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The Magedere (copyright pending) is a character archetype common to both Magery's own characters and his favorites in all fandoms.

All known instances of Magederes have been female, except for one.

Signs that a character may be a Magedere

  • Character will exhibit signs of insanity and egotism. Some also exhibit common serial killer traits.
  • Typically short compared to average height.
  • Black hair.
  • Typically are extremely powerful, or wield a large weapon. Sometimes both.
  • Have a high body count in the universe.

The Magedere anthem: Evil In The Night by Adam Lambert

Known Magederes Edit

  • Azula (Avatar the Last Airbender. 100% Match, and the Ur-example)
  • Natasha Dæmondöttr (Magery's OC. 100% Match)
  • Rory Mercury (Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There. 100% Match)
  • Annie Leonhardt (Attack on Titan, 80% Match)
  • Cinder Fall (RWBY. 80% Match)
  • Neo Politan (RWBY. 80% Match)
  • Lanfear/Cyndane (The Wheel Of Time, 80% Match)
  • Cheshire/Jade Nguyen (Young Justice, 80% Match)
  • Quill (Nation Creation. 60% Match)
  • Esdeath (Akame ga Kill. 60% Match)
  • Carmilla Karnstein (Carmilla, 60% Match)
  • Karasuba (Sekirei, 60% Match)
  • Saeko Busujima (Highschool of the Dead, 60% Match)

Others may exist outside this list, but those on it are the most prominent.


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