Bowswer5 Can we just have Stratus for now? We can't go too fast. The Stratus thing isn't even finished.

· 4:28 Scorched000 would these be added to the general Stratus database?

· 4:28 Farmadyll They could go like: Stratus > NC > Player Databases > ...

· ... = The List of Player Databases.

· ...

· 4:30 R.Glock Farma, this is a matter that the vast amount of players won't care about

· no offense

· 4:30 Farmadyll •_•

· 4:30 R.Glock but really, you'd be better discussing it in private with scorched.

· 4:31 Farmadyll Okay :l

· -done-

· 4:31 Bowswer5 Alright.

· I had a one hour plus discussion with Scorched last night over some really important topics.

· With WW3 out of the way, it might not be as bad as I thought it would be now, but NC is riddled with tons of personal problems.

· 4:32 Scorched000 kk, go bows

· 4:32 Bowswer5 And so far, these personal problems have been destructive to the community and we must do something about them.

· I don't want to mention names, but it has stressed out people beyond belief sometimes and it has caused new players to quit.

· When we expand to Nationstates, the venture is not going to be very successful if they come on the Wiki chat and constantly see a lot of arguing and insulting.

· I would like the management to start being more empathetic and considerate of the players. I'm not saying this is the management's fault or only problem, but we need to have more of a bonding between the mods and the players.

· Have the players and mods get to know each other more, counsel each other, act as mentors, etc.

· Scorched000 has joined the chat.

· 4:36 Bowswer5 Now, I've realized that this could be a potential issue because then this could create biase.

· The best way I can put it is to have the management have a little bias towards everyone, not just favoring one person over the other.

· This strict, technocratic and shallow/cold way of enforcing the rules does provide order and balance, but it does not factor in personal and emotional problems between the community.

· And, as a result, it only damages the community further as a whole

· I've told Scorched that this is not a problem that will probably endanger the success of nation creation, but it definitely damages our integrity as a whole.

· Especially with what happened in WW3, I'm just going to be honest here and say that things were just plain shit.

· Even though I haven't been involved as much from what I've seen, things have definitely been bad, so we need to change this.

· Change it now.

· That is my suggestion.

· · 4:41 Pen Par Well, it's a very good one, IMO, and I'm sure everyone agrees with it. Most people think/thought that wars resolve this thing, but it doesn't. In fact, from what I understand Rule 8 was introduced because of this...

· However, even though we all know that this is necessary, how are we going to reach such a goal?

· It definitely is a very noble goal indeed, but we just don't know how to achieve it.

· 4:42 Bowswer5 Like I said, the management needs to go about 'uplifting' the players in a positive matter and be a little more personal with them.

· 4:42 Pen Par Do you have any ideas/suggestions that deals with the issue?

· Well, that's a very good way of starting things...

· But I don't think (personally, may be wrong) that the problem lies with the Management and players.

· 4:43 Bowswer5 And things like Rule 8 didn't stop Live from quitting, it didn't stop the rediculousness going on in the chat.

· It didn't stop the massive arguments on the thread.

· 4:44 Pen Par There may be a gap, but we are too busy dealing with one another, that we notice anything else.

· Very true.

· It needs to be stopped.

· 4:44 Volcano1qaz I retain the right to be unbiased toward everyone. >_>

· 4:44 Scorched000 but, how do we stop this? I mean, management can start being more 'personal' and such

· 4:44 Pen Par If I may, why did you suggest the Management to uplift the players?

· Bismarck I has left the chat.

· 4:45 Scorched000 but...

· we can't magically solve the personal issues each of you develop

· 4:45 Pen Par Exactly.

· 4:45 Scorched000 even though I would love to

· 4:45 Pen Par We all want to have these issues resolved, we have tried very hard...

· 4:45 Bowswer5 The problem is the community's, but I feel like if the management, the people who actually have power on the thread use it in a positive and meaningful manner, then the players will have someone to look up to.

· 4:45 R.Glock Rp can't be reprogrammed to love

· 4:45 Pen Par But as Rule 8 was evidence to this, it failed.

· 4:45 Scorched000 we can program him to simulate love glock


· lol

· 4:45 Pen Par LOL

· Well, take this example.

· In all seriousness, this is a fact. Glock and I don't get along too well.

· We never have, we probably never will.

· How can the Management resolve that?

· How can wars resolve that?

· How can Rule 8 resolve that?

