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This article contains a summary of the events during NC36, with context explained, as well as details that were not listen on the thread. This article is being created for future reference.

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The thread began, as every new restart does, with the creation of new countries and projects. F3nr3l joined as Colombia, Olaf joined as British Colombia, Margerald joined as the Moscow Oblast, Bowswer joined as Spain and Farma joined as Quebec. F3nr3l began developing their primary sector to fund industrialization later. Olaf, meanwhile, subsidized his primary sector and then seized all of their profits to finance industrialization and education efforts. Margerald made projects for surveillance and combat satellites, infrastructure, cyber warfare, industrialization, development of the primary sector and establishing defenses for Moscow.


A drug-runner's ship.

Margerald then began to intervene in other players’ applications. He gave a starting problem, drug smuggling, for Bowswer and questioned whether a starting problem for another player was realistic. Although Margerald later claimed that he was not assigning a problem to Bowswer but suggesting one, he and Bowswer got into an argument over the matter.

Farma then proposed an NAP with Olaf, who accepted immediately, and f3n. Farma then began to stockpile food due to a famine in Quebec. Howdia joined in the United Kingdom, and Margerald had him downsize to the actual island of Britain, in accordance with the rules. Margerald and Howdia then signed an NAP and 15% RTA.

123 then joined as California, followed by Rpvictor as the fictional land of Elemon, Bismarck as Japan and Dragon as South Africa. Dragon began projects to expand diamond mines, attack corruption, expand food supplies, expand infrastructure and industrialize. Bismarck began projects to increase his population and improve his infrastructure.

Legless then joined as Italy and began a project for infrastructure and a project for “The Mole.” Dragon, Legless and Bismarck then formed an alliance known as the D.A.C. Pen Par joined as Shandong province in China and Aicy joined as Germany. Luimnigh tried to join as Germany shortly after, but upon discovering that it was taken, he quit. Pen created projects to establish farms and factories, encourage foreign investment and expand infrastructure. He also created a boss alliance with Bismarck.

Italy developed police cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and Volcano joined on the planet Alixasion. Volcano worked on fuel efficiency, a space elevator and improving the industrial sector. California offered several RTA’s, expanded the police, taxed drugs and tried to negotiate with Arizona for use of the Hoover Dam. Galaman proceeded to join as Kenya, who offered RTA’s, tried to reduce AIDS mortality rates and subsidizing business. Aicy offered RTA’s to all of his neighbors and subsidized business while the terms of the D.A.C. were finalized.


A desalination plant.

123 expanded infrastructure, subsidized business and made a desalination plant. All of the previous RTA requests to non-players were accepted. Aicy worked on infrastructure as f3n established embassies and an RTA with Panama, asked gang members to surrender, increased police funding, expanded infrastructure, cut taxes on business and raised the income tax to pay for a health care entitlement. 123 then created solar panels as Howdia expanded the police, sought an NAP and RTA with Ireland and gave grants to government-friendly media outlets.

F3n made more military bases and increased border patrols while launching a sting operation against drug smugglers. Dragon developed tanks and 123 made a shipyard. Farma then offered Maine and NAP and asked Maine and New Brunswick to become protectorates. Howdia expanded jails and increased police training. F3n research fusion, constructed more ports and asked Panama for a military base and an NAP. Pen began work on expanding the military. Aicy researched chemicals to induce crop growth and tried to improve general foreign relations. Farma worked on irrigation and f3n went on an advertising campaign for his government, requested RTA’s and formed a one-party system. Meanwhile 123, planned to launch a satellite.

Farma built a naval base, Olaf asked for an NAP and f3n and an argument began regarding Margerald’s expansion rate. Aicy and Gala then formed an MDP. Margerald asked for an NAP and RTA with Aicy, which were accepted. Several treaties with NPC’s were then accepted, but no annexation or protectorate request was accepted.

F3n expanded the police, 123 began coastal patrols and the two of them cooperated on their drug problem. Pen asked several provinces to annex, and all of them declined. F3n also made a declined annexation request, but his request was to Panama. Margerald fought smugglers and Wane joined on the planet Sanghelios. Wane was made a temporary moderator.

Aicy made a government news service and Olaf, Aicy and 123 worked on their national problems. Wane then established a large number of miscellaneous projects and an NPC asked Wane to annex under ridiculous conditions. Wane asked for foreign support in case the NPC turned violent. Britain’s Nap and RTA with Ireland were finally confirmed.


The real reason Bismarck wanted Hawaii.

Bismarck asked several lands to become his protectorate and 123 asked Hawaii to become his protectorate while improving education. The protectorate requests were declined. Howdia began several miscellaneous projects and f3n worked on education and water purification. Bismarck also began educational reform and natural disaster response.

Margerald then declared war on two Russian provinces and increased relations with other provinces. Bowswer began several diplomatic, economic and military projects, and f3n began a number of projects with no formal description. Margerald improved education.

