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This article contains a summary of the events during NC39, with context explained, as well as details that were not listen on the thread. This article is being created for future reference.

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F3n tried to assassinate Israeli diplomats, continuing the Israeli War. Omni restarted due to the attacks against his nation perpetrated by Legless in the previous thread. Bismarck demanded that Omni change the name of his new country. F3n did some infrastructure projects and worked to deal with insurgents in the Brazilian regions that he conquered in the previous thread. The Israeli Navy was defeated and the land invasion began.


The result of Luim's economic projects.

Luim started vague "making jobs" projects. Margerald tried to start an NPC mega-alliance, which was declined. F3n declared war on Puerto Rico. Legless posted statistics on several of his military craft and made diplomatic requests. Requests were handled. Forum made some diplomatic requests and requests were handled. Legless worked on androids and Omni carried over his prior projects.

F3n started various projects including nanites, space defense grids and UAV's. Pen argued over the difference between droid and android with f3n and the war was moderated further. Farma created yet another NPC mega-alliance and made diplomatic requests. Requests were managed and Leg posted more requests. Leg began operations against Germany and more requests were handled. Forum asked a part of Australia to annex.

Craazyy made bakeries and Pen tried to make radar-proof missiles. Requests were handled and Leg's attack of Omni's nation earlier was moderated. The Israeli War continued. Legless made several diplomatic requests and requests were handled. Forum explained some of his elite special operatives, and Legless announced progress on medical nanites. Craazyy made some miscellaneous RTA requests.

Pen made a space fleet and worked on a second one. F3n requested military bases with other countries and began some cybernetics projects. The Israeli War was moderated and Omni posted his tech tree. Forum declared war on Tasmania. Legless made eight different diplomatic requests and worked on his space fleet. Luim analyzed My Little Pony. Bowswer and Farma merged to celebrate My Little Pony.

Requests were handled and Bowswer offered Luim an FTA. Farma requested two RTA's and Bismarck was a gascon. Volcano worked on generators and a space army. Requests were handled and Legless began colonization of a planet. He also requested 2 RTA's. Leg started teleportation and anti-matter projects and asked for an MDP with Britain. Requests were handled and Luim requested relations. Omni got an RTA with a neighbors and Leg prepared for massive hacking operations.


A sign of Communism.

Farma made several diplomatic requests and then quit in protest over actions on the Wikia. Livelong joined as Colorado and requested some RTA's. F3n became communist and vowed to fought tyranny. Farma un-quit and the merge between him and Bowswer was broken. Olaf worked on some military vehicle and f3n started a planetary colonization project. Legless requested several RTA's and MDP's and requests were handled. Farma claimed another planet and made several diplomatic requests.

Farma began some Olympics event and requests were handled. Live restarted as Texas and again requested RTA's. Omni requested miscellaneous relations, as did Pen. Bismarck continued the Israeli War and posted the completion of various projects. He posted that he was doing economic projects, but did not post them. He also asked for various things related to annexing Asia. Ninja joined and f3n worked on a superweapon, but gave no description.

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Ninja made pineapples and f3n worked on shielding and mind control. Legless requested various treaties and continued the Israeli War. Requests were handled. Forum's war was Tasmania continued and Leg requested even more treaties. Requests were handled and Forum requested further relations with other Tasmanian states.

Leg worked on mind-control and making his nanites immune to corrosion. Live worked on electric military vehicles and time travel. Luim requested relations. Requests were handled yet again. Farma posted miscellaneous treaties for approval and the Israeli War was moderated. F3n worked on combat droids, announced a superweapon but provided no detail, began droid and nanite projects and worked on mind control.

More requests were handled and Forum requested a 15% higher RTA with Queensland. Live worked on a new alloy that would be stronger than steel and rebellions began in Omni's country due to excessive project spending. Farma annexed Rhode Island and f3n got an incredible amount of MDP's and RTA's. Leg requested an MDP and annexed seven nations. Requests were handled and Pen asked for a Mexican and Cuban military base, as well as other relations with an unspecified country.


