For all the NC memes we've created.

Main MemesEdit

Everyone is MargeEdit

If you're on this wiki and haven't heard this one, you're probably not welcome and wouldn't get it anyway-

None of the rest of us do, it just is.

Kyr DidEdit

- No matter what it is, Kyr has done it at some point.

Professor WayneEdit

- Needs no explanation

Wayne's ResolveEdit

- You cannot match it.

- Can also be applied to Eno, Magery and Volcano (?)

Secondary MemesEdit

Hello NC’ers

Look at your nation. Now back to mine. Now back at your nation. Now back to mine.

Sadly, it’s not mine. But if you stopped using cliché tech and switched to magiscience, you could loophole like it was mine.

Look down. Back up. What are you doing? You’re exploiting loopholes with the magiscience your tech could work like.

What’s in your post? Back to me – I have it. It’s a writeup, with the tech you’ve always wanted to work. Look again, the tech is now chocolate.

Anything is possible when you use technomancy and don’t write tech like a Glock.
I’m wearing a dueldisk.

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