Meanwhile, an argument over Margerald’s tank purchases and economic strength began. Wane’s RTA requests were approved, Margerald’s RTA’s were approved, and Bowswer’s NAP’s were approved. Margerald’s war then ended, as Scorched gave him the provinces he was fighting against, as well as two other ones.

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Scorched introduced a new rule. Namely, players could pick the country from which they received their starting technology. Several players promptly switched from United States technology to that of other nations.

Meanwhile, Bismarck encouraged Pen to start elsewhere and Margerald sought a 25% RTA and MDP with Bismarck. Bismarck quickly agreed to the proposal, which was followed by a brief controversy with Volcano. Volcano wanted to start in a different galaxy, but eventually switched to a different solar system. Volcano accepted this, albeit with some difficulty.

Margerald then objected to Legless’s economic data, which was seconded by Aicy. Galaman sought NAP’s with his four neighbors, sought some basic airplanes, and tried to buy an AIDS vaccine. Pen Par, seeing as he was in Bismarck’s expansion path, decided to restart as India. He asked seven provinces to become his protectorates. India also began corporate raiding and creating government-owned businesses.

Volcano continued his projects from his former nation. Pen Par began the secretive Kinshra project and began working on a military line. Meanwhile, 123 questioned how Legless could afford to pay for public services due to his extremely high savings rate.

Plane zombrha by spinfox

An aircraft.

Volcano began business subsidies and Galaman and Aicy began cooperation on aircraft designs. The thread was temporarily thrown into panic over GDP and savings rate. Legless and 123 were the most confused. Pen Par began constructing more schools and subsidizing families.

Legless and Pen then tried to have incredibly high government savings rate, which was what started the entire GDP panic. Pen sought an undefined treaty with Bowswer and Bismarck and Olaf began developing his military. Legless then began developing his underground warfare capabilities. Fen wanted a 10% RTA with Bismarck, and Howdia tried to get and MDP with Ireland.

Olaf continued his practice of subsidizing businesses with the money he taxed from them, and f3n asked Panama, Papua New Guinea, and Bismarck’s nation of Avalon to participate in war games.

Pen offered to send Howdia some advisors to assist him with his starting problem of high crime rates. Howdia accepted the offer. F3n reduced taxes on businesses and tried to purchase advertising time in the Israeli Empire and Howdia’s nation. F3n also repeated Rpvictor’s earlier statement on Bowswer’s national problem.

Rpvictor then ordered Pen to reduce his population from 200 million to 100 million, declined all of the requests for protectorates, had Legless extend the time on his underground warfare, said that savings could be only 10% or less, had Ireland decline the MDP with Howdia and had Panama decline the war games with f3n. Pen was quiet upset by the lowering of his population, and both Pen and Legless were angry about the savings cap.

Wane, not aware that f3n had been repeating Rpvictor two paragraphs ago, assumed that f3n had assigned Bowswer his national problem, and went after f3n as a result. The miscommunication was eventually resolved. Margerald then launched kinetic and spy satellites, but Wane had him extend the project time. Scorched then assigned Legless his population and GDP. Margerald protested Wane’s decision, but f3n told him not to do so.


A satellite.

Bismarck then reduced his corporate tax, asked Hong Kong and Taiwan to become his protectorates, and began work on electronic warfare and his navy. Wane encouraged everybody to slow down as Margerald agreed to extend the project time on his satellites. Bismarck then accepted the “E2” alliance. F3n developed hydroelectric dams and subsidized farmers.

Luimnigh then rejoined as a nation based on My Little Pony. Bowswer then requested a 35% RTA with Portugal and Morocco, fought his national problem of wildfires and worked on his military, especially cyber warfare. Rpvictor then posted, defending his previous moderations and having Luimnigh decrease his population and declining Bismarck’s protectorate offers. Farma developed a pesticide.

Rpvictor then did something with his nation, lowering income tax, making power plants and factories, and doing some modest military work. Bismarck requested “further relations” with several countries and worked more fully on a military line. Margerald contemplated restarting and Olaf began a pesticide welfare program. 123 worked on a shipyard and Bismarck requested foreign military bases.

F3nr3l began two undefined projects and asked Panama for war games again. Rpvictor had Panama declined and shifted his construction work to the private sector. Rpvictor had Bismarck reduce his population and had one place accept his military base. Bismarck protested what he perceived to be a decision to make all NPC’s hostile. Aicy also developed a pesticide and considered restarting.

Legless protested the nerfs to his economy as Bismarck advised Margerald to relocate. Sithlord Man joined as the New Eastern Republics, based in Virginia. Margerald advised Aicy against restarting and asked for relations with Liechenstein. Pen left the game in a fit of rage and Luimnigh worked on teleportation and shielding spells. Luimnigh and Margerald proceeded to argue about My Little Pony.

Lilninjabro6 joined as Ontario, Canada and Margerald advised him to lower his government income and spending. DragonDemon then unveiled a massive post, which included proposals for Bismarck, Legless and him to cooperate on space, treaties with Zimbabwe, business subsidies, vague projects, a heat-based super-weapon and a tank-like weapon.