A possible image of events in the Israeli War.

Requests were handled and the Israeli War continued. Luim requested a lot of relations with African nations, requests were handled, and the War picked up speed. Live requested several MDP's. Farma requested one MDP, an annexation, and thirteen different RTA's. Requests were handled and Forum made a request of Queensland and prepared for a war against New Zealand. Farma requested another RTA and the Israeli War continued.

Requests were again handled and Luim requested an NAP, three MDP's and three RTA's. Requests were handled and Forum prepared for war with New Zealand. Omni completed an armor and nanite project, and Bismarck posted updated armor. F3n began countless economic projects and the Israeli War continued. Forum and Omni made miscellaneous diplomatic requests. F3n posted that he had cured all diseases, and that he had six naval fleets.

Requests were handled and Leg finished some improved plasma shields. Luimnigh continued his request blitzing and requests were again handled. Forum went on strike from moderation until his own requests were handled. The Israeli War continued and requests were handled. Pen requested that Afghanistan annex, claimed over two million droids, said that more factories would be produced and the Israeli War continued.

F3n worked on propaganda and the Israeli War continued. Farma worked on infrastructure and military bases and requested Murmansk to annex, as well as a greater RTA with Michigan. Requests were handled and Forum annexed Queensland. Luim's rage-request continued, and he annexed Cameroon. Forum began plotting the conquest of New Zealand.

The Israeli War continued and Omni requested further relations with the NPC's on his planet. Pen requested an RTA with Pakistan and for Afghanistan to annex. (Afghanistan accepted.) He also asked for four military bases. Requests were handled and Rpvictor joined on an alien planet. He began projects against corruption, against the loss of private property rights, and for greater trade with other nations.

Dyson Sphere by Csp499

A Dyson Sphere.

Luim asked Chad and Niger to annex and Pen requested further relations with Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He built more naval and space fleets as requests were handled. All were accepted, granting Luim even more nations. Pen invaded the United Arab Emirates and Luim got an RTA with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. F3n began work on a Dyson Sphere and Olaf requested an RTA and NAP with Montana. Live worked on bulletproof armor and submarines.

Rpvictor began projects for cyber warfare and plasma and laser weaponry. Forum announced the capacity for cyborgs and requests were handled. Wars were moderated. Rpvictor began genetic research and missiles projects. He requested RTA's and NAP's with surrounding countries, although Rp later cancelled them. Requests were handled and the Israeli War continued.

Bismarck was appointed moderator and Legless annexed Albania. Luim got an RTA and NAP with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Legless attacked Romania and Rp worked on fusion efficiency and Core technology. Pen made more requests and the Israeli War finally continued. Requests were handled and Farma made even more requests. He began some small economic projects. Rp began shielding and nanite research and Luim declared war on Gabon. Requests were handled and Gabon was conquered.

Pen and Rp got an FTA and Olaf bought some of Pen's battle droids. Olaf made some diplomatic requests and Rp started spy and EMP projects. Bismarck worked on expansion and Olaf posted that his president foiled a bank robbery. Rp ridiculed the post, evoking Olaf's rage! Requests were handled and Farma quit. Farma un-quit. Forum resigned as moderator and Leg posted upgrades to his space military.



Requests were handled and Leg requested RTA's with Louisian and Arkansas. The Romanian War was moderated and Leg worked on that. Rpvictor announced cloning, android, defense grid and ground force projects. Rpvictor posted more requests, although they were later cancelled. Pen posted the completion of a combat suit and Israel began to finally lose the war. Legless conquered Romania and got the Azores Islands from Farma. Rp worked on invisibility and got more FTA's.

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Bismarck fired weapons of mass destruction at Israel, finally ending the Israeli War. The terms of surrender were posted and Bismack began a youth indoctrination program. Olaf began projects to reduce corruption and expand industry. He also dumped billions into education. Rp began a universe/dimension creation and manipulation project and Farma posted more requests, including one for the annexation of Michigan. Rp made a stock market. Pen moved some of his military projects forward and he explored another solar system.