· 4:46 Volcano1qaz You can't cure two people who hate each other for being who they are. >_>

· 4:46 Scorched000 I mean, no, we can't solve such hate

· really, the only situation that I found somewhat helps

· is acting as a mediator

· but, this has to be done via pm

· both players give their sides to me, I respond

· 4:47 Bowswer5 That is exactly what I want the management to be.

· 4:47 Pen Par Scorched, again coming back to the example...

· We did that once.

· 4:47 Rpvictor Even then, that is not effective.

· 4:47 Scorched000 well, I do that now pen

· for a few people

· 4:47 Rpvictor Bowswer, if so, then you need to work on your communication skills direly.

· 4:47 Scorched000 but, I never broadcast it in the chat

· it's always via pm

· 4:47 Pen Par Does it work?

· 4:47 Bowswer5 That is because even back then, the moderators were not very personal about it.

· 4:47 Scorched000 well, it has solved some arguments

· 4:47 Rpvictor You were the only person who understood what you meant.

· 4:47 Scorched000 basically, if the player lets out their rant to me in pm

· I don't respond negatively, meaning they burn themselves out

· and I can then work with them to get through it

· I am happy to do this with anyone, should they want me to

· 4:48 Bowswer5 It's this idea of getting the management to work together with the players in resolving issues.

· And it doesn't even have to be the management. We can have players do this as well.

· This mutual link between players and moderators is beneficial if we do it right.

· We can't have the management be split up like the players.

· 4:49 Rpvictor I think we can handle that.

· 4:49 Pen Par Well, if it helps reduce the hatred in this community, then it's definitely worth the try.

· I support this suggestion.

· 4:50 Scorched000 Sure

· 4:50 Bowswer5 I can definitely volunteer on the chat to further this goal.

· 4:50 Scorched000 well...

· 4:50 Bowswer5 Anyone else have anything to say?

· 4:50 Scorched000 if we do this

· we do it via pm

· 4:50 Bowswer5 Of course.

· Absolutely

· 4:50 Scorched000 if you try to mediate in open chat

· you will get no where

· nowhere

· 4:50 R.Glock So bowser, is now the therapist of NC.

· 4:50 Pen Par But just wondering...

· 4:50 R.Glock and farma is the creative designer.

· 4:50 Pen Par How do you act as a mediate between two players via PM?

· That means three parties need to be involved.

· 4:50 Farmadyll not therapist

· 4:50 Rpvictor Bowswer, a word of advice.

· 4:50 R.Glock Does this mean I get to do everyone's nails?

· 4:51 Farmadyll just Mediator

· 4:51 Scorched000 pen, there is a simple way

· 4:51 Rpvictor You need to think through what your write in future.

· 4:51 Scorched000 when you guys get into arguments

· the reason they get so heated

· 4:51 Bowswer5 They just send one person PMs.

· 4:51 Farmadyll therapist kind of looks like The Rapist. JUST SAYING

· 4:51 Scorched000 and last so long

· is one side says something..

· 4:51 Farmadyll OFF TOPIC.

· 4:51 Scorched000 the other responds

· 4:51 Rpvictor Absolutely nobody understood what you meant until the first few times.

· 4:51 Scorched000 then the first responds

· and it just grows

· if you let both people rant to one neutral person via pm

· they rant, and rant

· 4:51 R.Glock most of NC is extremely stubbornly.

· 4:51 Scorched000 and burn themself out

· 4:51 Rpvictor If you want to be taken seriously, then you need to actually articulate what you want.

· 4:51 R.Glock stubborn*

· 4:51 Bowswer5 Well Rp, I just had to flesh out the raw idea.

· 4:51 Scorched000 because, if there is no other party responding negatively..

· 4:51 Pen Par Ah.

· 4:51 Scorched000 they run out of rants

· 4:51 Bowswer5 Like I mentioned earlier, I was having trouble.

· 4:52 Scorched000 then the neutral player works with both separately to resolve it

· 4:52 Pen Par A brilliant plan.

· 4:52 Scorched000 or, at least keep them level-headed

· 4:52 Rpvictor When did you mention that?

· 4:52 Pen Par That'll work perfectly then, Scorched.

· 4:52 Bowswer5 "Going to reword it, give me a second"

· 4:53 Rpvictor That does not mean that you have not worked out the specifics yourself yet.

· At all.

