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This article contains a summary of the events during NC37, with context explained, as well as details that were not listen on the thread. This article is being created for future reference.

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F3nr3l began several projects or posted his project list. It is impossible to discern what his post was supposed to be. Hunter began projects for a space military and f3n tried to get permission to colonize the moon. Margerald announced the completion of a military line. Bowswer joined the attack on France and Olaf and Margerald cooperated on fusion. Bowswer annexed Monaco. F3n started a vague project and Olaf and Margerald invited NPC’s to assist on fusion.

Farma asked Maine and New Brunswick to become his protectorates and Farma increased education funding. Hunter discovered that fuzzles was Olaf. Volcano proposed an alliance to his neighbors. Only one joined. The DAC and Margerald-Olaf began arguing again and Farma requested to build an embassy in Hunter’s and Bismarck’s countries. Olaf and Bismarck negotiated over the Falklands and Volcano spied on the nation that declined his alliance request.


A nanotube.

Volcano began “Project Touchdown” and the arguing continued. dFexz and Hunter formed an RTA, Bismarck negotiated expansion paths, and the arguing continued. Bismarck assisted Hunter on his space project. Bismarck began a Chinese War plot and f3n started a carbon nanotube project. Bowser unleashes a barrage of new short-term projects and f3n announced the Nation Creation Olympics.

Legless announced military vessels and the Israeli Plot continued. Pen, being Iran, plotted to gain his independence from Israel. Pen bought shielding technology from Olaf and nations pledged their support to Pen. Arguing began. The Omni1 joined as Alabama and Farma annexed Maine. The Nation Creation Olympics sign-ups formally began.

Wumbo annexed the Republic of the Congo, despite the obvious lack of relations. Farma again proposed to merge the North American states. Bismarck sought to bring Omni and Farma closer to the DAC. An argument began over Bismarck planning to expand to Brazil, although it could not be ascertained that he was serious. He also worked on militarizing the Falklands. Farma made factories and dFex and Wumbo formed an alliance. Volcano amended the rules.

Claiming of Antarctica began and Rpvictor returned. Bowswer asked Morocco to annex and Volcano worked on orbital drop pods. Bowswer and Rpvictor got into an argument over Bowswer’s behavior. Bismarck announced a new aircraft and Bowswer proposed a GDP nerf. Olaf tried to increase population density in remote areas. F3n worked on undersea resource extraction

Rpvictor asked a friendly superpower to begin a space project and Cults began surfacing in f3n’s nation. F3n requested a void on the Mars project, but it was not given. Bowswer and Rpvictor continued arguing. A Chinese Civil War began and Volcano worked on infrastructure and housing. Olaf got an RTA with Washington, Bismarck requested that South Korea become his protectorate, and incentives were added to the war moderation system.

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The needle of the socialists!

Farma offered an RTA and legalized the death penalty. Bismarck announced expansion to unclaimed islands and tried to buy some. Ecuador annexed to f3n and Farma created socialized medicine. Farma asked New Brunswick to annex and proposed an RTA and embassy with Bismarck. F3n requested a massive amount of relations with Peru and Farma finally claimed New Brunswick. Some of the treaties with Peru were accepted.

Pen's moves against Israel were narrated and Bismarck began creating so many communications satellite that multiple satellites would have to be downed before there could be damage to communications system. Hunter annexed Quebec. Bismarck announced his Scinfaxi and Olaf worked on his own. The French War was moderated. Bismarck released statistics on a tank and Wumbo started an infrastructure project.

Farma asked a province to join the SCTO, but they declined. Hunter requested several nations to join the African Union. Farma offered several NAP's and RTA's and tried to start a New England alliance. He also asked Prince Edward Island to become his protectorate. Requests were then handled.

Prince Edward Island became Farma's protectorate and fifteen nations joined Wumbo's union after Wumbo accused Volcano of laziness. Margerald proposed several alliances, some of which were accepted, and Bismarck asked South Korea to become his protectorate. Farma asked for an RTA with F3n and Rpvictor posted some details of his space project, which included satellites and a lunar landing.