Pen requested a 75% RTA and NAP with Pakistan and Margerald rejoined as the Republic of Uzbekistan. He did all of his usual stuff. Rp did an infrastructure project and Bismarck declared himself Emperor of Mankind. Requests were handle and Margerald made an RTA and NAP request. Olaf did the same with Montana and threatened to declare war on Saskatchewan if they did not annex.

Requests were handled, and Bismarck began his economic policy of neo-mercantilism. He stated intent to annex ten Chinese territories and said that he would make space more important in his military. Olaf began using rail guns to assault Saskatchewan and requests were handled. A freeze was placed on Earth expansion and Omni got an FTA with a neighboring country.


Part of Blacknet, the separate internet system.

Requests were handled and Legless requested five RTA's. Rache Glock joined as GLOCK, an extraterrestrial nation with a very complicated economic system. Glock did a massive economic post and started work on a military line as well as a separate internet. Pen expressed interest in gunboats and Pen expanded droid production even further. Glock sold Leg the counter to some technology. Leg finished projects for anti-matter, droid military vehicles and murder gloves.

Ranthar Wane joined as DARK Freelancer INC, on a different planet. Wane did some projects and Margerald requested two RTA's. Olaf attacked and conquered Saskatchewan and asked Montana for an MDP and a higher RTA. Live completed his improved steel project and Rp asked nations on his planet for further relations, although again, these were later cancelled. He also began a satellite project. Pen requested five NAP's and RTA's and requests were handled.

Pen tried to make six Russian oblasts his protectorate, but they declined. Pen declared war on the oblasts and requests were handled. Wane ridiculously moderated Pen's war. Leg finished a third space fleet, putting him far behind Bismarck's six. Glock expanded a project with the aid of Wane and Rp. Arguments began over Wane's moderation, and Pen improved his internet and continued request-blitzing. Requests were handled and the Oblast War was voided. Rp posted the progress of several of his projects and f3n either extended or started some projects. (It was quite unclear.)

Pen prepared for a war of some sort and Forum modified his combat armor. Rp began some small business subsidies for the time being. Bismarck, Leg and f3n found their nations nerfed, the Imperial Realm was lost and chaos was in Bismarck's Chinese territories and f3n's South American territories. Pen's nation was also nerfed. Olaf claimed a planet. Bismarck declared himself Emperor of Mankind and promises to reduce his military. Olaf instituted Medicare and welfare and Glock organized a battle, called the N Duel, between Pen and f3n. Glock began a massive list of projects and a planetary rating system was created. Bismarck said that he would not revoke his Emperor of Mankind title, and Glock started even more economic and military projects.


A star system.

Glock did several posts worth of economic projects and did some espionage and counter-espionage work. Several players received statistics for their solar systems. The N Duel began and Pen essentially requested that the entire thread got nerfed just because he was. Pen tried to pass off massive military spending as good for his economy and Wane posted about the education system in his nation. Legless finished projects, including mind control, while Glock showed Pen just how overpowered his nation was.

Pen then did a double-take and cut military spending, saying that it was hurting his economy. Pen made a rambling post saying nothing and Live worked on a battlemech. Farma requested an FTA with Murmansk. New rules were instituted for the space expansion system and Pen made diplomatic requests. Bismarck overpowered himself several new planets to out-do Pen's overpowering. Bismarck began socializing his health care sector and F3n made his N Duel post. Glock made some diplomatic requests and requests were handled. Farma prepared for an operation against New Zealand.

Rpvictor was accepted as moderator for the N Duel. Requests were handled and arguing ensured over how the N Duel would be moderated. The N Duel continued even though moderation never began, and Live requested an RTA with Oklahoma. Live developed bulletproof armor and Bismarck embargoed Glock. Leg began an inter-planetary mail service.

