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This article contains a summary of the events during NC38, with context explained, as well as details that were not listen on the thread. This article is being created for future reference.

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Pages 1-25Edit

Several players posted their returning applications and Omni and Forum started or continued several projects. (It was rather unclear.) Forum, Farma and Omni made a deal to cooperate on their expansion and the Israeli situation continued. New rankings were posted, which Volcano argued about. He then posted projects for health care, energy and his economy.

Legless began experimenting with a random events system and Glock began developing his military for the upcoming war. Omni handled the riots that were his random event. Volcano elaborated on his military projects and Omni promised to start military projects. Legless requested treaties with Tunisia and Glock continued developing his military.


Omni announced that he would soon begun constructing tanks and Wane released details on his projects. F3n created several new military projects and Pen formed an alliance with several other states. Pen declined Farma's MDP. Bismarck continued working with China and f3n worked on improving his manufacturing sector. Omni worked on plasma weapons and fusion and Bowswer finished several projects, including a white phosphorous missile.

Pen proposed an RTA to Omni and Wane worked on his random event. Pen increased his reserve troops and subsidized a company. Legless sought a larger RTA and an NAP with Tunisia. Omni unveiled a tank and Bismarck announced progress on several WMD's and military projects. he also tried to draw Siberia into further relations with him. He unveiled a space warship.

Farma asked New Hampshire to annex and Gnius joined as North Carolina. Bismarck worked on expanding his space military and Bowswer and Glock got into an argument. Omni posted more military vehicles. Pen worked on his particle cannon, artillery, satellites and rift technology. The plot about discovering Wane continued and legless worked on light-speed. Omni increased funding for plasma weapons.

Volcano designed new armor and Wane's GDP was nerfed massively. Olaf established a new religion. Bismarck plotted a war and Bismarck and Omni engaged in a rap battle.

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The Wane plot continued and Pen asked Louisiana and Oklahoma to annex. He also increased his military. More random events happened and Pen annexed both states. Legless got an RTA with Tunisia and Omni asked four states to annex. Pen worked on new combat suits. Glock started two new projects and Wane worked on a new project. Pen and Glock got into an argument. Pen's rift technology was voided.


An Alabaman small scout tank.

Glock and Omni argued over Omni's military craft. Farma asked for several RTA's and NAP's and mandated that welfare recipients have prior employment. Omni requested several MDP's, 14 of which were accepted. Glock and Farma established an FTA. Gnu unveiled some domestic projects and tried to get RTA's and NAP's. F3n considered conquering Somalia and Farma asked New Hampshire to annex. Bismarck expanded his military. Some requests were handled.

Farma asked New Hampshire and Manitoba to annex. Olaf worked on his random event and Pen did a general nanite project. Cardnals joined as a Chinese province. Legless designed technology that would inadvertently kill his troops by radiation poisoning and fry all of his electronics. Random events were handled. Pen asked for RTA's, NAP's and embassies with Card.

Card handled relations, the stock market ended, and Omni designed impossible bullets. Glock sent submarines to Alabama. Pen asked several states to annex and Glock designed Smart Chaff. Bismarck, Forum and allied NPC's declared war on five nations at once. Bismarck threatened war on most of Mongolia and f3n negotiated transfer of technology with Bismarck. Bismarck and Card argued over Bismarck's expansion and Omni and Gnu argued over Omni's new military craft.

Pen yelled at Bismarck over the Technology Database and Pen reposted his annexation requests. Legless released his Omnomnom nanites and finished a military line. Pen again reposted his annexation requests.

Card restarted in Somalia and Wane stated intent to invade Omni. Card began projects for space travel, the military, the economy and fusion. He requested FTA's and started a classified project. Pen and Omni threatened each other and Olaf upped homeland security. Two states annexed to Pen and Bismarck argued with Card and Pen. Card tried to buy the Canary Islands and the Wane plot continued continuing.

Leg proposed that Wane make an artificial island on Earth and requested and MDP with Tunisia. Requests were handled and Pen regulated telecommunications agencies, claimed to be developed the best training among all players, and offered a one year tax break on new companies. Bismarck, Glock and Pen argued with each other. Some requests were handled and f3n hunted for the Vice President of Chile.



The arguing continued and Omni put more into his military. F3n and Bismarck claimed to be able to instantly teach anybody anything. Volcano worked on new armor and f3n finished several vague military projects, although invisibility and mass production of the instant learning units were involved.