One of Gala's hospitals.

Galaman funded efforts against poaching and hospitals. Meanwhile, Wane began working on infrastructure, securing his borders and capitalism. Dfex then joined as Libya. Aicy subsidized businesses and Margerald’s earlier treaties with Liechenstein got partially accepted. Margerald argued with Wane over it being only partly accepted. Rpvictor adjusted Ninja’s GDP and had Zimbabwe accept the earlier treaties. Margerald requested to restart with all of his progress, but he was not allowed to do so. Wane provided details about his planet and Olaf attacked the Yukon, which Margerald moderated as a minor success.

Bismarck raised corporate rage, regulated business and began looking for supplies of oil and natural gas. Bismarck also tried to get protectorates. Scorched’s modifications to Legless’s GDP was overruled and the Yukon War continued. Bismarck began the HFPE projects Steel and Blood of the Father. Bismarck also claimed that he was protectorate of a small Russian province. F3n expanded his military and police and created environmental laws.

The Yukon War continued and Ninja worked on repairing damage to his nation incurred from natural disasters. Farma developed hostilities with Margerald as Olaf won the war. Farma quickly retracted this and offered an NAP to Margerald. Farma also proposed an alliance between all Candian nations. Olaf accepted as Rpvictor rejected Bismarck’s claim from the previous paragraph. Rpvictor also requested an embassy with one of the nations on his planet.

Margerald finished defenses for his land and Bismarck built another foreign naval base. Sith demanded that Bismarck post details on his projects and Legless sought RTA’s with Croatia and Greece, which was accepted. Volcano was allowed to claim his planet, as long as he reduced his population. Wane expressed concern over the power of one of his neighbors to his other neighbors on his planet. He also explored his continent. Legless then asked the Vatican Empire to annex. They accepted.

DragonDemon made several diplomatic requests and developed tanks. dFexz worked on his healthcare system and Margerald requested relations with a player nation. Aicy requested several MDP’s and an annexation with Denmark.

MI 5 building

A building. SUCH MAGNIFICENCE!!!11!

Margerald encouraged Aicy to halt one of his requests, but he did not. Galaman requested NAP’s with several countries. 123 began improving his military and Bismarck unveiled one of his HFPE projects to be constructing some political buildings. Several of the treaties were accepted.

Bismarck sought several RTA’s, and f3nr3l began expanding his hospitals. Scorched then criticized Sith over forcing Bismarck to publicize his project. Volcano worked on military deployment techniques, and Bismarck improved his training. His RTA’s were accepted.

F3nr3l sought war games with Panama and 123 worked on a trans-state railroad. Some previous alliances were accepted, and Rpvictor began funding cyber warfare, electronic warfare, their military and education. F3nr3l then worked on electronic warfare and making military bases along his border. Olaf worked on his military. Bismarck enhanced his space program and f3n asked Panama to annex.

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A war erupted in Canada, but it was promptly voided. It is currently not known who the belligerents were. Canadian nations began to militarize for various reasons. Djinn Spell joined as the Federation of Ro, which was based in Argentina. He sent his special police after serial killers that plagued his nation. Meanwhile, an oil rig exploded in Wane's nation as a result of an obnoxious neighbor. Wane then began to send up drones to patrol his border, in case the neighbor struck again.

Dragon asked Lesotho to annex, but Margerald had them decline, depsite the fact that he was not a moderator. Legless sought various treaties and Ninja joined the treaty with Farma and Olaf. Some of Legless's treaties were accepted, but the others were declined. dFexz began drilling for oil and offered RTA's. Casponia offered several RTA's. Margerald also bought some of Dragon's tanks.


British money.

F3n formed a special forces team and Margerald declared war on the Tver Oblast. Britishmoney, then joined as Alaska. Bowswer and Margerald then accused each other of being Britishmoney. Farma then declared a war on a Canadian city and Ninja expanded his infrastructure improvements. Im Joe Dude joined as New South Wales as both Canadian wars continued.

Several treaties were accepted and declined, and then Farma's war was re-moderated so that he would lose. Rpvictor researched nanotechnology, requested relations with one of the nations on his planet and then had a border conflict with another land. Joe began constructing factories and building his military. F3n's moderation of Margerald's war was then voided. Farma quit and Bismarck tried to establish trade agreements with Farma.

Volcano worked on his military line and Bismarck worked on his military line and space project. Legless requested several NAP and RTA's while Volcano tried to contact nations off of his planet. Margerald sought an RTA with Legless. All player-NPC treaties were accepted and Wane worked on his own military line. Legless then accepted the treaties with Margerald.

Dragon sought closer relations with Lesotho and worked on his military. Legless also worked on his military line and f3nr3l asked Panama to annex. 123 asked Hawaii to be a protectorate and Ninja expanded his military.