Rpvictor did economic projects and explained his economic philosophy of minimizing government. Pen worked on a WMD and a merchant ship fleet. Wane and Glock offered to sell psychological profile on players, but the business was voided. Bismarck and Glock argued over their economic systems. Meanwhile, Forum declared war on New Zealand.


Some days, the moderators just rain on your parade.

F3n tried to restabilize his nation after the earlier nerf, stealing Bismarck's mercantilist strategies, and Rpvictor was appointed a moderator. Scorched threatened to crack down on nonsensical moderation and the New Zealand War was moderated. Volcano rejoined as the Centralist Dominion of Letharia and Volcano began some basic economic projects.

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F3n expanded his weather control satellite network and Margerald made some small diplomatic requests. Requests were handled and some nations joined Legless's teleportation mail service. Live worked on lasers and drilling a hole through the Earth's core. Pen froze some projects and F3n worked on some meaningless alliance groups. Leg requested RTA's and requests were handled. Rp requested embassies with all the nations on his planet and requests were again handled. Bismarck started some project.

The N Duel was partially moderated, prompting arguments. (The rest was too incoherent to moderate.) Requests were made and handled. Pen accused Glock's nation of being evil. Moderation was overhauled and war moderation continued. Rp cracked down on voter fraud and Leg annexed some lands. Forum worked on a space program and earthquake technology as Pen sold more droids and Forum opposed the nations embargoing Glock. Glock began a covert operation against Pen, although it was later cancelled.

Pen suspected Glock to be behind a conspiracy and prepared for a war against Glock. Glock mobilized his own space assets as Forum tried to calm Pen down. He also broadcasted My Little Pony at Pen's spacecraft. Pen left Glock's solar system, but quickly returned in even larger numbers. Pen surrendered in the N Duel, but f3n was informally disqualified for using tactics he learned from Glock. The Vasari Fiasco then followed.

Pen began experimenting with socialized medicine and Olaf released a new military line. Wane finished some miscellaneous military projects and criticized Pen for the Vasari Fiasco. Bowswer did some economic projects, including reducing his military, increasing social services and encouraging contraception. The Vasari Fiasco was then voided and the embargoes on Glock were as well, as he redid his economic system.


Portals. It is unknown if Casponian teleportation uses this mechanism.

Glock tried to form a mega-alliance. Bowswer and f3n joined, but Rp declined. Rp worked on mob psychology and Bismarck expanded his space military. Live worked on an air cannon and Rp established the Department of Homeland Security. Volcano requested FTA's and Bismarck tried to annex several lands. Leg finished teleportation and made diplomatic requests.

Forum worked on combat suits, fusion and plasma and Glock made anti-bacterial organisms. Forum was interested in buying the technology, and Rp asked for more FTA's with players. Glock and Rp got an FTA and Glock agreed to the deal with Forum. Bowswer and Rp got an FTA. Wane joined Glock's mega-alliance and accepted the FTA with Omental.

Legless started a project to find new elements and sub-atomic particles. Pen resumed his frozen projects and Wane and Leg argued over the feasibility of new subatomic particles. Legless requested RTA's with Louisiana and Moldova while Pen offered an RTA and billions in annual subsidies to Bowswer. Pen made some requests. Rankings were updated and requests were handled, after Pen reduced his list to a more reasonable one. Volcano requested FTA's and his requests were handled.

Rp posted his imports and exports and requested more FTA's with players. Requests were handled and Glock invited Margerald into his alliance. Margerald joined and worked on his mega-alliance. Wane's starting tech was reviewed and requests were handled. Farma requested an FTA with Murmansk and Bismarck started some HFPE projects and asked lands to annex. Rp started projects for a biometric database and point-defense satellites. Requests were handled. Margerald and Rp got an FTA and Wane finished some projects and paused others.

Out of fear of Glock-Bismarck tensions, Wane turned isolationist and became a space nomad. He then described his finished projects, which included DNA computing and a cybernetic mind. Pen sold Wane the needed spacecraft for his endeavor. Live designed lightsabers and EMP blasting. Requests were handled.


A military base.