Bismarck and South Korea created an alliance and the French War continued. Requests were handled and Pen's war was also moderated. Farma asked Prince Edward Island to annex and dFexz requested an MDP with Algeria and Tunisia. He also proposed that the African Union unify their currency. F3n worked on water purification, the war continued, and the currency union was accepted. F3n worked on plasma technology.

Hunter worked on plasma technology and Legless revealed military vehicles. It was proposed that the DAC cooperate on the plasma project and Hunter tried to buy Legless's shielding. Hunter eventually retracted the offer due to cost. Farma requested several more RTA's. Hunter worked more on his special forces and requests were handled. Pen asked to be recognized as the ruler of Iran as his war finished and Volcano nerfed Legless's military. The French War finally ended and the land was divided. Farma annexed Pricne Eward Island and Bismarck announced a new metal that was superior to steel. F3n requested an MDP with Peru.


An icebreaker.

Bowswer and Margerald got into an argument. Margerald researched an icebreaker and Scorched tried to get a coalition to work on plotlines. Leg began rebuilding from the war and asked some lands for a RTA. Pen continued his struggle for independence and Legless announced the creation of weather control satellites. dFexz made several diplomatic requests and requests were handled. Ninja asked Manitoba to annex and Bismarck announced new military specifications. People sent aid to Pen, including biological weaponry. F3n requested and received an alliance with Argentina, with which he had no further relations.

Legless worked on the colonization of Mars and Bismarck explored Jupiter and began the Smart Rocks project. Bismarck worked on a missile system and Pen continued his struggle for independence. Rpvictor began clearing the wilderness to the south of his nation and f3n worked on robotics. Rpvictor started EMP and combat armor projects. Bismarck, captivated by being “the best”, giddily announced that his nation was better than Margerald’s, and that he was a better person that Margerald. He later remarked that Margerald’s arrogance would prove to be a tragic flaw.

Bismarck began making artificial islands, improving infrastructure and building a train to North Korea. France was formally divided and Legless started various colonization projects. Requests were made and handled and Volcano revealed some small arms. Rpvictor started a project for protection against EMP’s.

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Legless proclaimed the virtues of specializing in multiple fields. Bowswer either began or continued projects, although it cannot be discerned which he did. Rpvictor increased military funding and began a project for defensive structures. Bismarck began an operation and Pen’s war continued. Rpvictor began a DNA computing project and a satellite project. The situation in Israel also continued to degrade as Bismarck joined the fray for no apparent reason.


The rage is too damn high!

Rpvictor negotiated relations with neighboring countries and worked on training. Wumbo asked the thread to stop beating on Margerald, and Bowswer was outraged, calling the actions simple debate. Legless asked Switzerland to become his protectorate. Rpvictor sent a man into space and Volcano’s earlier spying operations finally got intelligence. Wane asked some nations to annex and Legless completed hundreds of thousands of invisibility suits.

One of the nations annexed to Wane, and Wane began a proxy war on the other. Wane began restoring the nation that he annexed and Israel began to restructure itself due to damages incurred during the war. Rpvictor worked on rail guns and Farma asked more lands to annex as Bismarck continued his war.

Farma declared war on Vermont and volcano followed up on the intelligence he received. Miscellaneous wars continued and Bismarck worked on cyber-warfare defense, mapping solar systems and establishing a space station. Legless tries to colonize Saturn.

Rpvictor began a medical project and Bismarck announced the completion of naval bases. Legless worked on fusion and a bomb and war moderation continued. Rpvictor began educational improvements. Bismarck complained about Margerald’s war moderation and f3n worked on a super carrier. F3n asked Peru and Argentina for relations and request were handled.

Volcano announced new body armor and requests were handled. F3n asked Chile to annex and wars continued, as Olaf attacked Oman for no apparent reason. Margerald quit and restarted as Germany, who requested several relations and started basic projects. He asked for an alliance with several nations. Bismarck worked on genetics, biological warfare, Tesla’s Death Ray and other projects. Leg requested several relations and began a digging project. The wars also continued.