· 4:53 Scorched000 that's ok rp

· the only one here that was fully prepared for a presentation was me

· everyone else is kinda just making it up as they think of it

· 4:54 Pen Par It still led to a rather good development in dealing with this thing.

· 4:54 Bowswer5 I was going off a skype convo from last night

· Does anyone else have anything to say?

· 4:54 DaedricMask What is Scorched's names?

· 4:54 Bowswer5 I'm volunteering for this movement BTW.

· 4:54 Rpvictor All I ask is that you present coherent ideas or say that they are incoherent.

· Moving on, then.

· 4:55 Scorched000 yes, are we all done with this one?

· 4:55 Pen Par Yup

· 4:55 Scorched000 ok, next person?

· 4:56 Bowswer5 I really would just like to add one statement.

· 4:56 Scorched000 ok, go bows

· one last statement

· 4:56 Bowswer5 If you're volunteering, just let everyone know. And if you guys have a problem, please don't hesitate to tell it with us. Like I said, it requires mutual collaboration.

· 4:56 Scorched000 I automatically volunteer myself

· ok, we can move on nw

· now

· next person?

· 4:57 Bowswer5 Anyone?

· Glock, Rp, Volcano, Pen, Fenrel?

· 4:58 Rpvictor I do not have anything significant to say.

· 4:59 Pen Par Same. Only thing that bothers me is voids... but you can't really change that.

· 4:59 Volcano1qaz What? I was busy playing video games.

· 4:59 Rpvictor >_>

· 4:59 Volcano1qaz I read everything. Don't worry. >_>

· 4:59 Rpvictor Give me a single void that not justified.

· One.

· 4:59 Scorched000 PP

· ohoh

· you know, I have one thing I want input on

· that I left out

· 4:59 Pen Par Well, I daresay the void on Fen's blockade was...

· 4:59 Rpvictor Why I get no respect as a moderator?

· 5:00 Pen Par But sure, go on, Scorched

· 5:00 Scorched000 ok, so the other day I was thinking about the concept of voiding

· more specifically, the concept of voiding individual projects

· 5:00 Bowswer5 Well Rp, maybe the mentoring thing will help you get more respect.

· 5:00 Scorched000 This is a very useful mod-feature

· 5:00 Rpvictor If this is what I think it is, you already know that I approve.

· 5:00 Scorched000 bows, rp

· 5:00 Rpvictor >_>

· 5:00 Scorched000 shh

· ok, it's a useful mod feature

· but I realize that we have been consistently neglecting the concept of

· giving players time compensation for the projects that are voided

· let's say player A finishes a 40-year project

· it is clearly op, so it's voided

· there goes 40 years.

· What if we gave him those 40 years back to place into other projects

· so, he could make another 60-year project go down to 20

· or split it up

· thoughts?

· 5:01 Farmadyll I agree :O

· 5:01 R.Glock we need to be careful with this

· 5:01 Pen Par Support, support, over 9000 support.

· 5:01 R.Glock lets say omni starts 5 40 year projects.

· all get voided

· he gets 200 years of credit.

· 5:02 Farmadyll but they are most likely to be voided before they finish

· who won't notice that

· 5:02 R.Glock he uses it to get a massive tech advantage early

· but farma

· 5:02 Pen Par Farma...

· Not really.

· 5:02 R.Glock we only have to reveal project details when the project ends.

· anyway, I used omni as an example

· 5:02 Farmadyll fen does it too

· 5:02 R.Glock as he deliberately tried to abuse SE's game mechanics

· 5:02 Farmadyll He starts projects

· 5:02 Pen Par I tried developing a tech regarding droids becoming really advanced (AI wise)....

· 5:02 Farmadyll and doesn't really give a good description on them

· 5:02 Pen Par Scorched agreed with it...

· 5:03 R.Glock and he'll do it in NC if he gets a chancew

· 5:03 Pen Par At the final step, Rp voided it. >_>

· 5:03 Rpvictor *applause*

· Farma, you just proved your own point moot.

· 5:03 Farmadyll moot = ?

· 5:03 Rpvictor Not valid. Junk. False. Wrong. Incorrect.

· 5:03 Farmadyll oh

· invalid

· mk

· 5:03 Scorched000 well, as for glock's statement

· it is absolutely true

· but, it will make mods, including me

· think before we void something

· and there is the alternative of nerfing projects instead

· obv there are some that are so far gone, they just need a void

· I can't do anything there.

· 5:04 Pen Par *Cough* That's an exempt on Rp's part, right?