Pen posted some information about his spacecraft, including their ability to detect "FTL jumps", Rp handled diplomacy with Live, and Rule 8 was amended regarding proxy wars. F3n made an economic post and a massive list of diplomatic requests. Requests were handled and Bismarck sought military bases in China.

Rp enacted education reform and Volcano and Legless made requests. Miscellaneous requests were handled. Leg expanded his plasma shielding and Glock posted military craft. Omni posted work on cyber warfare, FTL technology and droids. Rp began expanding and Pen went into isolation. Rp and Omni got an FTA and Omni requested an MDP with a nation on his planet. Olaf posted infrastructure reworks and Texas worked on space. Live and Glock got an FTA.

Rp requested treaties and Olaf sought relations with Montana. Omni requested FTA's with player nations. Farma and Omni got an FTA and requests were handled.

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Farma requested an FTA with f3n, as well as dual citizenship, and an MDP with Bismarck. Requests were handled and Leg continued relations with Moldova and Louisiana. Pen worked on a merchant fleet and Legless co-operated with Pen on a defensive project. Pen and Glock argued over the amount of detail that Pen supplied on a project.

Rp reformed the labor system for prisoners and requests were handled. Olaf tried to start a coup in Wyoming and Pen exited his isolation. He asked for FTA's from all players as Teran joined as a StarCraft based alien planet. Rp and Teran got an FTA and Omni asked for a 110% RTA with an NPC. Arguing began over Glock's economic growth.


This isn't what I had in mind.

Rp got the superpower on his planet to help him with his spy agency and Pen asked Pskitan to annex. Glock asked for relations with the nations on his planet and requests were handled. Volcano asked for relations, and his requests were handled. Rp began projects for SIGINT and the like while Omni and Rp argued over the 110% RTA. Omni was confused about Glock's growth and Bismarck asked some places to become his protectorate and continued arguing with Glock. Omni asked for an RTA with Avalon.

Olaf worked on zombies and ranks were updated. The New Zealand War continued and Leg sought an FTA with Greece. Legless complained about Omni's economy and Omni complained about being kicked from the chat. Volcano passed legislation against corruption and Leg's teleportation mail system finished. Pen announced coming droid improvements and New Zealand continued.

Pen began several HFPE projects and Leg got an FTA with Greece. Farma made miscellaneous requests, requests were handled, and Bismarck and Leg had war games. F3n did some requests and Rp posted projects. Bismarck posted requests, requests were handled, and Rp voided some requests.

Farma and Legless swapped some islands and Bowswer effectively abolish his military by putting 75% of all funding in intelligence and cyber warfare. Omni asked Farma for co-operation on antimatter and Pen argued about Omni's ability to do it. Rp got a national problem of drug use and Glock called Bismarck a megalomaniac. Live worked on zombies and a moon base.

Pen asked Pakistan to annex. The requests was declined, as they had only become his protectorate recently. Bismarck agreed to co-operate on some of Omni's projects, but never said which ones. Farma asked to be protectorate of the universe. Bismarck began a project to deal with any bugs planted on GLOCK imports

Forum worked on the New Zealand insurgency and made a hidden research lab. He began an incoherent anti-shielding tech and Leg finished a fourth space fleet. Legless and Omni found new solar systems and Wane tried to sell his land. Glock released various tech and tried to buy Wane's planet. Bismarck worked on anti-gravity.


A missile.

Pen annexed Pakistan and Glock started a project. Scorched announced the World War Three concept and Volcano worked on missiles. F3n worked on droids and some HFPE projects. Farma asked Murmansk to become his protectorate. F3n finished undefined projects and Glock did miscellaneous economic projects. F3n worked on military training and embargoed all of his opponents in World War Three, although this was later voided.

Bismarck offered to fund projects for his alliance, the Entente and Volcano improved military training. F3n began war games, requested several FTA's and worked on a space elevator. Bismarck issued yet another declaration of his "superiority" while Olaf began military training and a confused Leg tried to start WWIII, earning insults from Glock. Glock and his alliance co-operated on several projects and Forum began two undisclosed projects. Pen made diplomatic requests and co-operated with Forum on a project. Volcano made diplomatic requests.