Several treaties were accepted and declined, and Rpvictor enacted various anti-corruption laws as Margerald's war continued. Ninja continued his infrastructure and Bismarck contiued work on his military and energy drilling capabilities. Bowswer also announced miscellaneous improvements to his small arms, began naval improvements and sought further RTA's with Portugal and Morocco.

123 sought a 20% RTA with Hawaii, which was accepted. Margerald conquered Tver Oblast and Bowswer purchased some military technology from Israel. Volcano slightly scaled back his military on Rpvictor's suggestion and Margerald worked on repairing his nation from the war damages. Olaf plead for an RTA with the Northwest Territories. Legless proposed several FTA's and one protectorateship.


Design for a rail gun.

Bismarck sought vague "relations" with neighboring countries and Volcano researched rail guns. Dragon improved his military and D Chip joined as Poland, working on infrastructure. Dragon also wanted free trade with Lesotho. Several treaties were accepted and declined and Dragon began to research lasers. Legless offered free trade and embassies and Bismarck worked on rail guns. He also offered protectorateship to Taiwan and South Korea, as well as several RTA's.

F3nr3l began a project and asked Panama to become his ally. He also researched pulse weaponry. 123 expanded his navy, and more alliance requests were accepted/declined. 123 then officially began his railroad project. D Chip asked several lands to annex and f3nr3l began going after terrorists. Farma rejoined and D Chip got several treaties passed. Margerald tried to get more NAP's and RTA's and Olaf continued heavy taxation of subsidized businesses.

Various treaties were accepted and declined, and some political maneuvering was secretly done in Rpvictor's planet. Farma asked Prince Edward Island to annex, but they declined. Avalon and 123 politically fought over Hawaii. F3n subsidized industry and began constructing satellites. He also began some secretive projects and sought various trade agreeements. Bismarck executed vague educational reforms and Legless asked various countries to create embassies with Casponia. Dragon expanded his naval work.

Olaf finished a minor infrastructure project and Sith tried to create a mass-MDP and expand various industries. 123 and Pen got into an argument, and Bismarck worked on his military line and created his special operations team. Ninja worked on his navy and Bismarck tried to create an organization simialr to the European Union, but in Asia.

Margerald researched nanotechnology and Ninja restored some military forts. Wane did some treaties and Pen was asked to leave the thread. Bismarck improved his country's medical care and Wane made exploration of other continents on his planet easier. Djinn fought serial killers and Bowswer tried to join the joint space project between Bismarck, Legless and Dragon.


In Soviet Russia...

Margerald and Bowswer tried to get some various trade agreements and Bowswer established his basic defenses. Treaties were accepted/declined and Rpvictor began decreasing business subsidies and funding education. Margerald changed his country's name to Soviet Russia.

Dragon increased police funding and Legelss requested several trade agreements, again. Dragon also wanted some trade agreements. Rpvictor then moderated a lot of things, accepting most of the trade agreements. However, he declined to moderate Legless's, due to his habit of requesting relations with an extreme number of nations. Aicy funded education, Ninja worked on his military and f3n requested a trade agreement with Legless and began project "Security Grid."

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Some bombs had gone off in some of Wane’s major cities, and he proceeded to deal with that. Djinn sent ambassadors, claimed an uninhabited island, set up a space program, asked his neighbors for cooperation in a rail network and did economic projects which he never described. Margerald increased his health care and education budgets and f3n began two more vague projects and decided to cooperate with Djinn on the railroad.

Bismarck stated intent to reduce the size of Djinn’s nation, claimed some uninhabited islands of his own and sought vague alliances with small island nations. Farma spent two million to make all the unemployed of Montreal and Quebec clean up litter against their will. Farma asked five Canadian provinces to join his South Canadian Treaty Organization.

F3n finished his war with a terrorist group. Scorched decided to let Djinn keep Argentina, but prevented expansion into Antarctica. He also stated intent to give Nation Creation over Rpvictor, a decision that caused no end of controversy. Rpvictor moderated treaties and Bismarck then proposed several treaties. He went for three FTA’s and four embassies. Legless, Margerald and Ninja tried to establish embassies with various NPC’s.

Black Moon

The moon.

Sith raised taxes and Rpvictor moderated various treaties. Bismarck continued infrastructural work as Volcano sought FTA’s with the countries on his planet’s moon. Margerald, on Israel’s urging, decided not to send the kinetic satellites. Rpvictor began an infrastructure project. F3n worked on his military and developed a national religion called the Church of Okra. Bowswer improved trade and his navy and requested an MDP with Portugal. F3n built more farms, mines and factories.

Bismarck entered into a meaningless trade deal with Olaf and 123 began aiding Nevada with a salmonella outbreak. Farma asked three more nations to join the SCTO, one of which was not Canadian. Rpvictor responded to requests and the governor of a foreign state was killed in Rpvictor’s lands. Legless worked on his national problem of the mafia.