· 5:04 Farmadyll Cthulhu

· 5:04 Rpvictor I cannot remember what you are talking about. At all.

· 5:04 Pen Par Go to NCv1

· 5:04 Rpvictor If there was a problem, you should have gone to Scorche

· 5:04 Pen Par Read the message regarding that project of mine.

· I did

· Well, he knew about it, actually...

· 5:05 Rpvictor Then it was handled as it should have been.

· Problem solved.

· 5:05 Pen Par Though information wasn't disclosed.

· He knew a summery of how the project would impact my droids.

· I gave you specific information regarding the project, and you said because it were meant to be "cheaply mass-produced", it's to get voided.

· 5:06 Rpvictor Like I said, you went to Scorched.

· Discussion ended.

· 5:06 Farmadyll g2gbaii

· Farmadyll has left the chat.

· 5:06 Scorched000 ok, I will look into other possible problems with time compensation

· but point is, we will now make sure that voids don't result in the complete loss of progress

· does anyone else have anything?

· 5:07 Bowswer5 Personally, I think the projects must be checked beforehand with the mods and so must the descriptions be posted at the start.

· 5:08 R.Glock no

· that gives too much time to develop counters.

· 5:08 Pen Par ^

· Details can be given to mods when the project starts.

· A single mod would do.

· However release details can be stored till it comes out.

· 5:08 Bowswer5 Well I've always been the one who supports HFPE full protection, so that's just me.

· 5:09 Pen Par Scorched, this is what Omni said,

· "^ Since I got kicked, would you mind discussing the concept of the project app I proposed?"

· 5:09 Rpvictor Lol, Omni

· 5:09 Scorched000 got kicked?

· 5:09 Pen Par *Shrugs*

· 5:09 R.Glock yeah

· spamming the chat

· 5:10 Scorched000 which chat?

· this one?

· 5:10 R.Glock nc wiki

· leg did it

· 5:10 Pen Par LOL

· 5:10 Scorched000 >.>

· ok

· well, omni proposed that we make an official project app

· 5:10 Rpvictor ...

· 5:10 Bowswer5 Omni got kickbanned again?

· 5:10 Scorched000 that everyone fills out when we start a project

· 5:10 Rpvictor That puts him at 5.

· !

· That magic number~

· 5:11 Pen Par Why? Is it necessary to have a specific pre-made project app?

· 5:11 Rpvictor Ooh, one week ban on the Wiki.

· 5:11 Bowswer5 Personally, we should just check the projects out beforehand with the moderators to make sure it's fine.

· Rpvictor, you just enjoy punishing people, lmao.

· 5:11 DaedricMask Lol

· Farma

· 5:11 Pen Par Sure Bows, that would work.

· 5:11 R.Glock I don't see the point of that bowser.

· because

· 5:12 DaedricMask I find it funny

· 5:12 R.Glock by having it dealt with whenever it is declassified

· 5:12 DaedricMask how Farma tried to blame something on me

· 5:12 R.Glock it means you can see alternative view points

· 5:12 DaedricMask I stopped doing.

· 5:12 Bowswer5 It prevents the need to provide "compensation" for players and projects aren't voided at a loss for the players.

· 5:12 R.Glock on why its op

· 5:12 Pen Par Though NC isn't NC Republic right now.

· 5:12 Bowswer5 Well Glock, that is why the management should meet up to discuss projects and whatnot.

· 5:12 R.Glock oh

· so you're proposing

· that management

· 5:13 Bowswer5 Because last restart, only certain mods knew certain projects

· 5:13 R.Glock will need to have meetings

· discussing

· every technology

· sent to them.

· do you realize how much that would slow down the game

· 5:13 Bowswer5 not every technology, just ones with voids in question

· 5:13 R.Glock but how do you know if it is op or not

· I mean

· I have pointed out plenty of times

· 5:13 Rpvictor Bowswer, no.

· 5:13 R.Glock why pen's tech is op

· 5:13 Rpvictor Just... No.

· 5:13 Scorched000 hmm...

· well, as of now

· the rule concerning projects

· protects everyone from needing to release details before completion

· this means not even mods can request it

· 5:14 Pen Par Which tech, Glock?

· 5:14 Scorched000 it allows for some secrecy

· 5:14 Pen Par I've got plenty of 'em.

· 5:14 Bowswer5 Like I said, it pre-emptively stops the needs to compensate players.