Pages 51-100Edit

Pages 51-75Edit

Bismarck worked on his new acquisitions and reduced his military spending. F3n declared war on Guinea and f3n either announced or started a military project. The DAC made a probe that left the solar system. Legless instituted some new policies and f3n sent some equipment to Glock.

Bismarck discovered Volcano's planet and expanded asteroid mining. Farma provided free health care, public transit and welfare. Gnu worked on a navy and ports. Wane worked on miscellaneous things. Israel conquered Turkey, and Belakraine was upset. F3n sent tech to Bowswer and Djinn started in Germany.

Belakraine tried to influence Germany, and Djinn and Bismarck formed a treaty. Djinn worked on mitigating Belakrainian influence, and the situation with Belakraine and Israel continued. Israel gained the support of Cyprus and expressed hostile intent to Bismarck. Farma gave a massive list of requests to handle and Olaf solved his terrorism problem. Leg worked on cloning and made treaties with Djinn and NPC's.

Bowswer then started his war with Glock with a massive five post prologue and an even longer war post. Several players were impressed by the length of the war, but Glock was not. Pen released a new military line and Olaf requested some FTA's. Pen worked on EMP proofing and ballistics capable of destroying plasma shields. Legless worked on ice cream bombardment.


A clone warrior.

Glock counter Bowswer and Pen argued with him over his counter. Requests were handled and Farma made more requests for relations. Requests were handled again as the war continued. Omni worked on some form of armor and Volcano started projects for space colonization, space mining and orbital defense stations. F3n started colonization and cloning projects.

Bismarck removed spies from his nation and Bismarck's war on Guinea was auto-resolved. Volcano got micro-fusion and Gnu posted the start of several miscellaneous projects. Bismarck handled his new land as the war continued, including giving Forum some small lands for his contributions. F3n tried to sell some of his training units. Legless tried to hack into the Israeli stock system and Pen posted several new projects. Pen started several miscellaneous military projects.

Card posted small projects and Pen had war-games off of the coast of Alabama. Bismarck and f3n did general military updates as the Glock-Bowswer war raged on. Gnu requested treaties, did economic projects and worked on his navy. The Israeli plot continued and f3n finished several of his projects. He then worked on a project to improve his DeathSphere. Tunisia became Legless's protectorate, and he got a 40% RTA with the Czech Republic. Requests were handled.

Avalon worked on androids and Pen worked on surveillance programs and monitored the situation in California. Omni worked on deep-ground mining, plasma shielding and armor. Glock and Pen argued and Pen stopped his wargames off of Alabama. Card requested and MDP with Ethiopia, which was accepted. Gnu stated intent to annex South Carolina, Pen and Omni argued, and the arguing over the Mario Protocol continued.

Pages 76-100Edit

Bowswer worked on some form of warhead and Pen completed his Particle Cannon satellites. Gnu offered several treaties to NPC's and Pen began projects for satellites. E Chip responded to a lot of the arguing regarding the Mario Protocol. Bismarck announced the completion of satellite upgrades and Olaf requested Oregon and Idaho to annex.

Olaf went sasquatch hunting and f3n worked on gravity manipulation technology. Requests were handled and Farma asked for several countries to annex. Requests were handled, and the sasquatches attacked Olaf. Voting for the new President started. Olaf mobilized his forces and Bismarck did some uselessly vague military updates. F3n started a vague project and tried to establish factories in foreign lands.


How Olaf SHOULD have captured Bigfoot.

Requests were handled and Forum tried establishing relations with other Australian provinces. Pen asked Arkansas and Mississipi to annex and began preparing for war. Omni threatened war if Mississippi annexed and began preparing for it. Leg, however, hacked him and fed all of Omni's documents to another player. Requests were handled and Farma annexed Minnesota and Greenland as Pen annexed Arkansas and Mississippi. Gnu asked South Carolina to annex and began prepararing for a war against hostile Cuba.

Requests were handled and Farma started another NPC alliance. Pen followed up withh his own NPC alliance. Requests were handled. Bismarck then vowed to protect Omni from anything Pen might do to him. Gnu then declared war on Cuba. Olaf requested relations and relations were handled. A truce was issued with Cuba.

