The NEMEAN Energized Assault Armor is an advanced combat skin system designed by Order Fayln of the Fyrrim Orders in order to improve the strength, reflexes, survivability, and combat effectiveness of Order Yiars initiates.





  • Wellness Nanotechnology Diagnostic and Treatment System
  • Ocular implant HUD and link to standalone Feredir AVR instance
  • Peptide Computing unit to aid native Transcendent operation
  • Interface with internal operational firmware of user (permits suit to augment GoM sets, Transcendent assistance, Gate of Babylon use)
  • Weapons/equipment HUD link in gloves
  • Targeting assisting software
  • Shot detection hardware
  • FTL communicator
  • Direct interface port for operation of machinery and vehicles
  • Chemical/nanotech intake port
  • Gate of Babylon port and Wall of Babylon control array
  • Enhanced Strength/endurance via MHM exomusclar layer
  • Full environmental (Radiation, Biological and Chemical) protection
  • EMagnetic boots /gloves for operation in boarding or zero gravity
  • QSMHM impact resistance activation layer for kinetic arms protection, energy transmission, and interference proofing
  • Nanostructured light armor plates
  • Graphene anti-DEW coating
  • Heat dispersive undersheath design
  • Magnetic holsters for weapons and equipment.
  • Capacity for operation in vacuum for up to 8 hours when pressurized
  • Two redundant mini QCores. (For a total of 5 cores)


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