· 5:14 Scorched000 and, imo, I like some secrecy

· plus...

· if you have to get projects okayed by management first

· 5:14 DaedricMask lol Teran is afk

· 5:14 Scorched000 it kinda makes management the ultimate decider as to whether projects start

· 5:14 R.Glock Idk pen, I just used you as an example

· 5:14 Scorched000 or not

· 5:14 DaedricMask gtg

· 5:14 Scorched000 cya

· 5:14 Bowswer5 Bye Fenrel.

· 5:14 R.Glock since we always argue over your tech

· DaedricMask has left the chat.

· 5:15 Pen Par I though we argued about other stuff now.

· Thought*

· 5:16 Bowswer5 Well, how are we going to rule on this?

· 5:16 Scorched000 I rule that we don't have management require every project to be checked out via pm or w/e

· before

· I like the time compensation better

· 5:16 R.Glock agreed scorched

· 5:16 Pen Par Definitely not ALL techs.

· 5:16 Scorched000 ok, topic closed

· any final topics?

· 5:16 Pen Par But those classified at the start

· 5:16 Bowswer5 Not necessarily everry project, but just ambitious ones that might be considered OP.

· 5:17 Pen Par And only...

· 5:17 Scorched000 topic closed...

· are there any final topics?

· 5:17 Pen Par Well, NPC wars can be discussed, if no one else has anything to say.

· 5:17 Scorched000 ok

· go ahead pen

· 5:17 Pen Par NPC wars and expansion, generally.

· Alright, no one can expand into Russia.

· Why? There are far too many oblasts.

· If you take one oblast, you must wait for what? At least 50 pages or so?

· 5:18 Bowswer5 Divide them into the Afterwind provincs.

· 5:18 Pen Par I'd personally go with that.

· Also, regarding wars.

· NPC wars, I mean

· 5:19 Bowswer5 Hell, we should just use the Afterwind map for all expansion

· 5:19 Pen Par IMO there should be some changes made (not sure what personally) to make them a lot more efficient.

· 5:20 Scorched000 hmmm...

· 5:20 Pen Par I mean there was always this problem that player vs NPC wars were always...

· Well, delayed by a lot.

· I think it's mostly because people are either scared of being called bias...

· Or are really in fact bias towards the player, and they avoid modding said war.

· 5:21 Rpvictor Hmm...

· 5:21 Pen Par That leaves us with two choices, most of the time - Wane and Rp.

· 5:21 Rpvictor Moderation is accused of bias and abuse of power 24/7...

· 5:21 Pen Par Wane equips your men with daggers...

· 5:21 Bowswer5 LOL

· 5:21 Pen Par And as for Rp...

· 5:21 Rpvictor Rubber chicken.

· 5:22 Pen Par I remember something about Luim fighting some NPC

· 5:22 Rpvictor *sigh*

· 5:22 Bowswer5 Libya?

· 5:22 Rpvictor One-time thing.

· 5:22 Pen Par Rp had all his forces sink, just because Luim failed to mention that he was to use a bridge to cross over the river.

· 5:22 Rpvictor I changed how I moderated it.

· 5:22 Pen Par >_>

· 5:22 Rpvictor Besides, that was ages ago.

· 5:22 Scorched000 yes, long time ago

· 5:22 Rpvictor I fail to see how that is relevant.

· 5:22 Bowswer5 Expansion should be easier yet somewhat less beneficial too.

· 5:22 Pen Par I personally have ALWAYS been afraid of expanding via means of war.

· 5:23 Bowswer5 In old NC's land didn't really matter.

· 5:23 Pen Par *Recalls incidents at the Netherlands as the European Republic*

· 5:23 R.Glock that was justified

· 5:23 Pen Par I've summed up a lot of nerve attacking Sierra Leone right now.

· Your thing was, Glock

· Rp's wasn't.

· Well, I don't know I mean

· Not accusing him of bias, of course.

· 5:24 Bowswer5 Oh god, expansion shouldn't be so harsh like that anymore.

· 5:24 Pen Par Just that it sort of was...

· I don't know.

· 5:24 Rpvictor Just being too hard to do his job properly.

· 5:24 Pen Par Yes, being too hard.

· And knowing that most wars waged are moderated by Rp...

· I personally am pretty scared of doing anything. >_>

· If I send a huge amount of men, due to the unpredictably I feel, I fear that all of them will die without accomplishing much.

