Morte is a warship that was the subject of much speculation. It was later revealed to be the result of a Conjoiner experiment in weaponizing their planet. The ship teleported into another universe. Quill said that Morte would probably be beaten by thread 5, factoring in the relentless projects from Volcano, Forum and Omni.


Morte is a "dead world." Very little exists on it... right?


Morte, with the ring system not visible.

Known Attempted VisitsEdit


Carter Expedition of 2374Edit

Mentioned by Quill in the chat. "It was tragic."

The finest prototype battlecruiser the UTF had along with some of its best and brightest, lost to Morte. No data was ever received on it.


Titan Expedition of 2505Edit

Omni sent a Titan Cruiser to Morte, only to have it disappear. The same cruiser appeared above the Watchers territory soon after. When it landed, humans with silver veins stepped out, said "Avoid," and splattered.

Public record of the incident: "Mostly harmless."


Probe Scan of 2505Edit

HFPE: Djinn sent two probes. One was crushed and shot at the other. The only things taken showed that Morte had no visible mass or even emissions. It seemed as thought Morte did not exist. End HFPE.


If I put my theories here, the wiki would crash from a data overload.

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