Iraq became Pen’s protectorate and requests were handled. Pen announced several projects including but not limited to nanotechnology, mind control, androids and a military line. Dragon worked on infrastructure, subsidizing businesses and requesting relations. Wane worked on sonic warfare.

Plasma Shield BAMF

Set shields on!

Pen continued his socialism and pumped money into the military, education and hygiene. Legless improved his shields and got into an argument with Pen about weather control. Margerald worked on his military and offered to improve infrastructure in the Netherlands. Rpvictor began working on artificial intelligence and Margerald, Legless and Pen got into another argument.

F3n worked on weather control and wars in the Middle East continued. F3n asked Chile to annex and Argentina to become his protectorate, but both declined. Farma made several RTA requests and one annexation request. The RTA’s were accepted, but the annexation was declined. Bismarck completed a large droid with radar and started several military projects. F3n started on battle walkers and began a project that would enable him to electrocute planes. He also began a project for a very large airplane. The wars continued and Volcano accused Bismarck of overpowering.

Bismarck complained about Margerald’s narration of Farma’s war and Bismarck started two HFPE projects. He also started an FTL project and some general military projects. Wars continued. Dragon launched several projects including railguns, plasma and stealth suits and Dragon and Leg made requests. Legless also finished a tunnel network. One war ended, Pen continued dabbling in socialism and requests were handled.

Rpvictor worked on chemical weaponry and Bismarck began sending massive amounts of money to Dragon. Requests were made and Pen tried to join the DAC. dFexz worked on projects and Legless promises to cooperate on Dragon with one of his projects. Legless worked on a ridiculous bomb that would fuse all matter within a ten mile radius.

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Wane questioned some technology and Gala worked on his military. Dragon worked on cyber warfare and Wane released combat suits. Farma handled requests and Legless made requests and tried to buy Smart Rocks for his weather control units. Requests were handled.


The result of a nuke.

Farma worked on infrastructure and Bismarck annexed South Korea. Margerald and Legless argued over expansion, and Bismarck interfered. Volcano questioned Dragon’s technology and Bismarck made several requests. F3n started several economic projects and researched nuclear weapons. Requests were handled and the Middle East wars continued.

Rpvictor completed a space station. Olaf and f3n started roleplaying, and Margerald argued over what they were doing in character. The war hit a ceasefire and requests were handled. Pen and Bismarck improved their militaries and more requests were handled. The ceasefire became permanent and requests were made and handled.

Volcano annexed a small land and Livelong joined in the Bahamas. F3n worked on improving his military and several unknown projects. Legless asked Switzerland to annex, but they declined. Bismarck worked on a ludicrous hydrocarbon energy project. Legless asked lands to annex and bought Smart Rocks. Requests were handled.

Legless declared war on Serbia, which Pen modded. Glock argued with Pen over how Pen moderated the war. F3n began vague projects and annexed Argentina. Olaf got an MDP and FTA with Washington. Bowswer began military projects and Bowswer worked on expansion. Farma requested several treaties and f3n and Bismarck got into an argument.

Requests were made and handled, wars continued and Britishmoney joined as Norway. Margerald restarted as Australia and launched his usual starting project package. The War of Bahrain ended and the Belakraine Republic raised its power. Legless reached Uranus and made several requests for relations. Dragon began laser and plasma projects as well as some basic economic projects.

Farma invited nations to have power over his infrastructure. Bismarck and f3n got into an argument and Legless made several requests for relations. Legless annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moderation began on an earlier war of Legless's, Bowswer worked on his military and requests were handled.

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A military base.

F3nr3l requested several military bases in foreign countries and Olaf asked Washington to become his protectorate. Requests were handled. Olaf asked for relations with Alaska and Margerald asked for relations with several Australian nations. Legless requested NAP's and requests were handled. Belakraine began rising in power.