· If I send a small amount of men, they don't get the job done.

· That's just me, don't know how others feel.

· Any comments?

· 5:26 R.Glock hmmn.

· 5:26 Bowswer5 Being too hard is not necessarily doing the job properly anymore.

· 5:26 Pen Par ^

· 5:27 Rpvictor I was going for hyperbole when I said that, you know.

· Good to see that I can't be creative, even when I want to.

· 5:27 Pen Par ?

· 5:27 Volcano1qaz Allowing people who being idiotic about an invasion to succeed is not the way, either.

· *are

· 5:27 Bowswer5 That wasn't a personal attack, but it's a true statement.

· 5:27 Volcano1qaz >_>


· 5:28 Bowswer5 Volcano, if they really do put a noteworthy amount of effort and work, then they should be successful regardless of strategy.

· Strategy and skill are more of a PVP thing.

· 5:28 Pen Par Yup

· 5:28 Volcano1qaz So basically,

· if they make a long,

· detailed post,

· 5:28 R.Glock actually pen.

· you forgot air cover in your last war

· 5:28 Volcano1qaz about what their army is wearing,

· 5:28 Pen Par Which one?

· 5:28 Volcano1qaz and then tell them to march,

· 5:28 Pen Par Sierra Leone?

· 5:29 R.Glock Jamaica

· 5:29 Volcano1qaz they should be successful no matter what.

· 5:29 Bowswer5 No Volcano, it must be relevant to actually commencing the war.

· 5:29 Volcano1qaz Sounds legit.

· 5:29 Pen Par Yeah, wasn't detailed =/

· 5:29 Volcano1qaz It is relevant, Bows.

· If they're not wearing armor,

· how can they expect to survive and win?

· 5:29 Pen Par Volc, you're worse than Wane.

· >_>

· 5:29 Scorched000 -.-

· 5:30 Pen Par If you don't mention that they have a standard weapon...

· 5:30 Scorched000 well, the point is not just to make npc wars easy

· 5:30 Bowswer5 I am referring to how much work and effort into your strategy and overall invasion/troop movement thing.

· 5:30 Pen Par They're carrying rubber chicken.

· 5:30 Bowswer5 Regardless if it's not strategically sound.

· 5:30 Scorched000 sure, we can let people take some lands

· 5:30 Volcano1qaz Okay. So now you're turning it around.

· 5:30 Bowswer5 No, that was the whole point the entire time.

· 5:30 Scorched000 but, if we just make it a matter of how much work they put in...

· 5:30 Volcano1qaz Earlier you said they should be successful,

· 5:30 Rpvictor I think Volcano is referring to what happens if they SPECIFY a lack of armor because they are that stupid.

· 5:30 Scorched000 well, the whole earth would be gone

· 5:30 Rpvictor Do not deny that Olaf plays this game.

· 5:30 Volcano1qaz "REGARDLESS OF STRATEGY"

· 5:30 Rpvictor YOU CAN NOT DENY.

· 5:30 Bowswer5 When I mentioned regardless of strategy, I meant regardless of how good their actual strategy is.

· 5:31 Pen Par Scorched, all I'm saying is...

· 5:31 Rpvictor Take away quality, and Olaf's war are E Chip's.

· 5:31 Pen Par Instead of resorting ONLY to diplomacy, I should be able to war 'em.

· 5:31 Volcano1qaz ^^

· 5:31 Pen Par Rp, do we work in the military?

· 5:31 Scorched000 well, idk

· 5:31 Pen Par Are we supposed to get things done for the government?

· 5:31 Scorched000 to some extent we do need to take strategy into account

· 5:31 Volcano1qaz It doesn't matter anymore. We said quality doesn't matter.

· Ergo,

· 5:31 Scorched000 otherwise, if we just make it so you can just put some work in

· and you auto-win...

· 5:32 R.Glock Ergo, I war Russia

· 5:32 Pen Par Oh, thought Rp said it does.

· 5:32 R.Glock I own Russia

· 5:32 Volcano1qaz Bad strat is good strat.

· 5:32 Rpvictor Pen, I am going to tell you something shocking...

· 5:32 Scorched000 it does devalue the strategies that people like glock can create

· because they don't have to anymore


· 5:32 R.Glock scorched.

· 5:32 Scorched000 they just ened to put in some work

· need

· 5:32 Pen Par REALLY?!