Bismarck started a short nanotechnology project and Wane worked on Aperture Science Handheld Portal Devices and DNA computing. He also advised Margerald to stop acting like a mod. Several players had previously voiced concerns about this. Rpvictor began investigating the assassination and made an SEZ. Bismarck sent aid to Taiwan, which had been struck by a hurricane, and Bowswer argued with Rpvictor about expansion rates.

Gala worked on various projects of no particular significance and Rpvictor continued his investigation. Margerald asked for RTA’s, and Bismarck wanted to make a protectorate, improved military training and worked on rapid cellular regeneration. Volcano increased education funding. Farma proposed that states of the United States be merged while f3n tried to subsidize the private sector through the public sector, which was itself subsidized by the private sector, and researched amniotic fluid.

Margerald worked on nanites and Olaf improved military training. Casponia requested several treaties and Rpvictor dealt with treaties. Galaman requested embassies and Bismarck launched satellites. Farma made Christianity more prevalent in his nation and Ninja planned to split his satellite in two. Rpvictor ended his assassination plot and eliminated capital gains taxes.

Underground city

An underground city, built around underground resources.

Bismarck worked on underground resources and set up an emergency fund. Legless proposed several treaties and Olaf worked on his space military. Bismarck posted his project list. Rpvictor worked on his military and Farma and Bisamrck established embassies. Farma also started an infrastructure project and tired to expand the SCTO again. Volcano worked on small arms and Legless offered more protectorateships.

Treaties were accepted and declined as Olaf improved infrastructure in Vancouver. Bismarck requested an MDP and established embassies and an RTA with Galaman. Olaf and Farma worked on a space station and Farma began hijacking the SCTO. Rpvictor handled treaties and had Olaf and Farma downgrade their space project and stopped Farma’s hijacking.

Bismarck sought to become an add-on to the SCTO and began to map the ocean floor. F3n become the protector of Panama and Bismarck framed Guam for the destruction of one of his military ships. Bismarck then attacked Guam. Olaf offered some inconsequential support and established embassies with Bismarck. Farma also sent inconsequential support.

Olaf started a new infrastructure project and Dragon began laser weaponry and cyber-warfare projects. He also asked Swaziland and Lesotho to annex. Treaties were managed and dFexz increased education and medical funding. Bismarck got an RTA with the Untied States and f3nr3l asked Panama to annex and went after the drug trade.

Bismarck continued the war and requests were handled again. Rpvictor established a policy for surplus government income and Bismarck and Rpvictor got into an argument. Bowswer also worked on improving his foreign relations with Morocco and Gibraltar.

Margerald tried to join the alliance between Bismarck, Legless and Dragon and Volcano released his military line. dFexz and Bismarck established treaties and Dragon and Wane posted new projects. Bismarck began a cyber-warfare project and sent satellites. Treaties were handled again.

5323 obvious troll

No better description.

Margerald worked on kinetic satellites and Bismarck negotiated with the inhabitants of his conquered land of Guam. He also began research into kinetic satellites and call screening. Omni joined as Troll Country. Legless proposed even more treaties and work on a space station.

Sith worked on his military as Dragon worked on plasma technology and spacecraft. Wane worked on aircraft and Rache Glock joined as the Holy Empire of Switzerland. Wane also worked on kinetic satellites and Omni “threatened” war on Glock.

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Margerald’s request to be a DAC member was formally rejected and the DAC began working on the space station. Bismarck asked for Taiwan to either share his currency or have Taiwan become his protectorate. Margerald also worked on a space station of his own. Bismarck and Olaf worked on military lines and Bismarck created an Internet Fairness Doctrine. dFexz began renting housing and farmland to his people. dFexz requested Algeria and Tunisia to annex while Olaf passed factory safety laws.

The page 100 project voucher was then announced. Legless announced various military vehicles as Dragon worked on space shuttles and energy. F3n offered Glock an RTA and dFexz posted about his education system. F3nr3l asked Panama to annex, and they finally accepted. Glock posted several economic projects and accepted the RTA that f3n offered earlier. Legless successfully asked for Croatia to annex. Margerald proposed an alliance to Rache Glock, who accepted it.

Bismarck asked Taiwan to become a protectorate, regulated his undersea industries, expanded ports and created a remarkably large office building. F3nr3l’s president began bribing the Senate and Farma legalized some alcohol. Requests were handled and Rpvictor began a project but declined to give details at the time. F3n stated intent to change his nation into a dictatorship. Bismarck unsuccessfully appealed one of Rpvictor’s decisions and made arrests for corruption.


The government is why the rum is always gone.

Ninja banned tobacco and several hallucinogens and raised the legal drinking age. F3n authorized life sentences and the death penalty. He also went on a military spending spree. Leg offered an MDP to Slovenia and Bismarck became extremely argumentative regarding his appeal.

Margerald positioned his tanks. dFexz requested FTA’s with Algeria and Tunisia, which declined. He also established an unemployment office. Wane and Demon got into a small argument over limitations on a project time voucher. Wane gave other layers advice on their military lines, although he called for a very high level of specifics.