Pen joined Leg's attack, and Volcano voided both his strike and Leg's. Olaf worked on cyber warfare and advanced bombs. The planet deal between Rache and Wane was finalized and Leg began conscription. Leg made diplomatic requests and Bismarck and Glock argued over the ability of NPC's to join WWIII. Scorched issued a reminder that WWIII was for fun, not evaluating skill. (Glock and Bismarck saw it as an opportunity to settle a score between the two.) Bismarck began projects and Forum forced all of citizens to spend three hours a day in military training.

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Pen began some classified projects and tried to colonize Wane's solar system. Pen did infrastructural work and Pen tried to start another NPC alliance and built three space fleets. Arguing began over projects that Forum considered starting. Requests were handled and Leg worked on infrastructural repair nanites. Margerald requested FTA's with two nations with very long names as Pen argued over how some requests were handled.

Moderation settled the arguments over Forum's technology by nerfing his unbeatable cyber warfare and the argument over requests by showing that the relations in question was a jump from a 75% RTA to an FTA. Glock made diplomatic requests and Leg's expand-on-impact substance was voided. Rp began adding foreign currencies to his own reserves and Volcano began war games. F3n accused Pen and Leg of overpowering and f3n began a HFPE project. Rp began border security and Rp made some diplomatic requests.

File:Propaganda WO Border by stephensheehan.png
Requests were handled and Wane began some projects. Bismarck increased levels of indoctrination in his country and Rp began four HFPE projects and started work on an Antarctic base. Leg improved his plasma shields and Leg worked on force fields as Wane worked on shielding. Farma requested that Murmansk be his protectorate and Live offered Glock an FTA. F3n wanted to have military patrols in Olaf's country. Bismarck tried to bribe Live onto his side, but this was voided. Bismarck started several HFPE projects, miscellaneous military projects, and shielding and anti-shielding projects. Bismarck tried to annex large parts of China and f3n accused Bismarck of not following rules. Rp ended business subsidies.

Bismarck called f3n mentally ill for not understanding some projects of his that were extraordinarily poorly explained. F3n declared that he was making combat suits that were "10x as epic" and that his economy was "SUPER COMPETITIVE." Rp joked that, "F3n used Pay Day! It's super effective!" Rp began military improvements and work on a space station. Joe joined as Mexico, and Bismarck tried to bribe him as well. Joe did some basic starting projects.

F3n worked on expanding his industry and space colonies. Bismarck claimed 30 planets and Legless worked on cyber warfare. Forum increased funding for his military projects and requests were handled. Bismarck was criticized for bribing players into his alliance and Joe Dude started on a foreign planet. Farma asked Murmansk to annex and Bismarck was formally warned for his serial bribery. Rp began a hyper-fizzy soda corporation and Omni responded by selling carbon dioxide. Bismarck tried to take over Forum's economy, but it was voided.

Legless worked on two projects and Leg asked Greece to annex. Volcano made some requests and requests were handled. Legless researched a jellyfish with regenerative properites while Pen quit NC. Rp handed infrastructure improvement to the states. Bismarck, Glock and Legless made some annexation requests and Margerald made a slight change to a missile project. Requests were handled and Live worked on his space fleet.

Minor reforms of the HFPE system were instituted while F3n and Bowswer demanded that Rpvictor be removed as moderator due to actions he took against their extreme arguing in the Wikia chat. Rp announced a project to retitle titles for government officials in his nation, but nothing was ever done on the subject. Live worked on nuclear weapons.


A geothermal plant.

Arguing continued and Farma sought military bases in Bismarck's nation. Livelong requested treaties with Oklahoma and Olaf requested treaties with Montana. Requests were handled and Leg declared war on Poland. However, the war was voided as moderation determined that he already had more than enough land. Farma worked on overseas bases, a military line and geothermal energy. He also did miscellaneous relations. Wane's nation was frozen and Rp did a gargantuan project update.

