If you ever wanted to discuss how a battle between CYOC nations, or between CYOC nations and other fictional races would turn out, here's your chance.Edit

Unfortunately, I can't find good stats on the NPE, which is what I was going to start with.


1. No freaking time travel.

2. All battles take place within the Milky Way.

3. Sign all your posts.


The OmniScience vs The XeeleeEdit

I took the absolute most powerful of my technology which may or may not be used sometime. The OmniScience is the name for a proposed nation which would have access to most, if not all, late-tier Omnitech that doesn't include all-powerful reality manipulation taken to its logical extremes.

The OmniScienceEdit

-RAP: The RAP Drive (Relative Acceleration Power Drive) Changes the speed of light around the ship, allowing it to propel itself to just over realspace lightspeed. When it emerges, the ship will be traveling at lightspeed in realspace for an infinitesimal time. The speed will cause it to apparently teleport. This drive is almost instaneous in terms of getting somewhere, but it takes several seconds to initialize and can be off by a small distance when it emerges.

-BLACK: BLACK (Bomb Levelling All Cowards Kings): WMD which fires phantom energy, then traps the object in a field in which none of the phantom energy can escape. The phantom energy will attempt to escape, taking the objects inside with it. During this time, the field is also constantly flooded with more phantom energy. At first, this inflicts only tiny damage on the target. After a minute, the amount of energy is enough to rip apart a neutron star- after an hour, enough to physically break apart the entire universe. The obvious problem is that the time needed to get the weapon to full power takes enough time that a ship could simply leave the field with the proper technology.

-NIL: NIL (Nonexistent Infinite Light) power source which accesses Vacuum Energy. It generates around 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules. This can be used as an effectively infinite power source or as an immensely powerful explosive.

-STAR: STAR (Supreme Tetrational Attack Regressor) A weapon which works by creating a chain reaction within matter. As long as the target is made of physical matter, it can destroy it. The result can be a weapon in its own right.

-FOAM: FOAM (Fast Overpowered Atomic Mindfuck) Computers which violate the Planck Space laws in such a way that they have infinitely small components, and are therefore infinitely fast. Ironically, it has to be made immense to work, so only Warships and above have one.

-DRWHO (Dimensionally Regressive Warping of Higher Objects): Objects are rolled up into higher dimensions several times over; a man can carry a rifle which has the firepower of what would normally take a Dreadnought to hold, and a Dreadnought what would take a full galaxy.

-UNITY (Uber Nigh-Infinite Trolling Yodelers... wha?): All citizens are augmented by turning their brain into a neutrino computer, dimensional-storaging enhanced systems which allow them to do things like fly to the moon unharmed with nothing but a jetpack, then snipe an enemy from the moon with no scopes of any sort. They can hear a whisper from ten miles away, actually drown out Lil Wayne... just incredibly powerful in every way. The military is even better.

-DHARMA (Devastating High Amplitude Radioactivity Modulation Assault) Weapons provide a form of laser, but it is so high frequency (far past y-ray levels) it shatters whatever it hits with a coherent energy beam with planck-space level areas between each wave.

-SOAP (Singularity Obstructing Attacking Persons): SOAP is an odd form of combined shields and armor. It is thought to work by wrapping an "anti-black hole" around the ship, which generates a field of infinite anti-gravity which can take any form of "conventional" explosive.

-Other, slightly less advanced stuff. If in doubt, ask.


-The guy who would be running this civilization. Yeah.

The XeeleeEdit

-Universe-spanning civilization

-Construction based on molded timespace (Xeelee Construction Material, or XCM) which is effectively immune to brute force attacks, since it survived in the first moments after the Big Bang and took hypernova - level energies at point blank without damage

-Perfect energy - to - matter conversion and vice versa

-Starbreakers, gravity-based "wave lasers" which have no recoil due to "anchoring themselves in timespace", they are capable of destroying anything they hit including XCM, and even a handheld pistol version can destabilize and destroy a star

-Almost perfectly efficient computing via using the central black holes of galaxies

-Capable of moving massive cosmic strings to destroy or mold galaxies. They also tended to use galaxies as bullets.