· 5:32 R.Glock I don't mind easier NPC wars

· 5:32 Bowswer5 We just need to be more lenient on NPC expansion. Skill and strategical capabilties are more relevant for PvP wars.

· 5:32 R.Glock as long as my strategies work against players

· 5:32 Bowswer5 Exactly.

· 5:32 Pen Par Yup

· 5:32 R.Glock however

· 5:32 Rpvictor It depends on how easy you want it.

· 5:32 R.Glock there should be some semblance of strategy

· 5:33 Pen Par Rp, are we given a choice?

· 5:33 Volcano1qaz NPC V P wars are good practice for fighting PvP.

· Take away the quality aspect,

· and you deny them that training.

· 5:33 Rpvictor This is your suggestion, which you CHOSE to suggest, so..

· 5:33 Bowswer5 If you want training, then we can duel on Glock's planet.

· Simple simple simple

· 5:33 Pen Par Well I just suggested that change is needed.

· 5:33 Volcano1qaz THat

· 5:33 Rpvictor Lol

· 5:33 Volcano1qaz is not

· 5:33 Pen Par I said I don't know how.

· 5:33 Volcano1qaz always

· 5:33 Rpvictor That was funny.

· 5:33 Volcano1qaz an option.

· 5:33 Pen Par That's why I'm having this comment thing going on.

· 5:33 Rpvictor ...

· 5:33 Volcano1qaz And it doesn't provide the massive scale,

· 5:33 Bowswer5 NPC wars are not of the same caliber as normal PvP wars.

· 5:33 Volcano1qaz random environ,

· 5:33 Scorched000 ok

· 5:33 Bowswer5 And I say that from experience.

· 5:34 Volcano1qaz I didn't say that Bows.

· 5:34 Scorched000 well, there is no way to make it uniformly easier

· 5:34 Rpvictor Ah, Mario Protocol...

· 5:34 Volcano1qaz But,

· 5:34 Scorched000 what if we just had management take into account

· the abilities of the player?

· 5:34 Volcano1qaz I would rather fight given experience,

· 5:34 Scorched000 those better at strategy have harder NPC wars

· 5:34 Volcano1qaz than fight being told my bad strategy was super awesome.

· 5:34 Pen Par Scorched, the only management actively modding is Rp.

· 5:34 Rpvictor Eh... That is iffy.

· 5:34 R.Glock no scorched

· 5:34 Pen Par In all fairness, you and Volc work in the background.

· 5:34 R.Glock that means me/chip are penalised

· 5:34 Scorched000 otherwise...

· 5:34 R.Glock for being smart.

· 5:34 Scorched000 there is really no way to do this

· 5:34 Pen Par That brings us to square one.

· 5:34 Rpvictor Are we going to let Olaf expand at a massive rate?

· 5:34 R.Glock and olaf can auto win any war

· 5:34 Rpvictor SQUARE COMPLETED.

· ^^

· 5:34 Scorched000 well, olaf is unable to expand honestly

· I've seen him try, he won't win anything

· ever

· 5:35 Pen Par Yeah

· I mean is that fair?

· 5:35 Rpvictor He can't even win against Sasquatch.

· ...

· Yes.

· 5:35 Pen Par He tries playing the game

· 5:35 Bowswer5 Like I said Volcano, NPC and PvP are of entirely different calibers. If you want real helpful PvP war experience, then you can ask to wage one in a controlled environment or one that doesn't actually have an effect on the thread.

· 5:35 Pen Par He just doesn't know how to formulate plans and whatnot.

· 5:35 Scorched000 well, I am really trying to make NC less rigid

· but, there is a point where I can't anymore

· olaf is that point

· 5:35 Volcano1qaz A small little duel on a moon,

· Bismarck I has joined the chat.

· 5:35 Rpvictor Rofl

· 5:35 Scorched000 unless I want to make the game easier than NC 1

· 5:36 Volcano1qaz is not he same as a war in the amazon rainforest.

· 5:36 Scorched000 I can't make it olaf-accessible

· 5:36 Volcano1qaz *the

· 5:36 Pen Par =/

· 5:36 R.Glock ah but volc

· 5:36 Rpvictor We are not an equal opportunity game.

· 5:36 R.Glock I'll be offering virtual reality

· any battle

· 5:36 Volcano1qaz However,

· 5:36 R.Glock any scale

· 5:36 Volcano1qaz that's not always an option.

· Take for instance

· a restart.