Rp posted updates for all of his projects, including his GDP, population growth through immigration and adoption, cyber warfare, computing industries, genetic improvements, medical drugs, increased energy efficiency, shielding, nanotechnology, GHOST, spies, EMP, counter-EMP, cloning, defensive structures, invisibility, radar, energy storage, infrastructure, mob psychology, homeland security, biometric databases and hidden projects. He also requested treaties.

Leg tried to mind control animals and Live worked on EMP's. Farma worked on chocolate bombardment and Live cancelled his project to drill through the Earth. Requests were handled and F3n worked on sonic warfare. Requests were made and handled and Forum finished work on a new style of weaponry called Disruptors. Requests were made and handled again and Leg found highly unstable elements.

Live compelted his flagship and worked on a base on Mars. Rp finished his Antarctic base and f3n expanded his space colonies. F3n made new combat suits, genetic serums and military bases. Leg and Forum co-operated on plasma shielding technology and Farma made even more diplomatic requests. Volcano made RTA requests, which were handled. Leg worked on ghosts and Ninja joined as Atlantis. Leg then tried to buy out several major airlines.

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Live encouraged his airlines not to sell out and requests were handled. Pen returned and strated the Si-Sun project, but never said what it was. Forum offered aid to Pen in trying to catch up from his earlier project halt and his quitting. Live worked on establishing space stations and Farma offered to work on food projectiles with Pen and Forum. He built more factories and deported people to his colonies. He made diplomatic requests as Ninja worked on his air industry.

Plane zombrha by spinfox

An aircraft.

There was some dicussion about co-operation on various projects and Ninja continued working on his air industry. Farma started improving his. Pen halted consturction of three of his space fleets and Pen was still bitter over him getting into trouble for using the archaic sense of a word when the modern sense was much more applicable, and he did not show that he meant the archaic sense. He claimed almost 50,000,000 droids. Requests were handled and Leg finished and started some projects of no particular significance. Pen declared war on a space NPC and Forum threatened Live due to perceived arrogance.

Pen claimed a non-existent moon, and then Live claimed a moon which did exist, although it oribted a planet that had been claimed. He also claimed the sun and the asteroid belt. Several people alughed at Live's efforts. Farma banned flights to Ninja's country due to Ninja being on the opposite alliance as Farma. Glock posted teleportation and stim-pack project completion. Pen worked on a secret project and Rp voided Pen's expansion into Wane's system. Live claimed Pluto and threatened to embargo Forum. Miscellaneous arguing began.

Glock made asteroid-based spaceships and threatened Pen with them for his interference in Wane's system, which now belonged to Glock. Legless worked on teleprotation defense and tensions continued. Forum worked on a tactical-insertion gunship and Leg continued teleportation work. Pen left Wane's system and Live worked on terraforming Ceres. G Nite joined as a nation in space and worked on some basic projects.

Bismarck threatened G Nite as a "joke" and told him to relocate, as Nite's nation was in Bismarck's land. G Nite claimed Ceres, and Bismarck said that claiming it would be taken as an act of war because Bismarck had a mining base there. Volcano started some HFPE projects and Bismarck said that his "codes' were constantly being scrambled. G Nite moved to an original planet.



Bismarck bragged about himself again and prepared to attack Livelong. Scorched then ruled that neither Livelong nor Bismarck could claim Ceres. Bismarck said that negotiations would begin on dividing Ceres. Leg found a new solar system and Forum announced the completion of a sentient AI.

Forum and Leg started HFPE projects and asked for the co-operation of their entire alliance.

Pen resumed construction of his space fleets, putting him at four. He announced that his nation was too poor to do any more projects. Pen riased taxes and made diplomatic requests while Olaf worked on biological warfare and combat armor. Bismarck bailed Pen out and Rp worked on teleporting satellites. Live started a revolution plot in his nation.