Glock quit and Farma outlawed the death penalty. Bismarck established national parks and tried to encourage immigration to low population areas of Avalon. He also began developing factories that would be able to go from making sime random product to making military products within a very short span of time. Farma constructed more cities and Farma and Ninja cooperated on a railroad. The Church of Okra also grew in f3n’s nation.

Olaf encouraged settlement in the Yukon and constructed more hospitals. Farma banned narcotics and requested RTA’s. Bismarck tried to get Chinese states to become his protectorate. Rpvictor then posted details on an earlier project. Research into nuclear energy and quantum physics were included, but more subprojects would be included over time.

Bismarck accused Rpvictor of trying to take over Nation Creation and f3n and Margerald got into an argument over Margerald’s economic strength. Olaf had some of his soliders wear ski masks and Rpvictor handled some requests. Olaf requested an FTA with the Northwest Terrritories and Rpvictor created a federal agency for deregulation.

Scorched joined as Colorado, which he turned into a dictatorship under Valerian Mengsk. He began torturing and executing criminals and rigging trials to be like Ace Attorney. Wane asked that a neighboring state become his protectorate and Djinn Spell, Legless, Bismarck and Wane got into an argument over whether cake was a lie. Bismarck posted details on a proposed alliance and Farma proposed an increase in RTA’s. Djinn created a stock market. dFexz built embassies, proposed treaties and worked on infrastructure.


Is it a terrible lie, or a delicious truth?

Olaf and Rpvictor joined the cake argument. Rpvictor worked on biochemical research and business friendliness. Dragon requested Lesotho and Switzerland to annex and increase funding for his military. Instead, Lesotho became a protectorate. Wane slashed his federal government and federal tax rates.

Margerald requested FTA’s with Oblasts and began developing a new military line. Wane sought to increase relations with one of his neighbors and f3n build an office building. Margerald and dFexz also began negotiating on a training program for Margerald’s troops. Requests were handled and Bismarck began negotiating with dFexz for a similar training program and an RTA. Bowswer got a protectorate and Ninja requested an alliance with Manitoba. dFexz handled those requests and then asked for an increase in his RTA with the Israeli Empire. Requests were handled and Rpvictor and Bismarck got into an argument regarding Bismarck’s playstyle.

F3n founded an economic union of North American nations, which Olaf joined. F3n tried to expand his mining industry into Olaf’s lands and requests were handled. Djinn landed in the Western Sahara and Farma proposed an alliance with new Brunswick.

Legless requested Slovenia to become his protectorate and Bowswer threatened Djinn and invaded Andorra and Gibraltar. Bowswer and Djinn then argued when Djinn counter-threatened Bowswer. Sith increased military spending and the free market and Gala proposed a lunar project to neighboring nations. Volcano worked on his military.

Requests were handled and Rpvictor resolved the conflict by siding with Djinn. He also reduced taxes. Rpvictor and Bismarkc renewed their prior argument. Legelss requested some treaties to be handled and several countries merged their lunar projects. Bismarck again requested that Taiwan become his protectorate and Djinn launched satellites. Bismarck also protested Djinn’s mining expedition in the Western Sahara.

Rpvictor said that Bismarck’s economy would not be able to sustain his space and military projects and Bismarck accused Rpvictor of abuse of power. The two argued about this for some time. dFexz reduced ties with Bismarck and Bowswer joined the DAC space project.

Farma tried to expan

"Overpowering is against the rules!"

d his highway and he created vague educational projects. Meanwhile, Bismarck, in a tantrum over Rpvictor’s previous actions, removed Rpvictor rom the Wikia. Rpvictor in turn suspended Bismarck from Nation Creation. Wane slightly increased taxes and Margerald tried to get an alliance with Demon, although all he got was an NAP. The DAC was reviewing their projects and acceptance policy. Wane also was included in the group.

dFexz tried to get an RTA with Margerald,w hich was accepeted. Farma tried to claim a solar system, but the action was voided. Ninja, after his request had been ignored so many times, assumed that Manitoba had accepted his earlier proposal. Farma also worked on Quebec’s embassy in Toronto.

Bismarck ignored his suspension and then Teran Marine intervened, voiding the suspension entirely, appointing Bowswer and Bismarck as moderators and threatening to remove Rpvictor from moderation. Bismarck had lied to Teran about what had happened, and despite the fact that several players supported Rpvictor’s version of events, he said that he would not changed his opinion unless Scorched had new information. (In Teran's defense, Rpvictor's account did seem strange.) As Scorched was not around to overrule Teran, Rpvictor temporarily left Nation Creation. Scorched would return alter, but declined to do anything about the matter. Rpvictor then left Nation Creation, unannounced.

Pages 126-150Edit

The DAC launched their space station and begun a massive series of research projects regarding outer space. Farma also quit and dFexz sought NAP’s with Tunisia and Algeria. Ninja tried to get Quebec to annex. Bismarck tried to get Taiwan to become a rptoectorate, and asked the SCTO to rewrite their membership rules. He also wanted further relations with all SCTO members. Bismarck began creating combat suits. Margerald wanted to cooperate on the project, but Bismarck declined. F3n reduced the toll on the Panama Canal.