Olaf conquered two sasquatches and publicized their existence. F3n demanded the release of the sasquatches and prepared for a war over them. F3n ofered to help Gnu take Cuba. Olaf released the sasquatches. Pen prepared to defend Omni should Bismarck actually be trying to invade Alabama. Bismarck was furious at this for unclear reasons. Gnu accepted f3n's assistance against Cuba and Olaf and Glock squabbled over expansion.

Farma was suspended from moderation and Bismarck tried to make a colony of the Maldives. F3n worked on combat suits, tried to develop stealth technology, and asked for several foreign military bases. Bismarck released a new military line and worked on colonization. Legless won the next presidential election and Olaf exchanged some land for Bismarck's transport ship schematics. Legless then started a random event, and players dealt with it.

F3n finally attacked Cuba for Gnu and Gnu began his war on Cuba. Djinn returned. The Maldives turned to chaos and Pen sharply reacted at Bismarck for spying on him. Pen started several new projects, notably regarding stealth and counter-stealth. Volcano worked on orbital defense projects. F3n sold Pen some military training devices.

Legless reached a checkpoint on his shield project and f3n got military bases in California. Leg then attacked Pen, using weather control, anti-satellite missiles, bombing raids and electronic warfare. Pen retaliated and attacked Leg and Bismarck. (Although Bismarck had not yet posted his attack, he was clearly an aggressor with Leg.) Pen used his particle cannon and navy to attack Bismarck's navy. Missile strikes were ordered on Bismarck's aircraft and military base in Texas. Pen then had a small number of men attack Bismarck's men in the area. Bismarck then attacked himself, using various methods, and Pen used nuclear weapons.

Pages 101-150Edit

Pages 101-125Edit


The result of project DUCK.

The Israeli Empire improved their systems to counter a possible move by Belakraine. Pen restarted in Iran, and vaguely alluded to hidden motives for Bismarck's aggression. Pen requested various treaties and Gnu continued his war on Cuba. F3n asked Chile to annex and Djinn began project DUCK. Random events were handled and Leg asked Tunisia to annex and for furthered relations wiht the Czech Republic. Glock accused f3n of overpowering on his stealth project. Requests were handled and Pen and f3n called for a nerf on Legless's Atmosfear satellites.

Pen gave various economic posts and carried over all of his projects from his previous nation. More requests were made and f3n started a defense grid project. Glock and Pen argued over Pen's projects. Omni designed prototype plasma weaponry and Pen worked on some training programs. Wane began a HFPE project and embassiy requests were handled. Leg worked on spacecraft speed, nanite medicine, and gravity manipulation. F3n worked on establishing a space colony and f3n annexed Chile.

Glock and Wane were made tech managers. Farma started another massive NPC alliance. F3n worked on various infrastructure projects and declared war on Costa Rica. Bismarck revealed several military projects which amounted to, "create military stuff that is better than yours." F3n worked on asteroid mining and began imitating Bismarck. Olaf made several requests and requests were handled. F3n conquered Costa Rica and Pen worked on intelligence projects and more diplomacy. Wane announced the completion of various tech projects and tried to void some small technologies.

Olaf established a space colony and arguing ensued over Wane's proposed voids. Olaf annexed Idaho. F3n removed insurgents from Costa Rica. Volcano developed orbital drop pods and Pen declared war on Azerbaijan. Olaf offered to help Pen. Arguing over the position of tech manager began. The wars on Azerbaijan and Cuba were moderated. Cuba was finally conquered and Farma worked a highway.

Bismarck called for the removal of Glock as moderator, ceded Guinea to f3n under the condition that he would retain military bases, and began insane levels of space colonization. F3n invaded Venezuela, and Pen conquered Azerbaijan. F3n and Olaf argued about a transfer of technology deal and f3n conquered Venezuela. F3n worked on designing a substitute computer system in the event of a cyber-attack, EMP-proofing infrastructure, cyber warfare and rail guns. F3n finished various technologies. Leg removed the tech managers, reformed the system, and held votes for new managers due to complaints.


A space colony.

Pen worked on reforming Azerbaijan and prepared for war against Armenia. Pen asked for an alliance with Bismarck and Belakraine, to attack the Israeli Empire later. Wane quit Nation Creation. Volcano began colonizing his solar system and posted more details on it.

Pages 126-150Edit

Volcano worked on improved military vehicle deployment and Pen worked on cyber warfare. The Venezuelan war progressed. Technology arguments continued. F3n worked on infrastructure and Pen prepared for war agaisnt Armenia. Forum made several diplomatic requests of Australian states. Gnu worked on Tesla coils and infrastructure and f3n began kinetic bombardment against Spain, although it was voided.