Bismarck began blockading Live and prepared some vague action for a proxy war against him. Pen moved his forces near Live's waters and reduced taxes sharply. Out of frustration, Live withdrew his efforts to even build a base on Ceres. Margerald asked lands to annex. One did, but the other only became his protectorate. Forum agreed to co-operate with leg on his earlier HFPE project. Forum offered to aid Live fight the rebels in his plot.

Farma requested NPC relations and the building of military bases. Live's plot continued and f3n reuqested foreign military bases. Rp began work on his Spacetime Capsules while Leg got numbers for the space system that he found much earlier. Pen announced the completion of several military projects of questionably legality.

Live finished his plot and Leg began operations against Live by sending two special operatives against Live. Leg also began workng on the space system that he found. Glock announced the completion of several projects and Live asked for an NAP with Leg, hoping to avert the crisis. Pen worked on mind-controlled soliders and stim-packs.


How godmodders react when you call them on it.

Leg used godmodding, bad tech and overpowering to claim to have infiltrated Live's intelligence agents. Pen started a HFPE project and Live surrounded Leg's "base" with his miitary assets. Leg attacked Live's forces. Leg was made a trial moderator and requests were handled. F3n quit NC and Live, confused, began a war against Leg's forces in the southeast United States. Requests were handled and Farma made more diplomatic requests. He reinforced Leg.

A new player, Jared, joined and worked on battlemechs. Pen threatened war on Live if he continued. Rp continued work in space, obtained energy shields, reloctaed some facilities and worked on a supercomputer. Forum began a HFPE project ande Live worked on teleportation defense. Jared worked on combat armor. Farma found a solar system and Bismarck complained about how hard proxy warring was.

Farma and Bismarck tries to sieze some of f3n's land and Forum sent his special operatives to attack Livelong. Live was issued a highly unfair peace treaty. Pen opposed it and then tried to take some of f3n's land himself. Forum prepared to take South America and Live negotiated on the surrdner conditions.

Live complained about all of Nation Creation and Glock made some diplomatic requests. Olaf trained his civilians in anti-tank weapons and requests were handled. F3n returned and updated several of his projects, including weather control and Dyson spheres. Gnu joined as a nation in space and Pen tried to buy Leg's teleportation technology.

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Stellar collapse by julian399-d4dt7g9

Possibly part of the Stellar Forge system.

F3n improved soldier training and his defense grid. Bismarck increased military funding, announced Stellar Forges, and put more intensive searches on f3n's ships. Pie started in space and f3n updated his defense grid to include anti-orbital. Pen worked on defense grids and Pen finished orbital drop pdos and freezer satellites. Requests were made and handled and Gnu did some basic military projects and electrical weapon offense and defense projects.

Bismarck got a military base in Gnu's lands, as well as embassies and a 50% RTA. Legless offered Gnu a trial in his teleportation postal system. Foruma argued with Live and Pen began improving the defneses on his planets. Pen made anti-ally propaganda. Some of Pen's spies in Glock's lands were arrested. Pen claimed over 60 million droids. He also worked combat suits, telepathy and Tesla weaponry. Forum began some projects including assassins, weapons of mass destruction, and unknown projects. Pen asked Iraq to annex.

Pen annexed Iraq and Glock and Pen argued over the failure of one of Pen's spy operations and whether My Little Pony was torture. Glock increased his military size. Votes were held on whether to continue with World War Three and Live. Glock and Forum had or continued their argument. It was decided that World War Three would continue, with the voiding of all war-based embargoes and sacntions. Forum worked on his special operatives and Forum co-operated with others on miscellaneous projects.

Forum got statistics on his solar system and Rp announced a project. Pen wored on his Ghost projext and Glock criticized Leg and Pen over their treatment of Leg. Leg accepted the criticism, but Pen defended both of them despite this. As the two had their lengthy argument, Farma made some diplomatic requests. Requests were handled. Pie did some environmental work in his nation and Rp offered FTA's to Pie and Ninja, both of whom accepted. Pen then spammed the thread to the end.

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