Bowswer proceeded to assume that Farma’s quitting was becaue of his appointment as a moderator and proceeded to threaten Margerald over threats he had given to Demon. Volano worked on a series of military projects to improve his snipers and counter camoflague. Bismarck tried to organize a deal between f3n and the DAC. F3n instituted surprise cargo inspections and countries pumped billions of dollars into the Panama Canal. Bismarck announced his plan to colonize other nations


It's a pig.

F3n instituted a monarchy and Olaf had his special operations team shoot pigs. The DAC announced further work on space and Olaf tried to join the DAC. Several treaties were handled and Dragon annexed Lesotho and Swaziland. Wane offered several further relations and Dragon improved infrastructure. Margerald requested that two Oblasts become his protectorates, but Wane had them decline.

Margerald and Wane got into an argument over the matter, which was eventually settled by him proposing an MDP with Oblasta. Farma then returned and requested an RTA with New Brunswick. Requests were handled and Bismarck researched rail guns and made a highly advanced ship. F3n tried to join the DAC and Farma tried to get an RTA with Bismarck.

Legless asked Slovenia to annex, but Slovenia declined, and Bismarck tried to annex a Russian province. Sith then took an indefinite leave from Nation Creation. F3n was accepted into the DAC and Bismarck began researching the "Dragon Cavalry" series.

Margerald continued reuqesting the MDP. Bismarck proposed an FTA, shared currency and protectorateship. He also began assimilating his protecotrate, Taiwan, into Avalon. F3n worked on expanding the Panama Canal and work on a railroad. Ninja tried to get Manitoba to annex and the DAC landed on the moon. Bismarck and f3n harped on Margerald for not realizing that Bismarck had been made a moderator and f3n began a vague project.

Communists invaded Bismarck's nation and Bowswer announced that fusion was viable. Bowswer asked for Portugal to annex and Djinn, Gala and Leg worked on fusion. Margerald tried to form the United Nations, which had limited interest from neighboring nations, and Olaf requested treaties, which were accepted. Bismarck defeated the Communists and worked on fusion.

Hst mars060


Olaf joined the United Nations and f3n tried to colonize Puerto Rico. Avalon tried to increase relations with the Sakhalin Oblast and the DAC merged their fusion projects. Volcano worked on fusion and the DAC began a project to land on Mars. Legless asked Slovenia to annex. Margerald requested a treaty with Leningrad, and treaties were handled. Bismarck began project "Foxhound" which was laser-guided anti-orbital weaponry. Olaf worked on shielding and kinetic bombardment. Bismarck and Margerald then got into a pointless argument.

Wane worked on fusion, offered a protectorateship and announced that a project was nearing completion. Bowswer finally won Andorra and Gibraltar and he requested an MDP with Morocco. Bwswer signed a treaty with Portugal. F3n wanted an MDP provision added to the DAC and f3n demanded that a Brazilian state annex. Bismarck proposed several treaties and voting on the MDP provision in the DAC began. Several miscellaneous treaties were made and handled.

F3nr3l advised Margerald to take out Belarus. Venezuela also prepared to attack f3n's nation due to his threats on Brazil. Farma requested various treaties with Maine and some Canadian states and then f3n attacked the Amazonas. Margerald requested an NAP and RTA with Ukraine and Olaf worked on chemical weapons. The War of the Amazonas then began. Several treaties were made and handled, and Cyprus declared independence of Israel.

Several players sent their reinforcements to f3n and Farma asked Newfoundland and Labrador to annex. Galaman and Legless cooperated on electronic warfare. Farma began some various economic construction proejcts. At this point, Scorched returned, astonished to discover that Rpvictor had quit. The war concluded and several treaties were proposed. Djinn Spell became a pyromaniac.

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According to the Legend of Wumbo, it was water that turned Lucifer into Satan.

Hunter3Pence joined as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Farma proposed an NAP to Hunter and divided Quebec into French and German segments. Hunter accepted the NAP, requested an RTA with Farma, worked on water sanitation, began a propaganda project about plastic water bottles and worked on infrastructure. The RTA was accepted and Bismarck proposed an RTA with Hunter and proposed the construction of a railroad in China. Olaf sent money to Hunter. Hunter then legalized marijuana.

Margerald sent money to Hunter. Farma asked New Brunswich to annex and Scorched restructured management. Farma yelled at Margerald over nothing. Bowswer proposed an NAP and RTA to Hunter and worked on his military. In Israel, the situation with Cyprus escalated.

Legless asked Slovenia to annex and posted details on his combat vehicles. Hunter signed treaties and asked the Republic of the Congo to annex. Meanwhile, Olaf sent equipment to Cyprus and f3n switched to a democracy. He improved military training and made policies “immigrant-friendly.” F3n then asked for moderation to be renewed in his war against Venezuela and the Brazilian state.