Some minor changes were made to NC policy. Legless drilled more tunnels and Bismarck upgraded previous technology. Olaf was set to annex Washington and Bismarck tried to make parts of Siberia into a satellite state. Requests were handled and Legless asked for further diplomatic relations. F3n tried to make a trade relation with Venezuela and Chile and requested other relations. F3n also ranted about singing poptart kittens.

Farma requested more relations and Olaf split Washington into pieces. Requests were handled. Bismarck and Legless requested more relations, relations were handled and wars continued. Margerald and Legless requested more relations. Requests were handled.

F3n worked on miscellaneous projects involving psychic computers, spaceships and supersonic sound technology. (In contrast to supersonic penguin technology.) Leg announced plans to begin terraforming and lost the game. The war continued and Belakraine increased in power. Legless annexed Austria and Luxembourg and Farma made several requests. Requests were handled. Leg began a spy operation.

Omni bought a small number of rifles and Farma requested several treaties and f3n tried to begin yet another DAC space project. Dyer joined as a Troll and Wane posted a general project update. Farma worked on nuclear plant construction. He also asked Ontario for more treaties and Omni joined the United Nations. Farma asked Northern Ontario to annex.

Requests were handled and Bismarck started that one of his WMD's had finished testing. Olaf declared war on Alaska. Volcano proposed several annexations, all but one of which was accepted. F3n finished a spy project, the wars continued, Volcano submitted military statistics and began an invasion. Legless worked on a space military. Farma worked on his navy.


This means war!

Legless submitted several military specifications and became the Nation Creation President. Bismarck began a HFPE project and the wars continued. Olaf started several military projects and arguing continued.

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Omni and Legless argued over technology and Farma worked on infrasrtructure and disaster relief. Farma began a mega-NPC-alliance. Olaf tried to show that Alaska was committing war crimes. Bismarck released military specifications and Olaf worked on nuclear weapons. Olaf continued his war on Alaska with Bismarck's blessing. Farma requested treaties and instituted a curfew. Wane researched spectroscopy. F3n scouted planets.

Bismarck made trade satellites. F3n offered to fund some of Bismarck's planetary colonization in exchange for the techology to do it and requests were handled. Farma started some Olympics. Bismarck set up a plan to make Siberia part of the Imperial Realm and attacked North Korea. Forum Lord joined as Western Australia and started some economic projects. Legless colonzied Saturn's moons and proposed treaties with Forum. Legless, then President of Nation Creation, made minor rule changes.

Bismarck joined the Alaskan War, even though he was moderating it. Treaties were offered to Forum, Wars continued, and Farma posted several treaties. The North Korean War ended. More treaties were made and handled, and Forum adjusted his project funding. F3n worked on EMP's, sonic warfare and Tesla's Death Ray. Wane began a vague project. F3n tried to make Somalia his protectorate.

F3n tried to assassinate Chile's president and Bismarck turned his nation into a dictatorship. Forum developed his special forces. The Alaska War finally ended and a plot began for the Cold War between Belakraine and Israel. Olaf tortured the president of Alaska. Bismarck revealed the Galahad missile, a missile with a hafnium payloaad that was launched into orbit before it hit its target.

F3n continued planning the assassination and the Israel and Belakraine situation heated up. Bismarck and Forum improved relations, and Bismarck worked on increasing attractions with his satellite states and gained control over much of China. The plot also continued. Omni and Farma formed an alliance. F3n's assassination technique suceeded and Bismarck began reforms in China. Leg worked on nanites.

Colonization of titan

A space colony.

Bismarck encouraged colonization of other planets and finished projects for colonization, industrialization and information. F3n began projects for rail guns, cloaking, a space station on Neptune, and a "protection grid." Pen Par returned as Germany and asked for several RTA's. He also subsidized several businesses. Olaf and Pen handled relations.