F3n worked on radar and Glock posted counters to some of Bismarck's technology. Bismarck said that they would be ineffective, but declined to elaborate. F3n worked on solar energy, "tax reduction", and missile defense. The tech manager system was abolished entirely, and a new system to deal with overpowering was adopted. Bismarck and Volcano were picked as moderators. Arguing continued.

Pen annexed Armenia and Legless asked that Tunisia annex. Belakraine accepted co-operation with Pen. Legless increwased cyber warfare funding to two trillion annually and an appeals sytem was implemented. Pen then began conducting cyber attacks on Georgia. Pen, f3n and Bowswer announced a cyber warfare co-operation and requests were handled.

Bismarck expanded his colonization, and E Chip continued moderating the Mario Protocol. Olaf bought aircraft, Forum worked on expanding in Australia and Pen posted a war post against Georgia. An argument began over whether pi was an irrational number. Glock sent Olaf some small military technologies and f3n worked on invisible soldiers, fast computers, ballistic missiles and radar. F3n started a few projects. Venezuela was conquered and Pen built military bases in Panama. F3n announced personal shielding and Forum declared war on parts of Australia, with support fom f3n and supposedly from Legless and Bismarck. F3n fired massive kinetic bombardment missiles at both Sydney and Melbourne.


One of the failed naval craft.

Volcano began various space projects. Gnu worked on tesla weaponry and enlarging his navy. He then made a massive NPC alliance. Bismarck either started or renamed several projects. (He refused to identify which were renamed and which were started.) However, he did give the description for all of them. Farma worked on a space station and Hunter Wumbo restarted in Pennsylvania.

Farma made another large diplomatic request and requests were handled. Wumbo worked on space and biowarfare. F3n worked on chemical warfare, new military equipment and genetic modifications. F3n threatened to destroy Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay unless they annexed, but they did not annex. F3n sent special operations forcs to asassinate the Bolivian president. F3n went into negotiations with Belakraine and Forum reposted his war against the two Australian states.

Bismarck began moderating the war, and somehow had the two Australian lands control about six million soldiers. Legless began an operation, which involved hacking and stealing money from f3n, to establish anti-Israeli groups in Israel. F3n was highly critical of the operation and Israel tried to stop the plan, but could no nothing effective. Pen moderated Leg's hacking on f3n.

Pen revealed some cyber-warfare defenses. Bismarck accused Pen of bias in his moderation of the hacking, claiming that it was done to advanced his own nation, but not providing any examples. Bismarck complained about Pen acting like he is always right and bragging about it. (Oh, the irony.) Pen called Bismarck on his baseless accusations. F3n again argued that Leg's hacking attempt should have failed, but his claims were nonsense. Forum then continued his war against Australia.

Pages 151-195Edit

Pages 151-175Edit

Legless did some random events and began to shut down f3n's internet. Bismarck said that the earlier six million soldiers were a complicated bluff. Pen worked on cyber defense. F3n countered Legless's cyber-attack and Pen worked on special operatives. Forum and Wumbo argued about creative writing. Omni worked on cloning and biological warfare. Bismarck threatened war on the Maldives and Legless quit under mysterious circumstances.


What f3n's elite project mass-produced.

Pen worked on operations against Israel. Olaf fed sasquatches and Bismarck annexed Maldives under nonsensical circumstances. Bismarck declared his superiority again and worked on his navy. Olaf declared war on Alberta. Bismarck announced bigger bullets and f3n worked on a lunar base and "elite" stuff. F3n tried to create political pressure for Brazil to annex to him and Pen declared war on Georgia. Pen worked on weapons of mass destruction as Omni worked on nanites and a mechanical suit.

Omni made NAP and FTA requests, which were accepted. Both Olaf and Pen won their wars with considerable casualties and Olaf worked on rebuilding. Pen and Forum began rebuilding and Pen built another fleet. Olaf requested to be a second world and f3n changed the name of his country and worked on highly advanced radar. Farma declared war on Bermuda and claimed a planet, and Pen prepared for another war. Olaf worked on his space military and Farma conquered Bermuda.