Farma built more mines and farms and Margerald and f3n negotiated troop training. Hunted increased military training standards and established his special forces. Wane made proposals and Slovenia finally annexed to Legless. F3n resumed his war and defeated the Amazonas in Brazil. He then worked on improving infrastructure there. Hunter designed military vehicles and worked on bio-weaponry. Farma continued balkanizing Quebec. Bismarck sent money to Hunter and offered him observer status in the DAC. F3n also encountered guerilla warfare from sects that opposed his conquest of the Amazonas.

The DAC considered intervening in Cyprus. Wumbo considered joining the DAC and banned political parties. F3n tried to launch a forum on religion and Wane quit. Legless tried to make and MDP with Casponia and Hunter tried to buy his own land. Legless asked different lands for RTA’s and Hunter refined his request.

dFexz asked Algeria and Tunisia for an NAP and Bismarck worked on a structure similar to Area 51. Algeria and Tunisia accepted and Olaf continued his biological warfare. Jd’s purchases were declined. Margerald and Legless asked for various treaties with NPC’s.


Let's make a treaty! We shall not use this water to make the Unholy Draft of Satan.

Requests were handled and Volcano proposed treaties with some of his neighbors. Legless repeated an FTA request and Scorched designed the Nation Creation President system. Farma improved medical care and infrastructure. Margerald tried to form NATO again. Farma countered with his Great American River Treaty. Farma produced more ethanol, banned alcohol and legalized homosexual marriage and adoption. Bismarck yelled at Margerald for no apparent reason.

Hunter requested several RTA’s with African nations and banned all firearms. Requests were handled and Volcano was confirmed as President. Farma and Margerald got into a feud with their alliances. Hunter worked on border defense and joined Margerald’s alliance. Galaman requested several alliances. Margerald worked on plasma rifles. Legless requested treaties and Farma worked on infrastructure.

Volcano appointed Bowswer and Legless moderators. Requests were handled, some minor rules were changed, f3n was given ranking update duty and Hunter was appointed moderator.

Volcano sought various relations with neighboring countries. Fen became the protector of Ecuador despite having no significant relations with them beforehand. Requests were handled and f3n invaded another Brazilian state. F3n began a project pertaining to Aiur and Legless started various projects. Treaties were handled and Bowswer asked Portugal to annex and for Morocco to accept an MDP. Bismarck asked Sakhalin to annex and for naval bases in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Bismarck also mandated that all factories be able to quickly switch into war production.

Treaties were handled, Bismarck annexed Sakhalin and Bowswer annexed Portugal. Bismarck researched weapons depending on quantum mechanics and Margerald asked for Yaroslavl to annex, which did occur. Bismarck unveiled a military mega-project involving submersible aircraft carriers, rail guns, and combat suits. He also expanded the role of robots in manufacturing.

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This means war!

Margerald narrated f3n’s earlier war and unleashed a torrent of treaty requests. F3n won the war, but surrounding nations became terrified of him. Margerald worked on anti-satellite missiles. F3n declared war on the Falklands. dFexz continued making treaties with Tunisia and Algeria. Bowswer claimed that several projects were finished, although he never made a project list. Bismarck was appointed Rank Advisor and requests were handled. Olaf bought land and continued working on infrastructure.

Morocco and Bowswer got a joint currency and Volcano worked on electronic warfare. The war finally ended and f3n gave the Falkland Islands to Bismarck. Olaf fought gangs and Margerald admitted three NPC members into one of his treaties. Bowswer announced that Belarus and Ukraine merged to form the Belakraine Republic. The situation in Cyprus grew more complicated. The DAC considered what to do about it.

The DAC landed on Mars, and a project began to establish a colony there. An expedition to Jupiter was also planned. The Israeli Empire was against the colony, but was powerless to stop it. The DAC began a terraforming project and f3n tried to go to the Asteroid Belt. Olaf announced coming upgrades for infrastructure and shielding. Hunter tried to get into the DAC.

Hunter left Margerald’s alliance and dFexz finally got his FTA with Tunisia and Algeria. Olaf tried to get an FTA with Washington. Protests also began in Olaf’s nation due to his policy of abducting dissidents. Margerald and Bismarck got into an argument. The DAC expanded and Bismarck assisted f3n on his Asteroid Belt project. F3n embargoed Olaf, who did nothing but argue about the earlier protests, and Margerald got into another argument on the subject.

Pure. Rage.

Olaf went after Hunter's nation over his actions as a moderator. Pen Par returned as Iran as the argument about Olaf continued. Legless declared war on France and Wane returned. The arguing continued. And continued. And continued. Margerald traded kinetic bombardment technology for Olaf’s shielding, closing the thread.

Pen Par returned as Iran as the argument about Olaf continued. Legless declared war on France and Wane returned. The arguing continued. And continued. And continued. Margerald traded kinetic bombardment technology for Olaf’s shielding, closing the thread.