· 5:36 Bowswer5 How is that not always an option?

· 5:36 Volcano1qaz When we restart,

· we don't have the virtual reality tech anymore.

· Pen Par has left the chat.

· 5:37 Bismarck I =hmm

· 5:37 Bowswer5 When we restart, there's more emphasis on actually building your nation first and structuring it to gain that technology and power projection.

· There isn't focus on PvP wars at that stage.

· Farmadyll has joined the chat.

· Pen Par has joined the chat.

· 5:37 Farmadyll sorry

· 5:37 Scorched000 wb

· 5:37 Farmadyll i had

· to

· go

· 5:37 Volcano1qaz So what you're saying,

· 5:37 Farmadyll eat

· 5:37 Bowswer5 If you want the practice, get it now.

· 5:37 R.Glock mind you bowser

· 5:37 Farmadyll thanks

· 5:37 Scorched000 well, at this time in the game...

· 5:37 Rpvictor Do not spam.

· 5:37 Volcano1qaz is that they shouldn't practice,

· 5:37 Scorched000 npc wars on earth need to become easier

· 5:38 R.Glock remember the north atlantic conflict

· 5:38 Volcano1qaz until its already too late.

· 5:38 Scorched000 but, not by management

· 5:38 Volcano1qaz *it's

· 5:38 Scorched000 but just by the tech you guys make

· 5:38 R.Glock last nc?

· 5:38 Rpvictor Rofl North Atlantic Conflicts

· 5:38 Pen Par And how about in space?

· 5:38 Scorched000 there is a point where the smaller npcs can no longer compete

· like, if you bombard them from space

· 5:38 Farmadyll Three Idiots and the Roasted Duck War

· 5:38 Scorched000 they can be given some tech to compete

· but...

· yeh

· 5:38 Rpvictor So. Lulzy.

· 5:38 Scorched000 not much

· 5:38 Bowswer5 It's never too late to get practice.

· 5:38 Pen Par So we can just bombard them?

· Okay, if that's permitted...

· 5:38 Rpvictor No

· Gnuispir8 has joined the chat.

· 5:38 Scorched000 you can bombard them

· 5:38 Pen Par *Cracks neck*

· 5:38 Scorched000 if you have the capabilities

· 5:38 Volcano1qaz Too Late = You're being roflstomped in the middle of a PvP war.

· 5:38 Rpvictor But not "just" bombardment.

· 5:38 Farmadyll I don't get how: If I go to war with Palau; it would have a little bit less than my tech.

· Just saying.

· 5:39 Rpvictor We are not having "Orbital bombardment, I win!"

· 5:39 Scorched000 rp, there will be a point where you can bombard a country ot nothing


· 5:39 Gnuispir8 so, we're still gojng eh?

· 5:39 Scorched000 it always happens

· always.

· 5:39 Bowswer5 Well Volcano, we're providing people with the option to get practice. If they do not want that practice, then it is their fault.

· 5:39 Pen Par Scorched, what's the point in that?

· 5:39 Scorched000 this is the last topic gnu

· 5:39 Rpvictor Yes, but not now. Not without the other country defending themselves.

· 5:39 Pen Par You mostly expand beacuse of

· 5:39 Scorched000 Pen, I don't make that a point

· 5:39 Pen Par 1. Strategical position

· 5:39 Volcano1qaz Bows.

· 5:39 Scorched000 it just happens

· 5:39 Pen Par 2. Population

· 5:39 Gnuispir8 whats the topic?

· 5:39 Scorched000 assuming you guys develop the tech

· 5:39 Pen Par 3. Economy

· 5:39 Volcano1qaz NPC wars should give them some level of experience.

· But not the way you want to go about them.

· 5:39 Rpvictor Agreed.

· 5:39 Scorched000 yeh.

· 5:39 Bowswer5 They never have in the first place, since day 1.

· 5:39 Scorched000 I am going to have to say topic closed.

· it hasn't really come up with anything


· 5:40 Scorched000 ok, thanks guys for coming

· going to copy the chat and such

· 5:40 Farmadyll ;D

· 5:40 Pen Par Thanks Scorched

· GN, guys

· 5:40 Volcano1qaz So...

· the meeting is done?

· 5:40 Pen Par MY dad will skin me alive if he finds me still awake

· >_>

· 5:40 Farmadyll So, can I go ahead and start putting my Nimbus Database together? (Just for my nation?)

· Pen Par has left the chat.

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