Bowswer returned from inactivity and handled requests. Farma also proposed treaties with Pen. Bowser started military projects. Margerald returned as New York and began his usual starting package. Requests were handled. Wane started projects for genetic merges, particle cannons and space-orienting his nation. Omni requested MDP's with several nations. Legless asked Tunisia for an RTA. Wane finished projects for sonic warfare and specialized bullets.

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Bismarck worked on extraterrestrial colonies, government influence over banks and government influence over real estate. Bowswer requested relations with Britain and Ireland. China began to calm itself under Bismarck's reign and Forum designed fusion. Volcano began extraterrestrial colonization. Forum and Omni posted tech trees. Omni requested relations with f3n's country. Omni and Forum requested relations and relations were handled.

Bismarck increased relations with the Philippines and tried to make a protectorate of Micronesia. Requests were handled. Pen restarted as Texas. Omni requested MDP's with six states. Wane's nation made contact with other nations. Legelss requested more realtions with Tunisia and tried to improve the speed of his spacecraft. Legless posted some military guns.

473px-Forerunner Armor2

Some combat armor. Is not representative of Volcano's armor.

Farma did more infrastructural projects and proposed an incredible number of treaties and Bismarck asked the Philippines to become a member of his Imperial Realm. Olaf requested treaties and Bismarck got into more conflicts with superpowers. Volcano designed new armor and Omni requested tons of treaties.

Rache Glock joined as California and did a mind-boggling amount of projects. Legless osted more weapons and Glock started even more projects. Forum adjusted his education system. Requests were handled and Glock and Margerald allied. Glock worked on his military and did even more projects. Olaf reposted a request and requests were handled. Wane started EMP resistance.

Pen requested relations with almost everybody and requests handled. Wane finished his FTL. Wane updated his combat suit. Pen began a propaganda campaign on his own population and massive amounts of subsidies. Pen reduced his arm forces. Wane was formally discovered and Omni worked on nuclear weapons.

Glock harassed Omni and Wane discovered a new mineral. F3n worked on mind control, new combat suits, hadron particle cannons, resonance based weaponry, uranium bombs, and the download and upload of the human spirit. Glock and Bismarck negotiated weapons deals. Farma began double citizenship. F3n worked on terraformation and shielding. Bowswer invaded Africa and worked on his military line.

Omni released a gun and Legless requested a higher RTA with Tunisia. Glock worked on combat suits. Bowswer accused Glock of overpowering and Glock subsequently went into a very long post denouncing the accusation. Bwswer and Glock then agreed to start a war in eight in-game years. Pen restarted as Mexico and Glock bought more military equipment. Mexico un-restarted and returned to Texas.

Pen sought relations with Texas. Requests were handled and Bismarck handled an insurrection. Bismarck ccused Glock of overpowering and Olaf worked on a nuclear submarine. Legless worked on electronic warfare and requested more relations with Tunisia. Glock argued against it and requests were handled. Legless worked on cloning. Glock made HFPE projects.

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Bowswer's African War ended, and Omni started a project for combat armor. Farma requested several relations. Scorched begon a "stock market" concept and Olaf requested relations with North American states. Requests were handled. Bismarck began making massive military caches and began construction of combat suits, ships and spacecraft. Olaf finished his nuclear submarines.

Alabaman "Shell" Powered Exoskeleton v1 in action.

Requests were handled and Bismarck finished brainwashing his population and began more interference with his Imperial Realm. Pen made a massive amount of relations with other nations. Glock proposed FTA's with various areas and various plots continued. Pen and Bismarck built military abses in each other's lands. F3n began miscellaneous projects. F3n and Bismarck cooperated on a project.

Bismarck began designs for a Hadron Cannon and gave a defensive suite to his missiles. Legless tried to cooperate with Bismarck on FTL and started a pyrotechnics project. Bismarck started the HFPE Tristan project. Treaties were handled and plots continued. Bismarck proposed that several nations attend a meeting of his.

Pen built railroads and requested RTA's. Requests were handled. F3n unleashed computers controlled via mind and Glock made new guns and bullets. Forum increased his population. Bismarck made more submarines and stock transactions occurred, closing the thread.