-Stars are kinetic weapons and launched within a hundredth of a percent of c, including neutron stars.

-Have deconstructed many galaxies for use as raw material to build The Ring, a portal to another universe.

-Capable of creating dimensions and trapping other beings in them, said dimensions are configured to the Xeelee's own parameters so they can be virtually anything

-The Anti-Xeelee, a component of their race which exists as a non-corporeal quantum consciousness and can transform other beings into similar consciousnesses

-Instantaneous communication throughout the universe


-Xeelee ships can be damaged by magnetic monopoles or (get this) supermassive black holes.

- Travel to other universes is very difficult and could only be accomplished via The Ring, which was an absolutely massive construction project requiring the resources of the entire Xeelee race. (In other words: They had to disassemble the majority of the universe to build it.)

-Even though it cannot be destroyed by brute force, a strong enough attack will destroy/incapacitate the Xeelee consciousness of the ship, disabling it and allowing it to be captured.

-Starbreaker beams can be deflected with antigravity.

Battle CommentsEdit

Djinnaken Empire vs. Xel'NagaEdit

Endgame Avalon vs The CultureEdit

The 2nd Fleet Battle Line

Fighters and Carriers not pictured. This is only the Cruiser+ Force.

End Game Avalon:====

  • Operates ~200 Battle Fleets. Pic related.
  • Extensive Use of Warp Drives to 'Jump Around' in battle
  • Imperial Shock Army numbers: 365,982,198,176
  • Imperium Armour beyond Mark X has built-in Warping devices, can survive Super Nova (fuck yeah)
  • Adam and his Sons: Gods who possess unreal power and manipulation over a certain aspect of the Universe
  • Hadron Cannons are the most destructive force in the Galaxy, utilizing the Higgs-Bosun/'God Particle' to violently rip apart and violate the Law of Conservation of Mass, destroying matter and energy.
  • Stellar Engine creates Stars, which can be used as gravitational weapons or as a big gernade-like device
  • Nanites that can consume and process ANYTHING, Matter, Engery, Dark Matter, you name it. Can devastate entire sections of the Galaxy
  • Stellar Forge, creates and pumps out Fleets in days time at only 30% Operation. Replaces numbers easily and effectively, 100% will drain the star and create thousands of Battle Fleets.
  • Orbital Bombardment can begin and end in under 5 minutes, completely levelling a planet with our 'Devices'
  • Religious Zealots who see any form of anti-Avalon as Heresy and worthy of destruction

The Culture:Edit

  • FTL around a half million C, short bursts of up to three hundred trillion or so C
  • Massive hyperspace computers known as "Minds" provide nigh-infinite processing speed
  • CREWs, which are like lasers but end up make the SW turbolasers look like peashooters
  • Access to infinite energy sources for power
  • Use of said power source as a weapon, although it takes a few seconds to turn on
  • Population: At least one quintillion
  • Shields can shrug off supernovae
  • Generation and manipulation of antimatter and black holes
  • Engineering of megastructures
  • Attack ranges measured in thousands of light-years and ability to attack from other dimensions
  • Planet and star system destroying weaponry is common
  • Virtually limitless industrial power due to access to the grid and energy - to - matter conversion technology, a single ship managed to create a fleet of over 200,000 ships in under 10 years
  • Special Circumstances agents can destabilize, collapse, manipulate, or alter more primitive civilizations without them even realizing it
  • Ability for individuals to "Sublime", where they transcend their physical forms and become cosmic beings

Battle CommentsEdit

Completed BattlesEdit

Xeelee vs CYOC- CYOC victoryEdit

Juton vs Galactic Empire- Juton victoryEdit

Conjoiners vs Covenant- Conjoiner victoryEdit

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