Farma worked even more intensely than normal on infrastructure and Pen began work on a space program. Pen released some incoherent new weapon and Farma made eight different NAP and RTA requests. Forum got fusion power and an FTA with Farma. F3n upgraded his infrastructure, defense and cyber-defense capabilities. F3n began hacking other Brazilian states and Pen stated intent to colonize Venus and Mercury. Pen prepared for a war on Israel and Olaf made some small diplomatic requests.

Bismarck boasted about himself again and goaded Israel into a war. Israel dismissed him and attacked Belakraine and prepared for war with Bismarck. Olaf worked on glassing and his space military. Omni attacked Tennesse and Scorched imposed new restrictions on player versus player wars. Bismarck half-blockaded himself and Omni worked on space fighters. Olaf declared war on Israel and attacked their capitol from space. Olaf then lost his capitol ship. Israel then reacted to Bismarck's reaction to Israel and bombarded some of Bismarck's military bases.


A submarine.

Bismarck then declared war on Israel. Forum worked on missile defense. Pen joined the war and Omni worked on cyber warfare. Legless returned and worked on cloning, ice cream bombardment and improved plasma shielding. However, his earlier actions regarding Israel were voided. Pen requested to co-operate with Legless on cyber-warfare, and Legless worked on electronic warfare. Pen continued work on his space projects. F3n upgraded his defensive network and made deep-sea submarines. Olaf and f3n argued over nothing.

F3n did more work on his defensive networks and the Israeli War continued. Pen requested NAP's and requests were handled after Scorched gave a brief lecture on DDoS defense. F3n finished a cloning project as well as the ability to download a mind. Pen started some mysterious project and placed sanctions on Omni for his war with Tennessee.

Omni cancelled his war and sanctions were listed. Olaf and Farma made some diplomatic requests, some of which were accepted. F3n worked on light-based satellites and weather control satellites. Forum was made a moderator and f3n uploaded his leader into a computer. He then worked on mind-controlling his citizens and his war with Brazil was finally moderated. F3n prepared to use WMD's on Brazil and Pen announced clones and droids. Leg offered to buy f3n's DNA computing technology.

Pages 176-195Edit

Mars3 682 423047a

One of Pen's scouts on Mars.

Pen announced the completion of some military droids and Leg executed some covert operation against Omni. Pen finished colonies on Mars and Venus. The Israeli War continued and f3n built a rail gun on his moon base. Leg's DNA computing purchase request was accepted and f3n began to clone androids. Pen began orbital bombardment and Farma declared war on the Faroe Islands. Volcano quit NC for unexplained reasons and Bismarck reinforced his troops in Israel.

Farma conquered the Faroe Islands, albeit with heavy casualties. Olaf began gold mining and Pen released a new military lien and continued working on colonies. Legless claimed to have taken over Omni's nation and Leg made a few diplomatic requests. The Israeli War continued and Legless started work on spiked gloves, THEL satellites and a magic expanding substance that was later voided.

Requests were handled and Legless expanded his colonies on Saturn. Pen requested a 60% RTA with Afghanistan. F3n continued his Brazilian War and Farma made several diplomatic requests, including threatening Iceland. Half of the Brazilian states surrendered to f3n. Requests were handled and f3n conquered the rest of Brazil. F3n then instantly annexed five other South American countries. F3n began brainwashing his new citizens.

Forum handled diplomacy with the rest of Australia and requests were handled. F3n declared war on Israel and Leg begin mining silicate. F3n worked on some genetic modification project and Pen worked on a space elevator. Pen renamed his country and Forum sent some of his special operatives into the war against Israel. The Israeli War was moderated and Royal Mythos joined as Sri Lanka.


The time for Olaf and Farma's merge.

Luim popped back in and Olaf sent more ships to Israel. Leg began kinetic bombardment and hacking against Israel. Bismarck did several things and Luim rejoined as Nigeria. Forum began cybernetics and genetic modification and Margerald stated intent to return. Forum made an annexation request to South Australia and player mergers were reintroduced. Olaf and Farma merged for all of 26 minutes and requests were handled.

Farma declared war on the Shetlands and they surrendered. Bismarck posted some completed projects. Margerald rejoined as Uzbekistan and did his usual projects. Legless made diplomatic requests and requests were handled. Legless annexed three states out of the blue and Farma requested an RTA with Norway. Craazyy then joined as Norway. The Israeli War continued. F3n and Crazyy began miscellaneous projects and Pen and f3n argued about cloning droids. The thread then ended.

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