This is a list of all projects LiveLong689 has started in Nation Creation with the country Livestan (Texas). Ongoing projects are unlisted. Updated 2/17/12.


Complete: The project was finished without great improvement.

Successful: The project was finished with great improvement.

Cancelled: The project was cancelled by Live.

Voided: The project was cancelled by a mod.

Forgotten: Live forgot about the project.

Project Battery

Status: Complete

Converted all military vehicles to high-power batteries to save resources. Performance of vehicles was unaffected.

Project Time Machine

Status: Voided

Attempted to build a time machine through the use of speed, but was blocked due to the no time machines rule.

Project New Steel (see Tech Database)

Status: Successful

Created a new compound that replaced steel in everything Livestan built (it cut the cost greatly). The chemical formula is a secret.

Project Red November

Status: Forgotten

Was going to build a supersized submarine.

Project Invinsible

Status: Complete

Created mostly-bulletproof juggernaut armor for the Livestan Supercommandos.

Project Battlemech (see Tech Database)

Status: Complete

Created a large robotic war machine that walks on two legs.

Project Superlaser

Status: Forgotten

Was going to build a superlaser.

Project Core Dig

Status: Cancelled

Dug to center of the earth to find that doing so was pointless.

Project Thundergun (see Tech Database)

Status: Complete

Built a handheld air cannon for military use.

Project Lasersaber

Status: Forgotten

Was going to build a laser sword.

Project Supershield

Status: Forgotten

Was going to build a shield that surrounded Livestan.

Project Moon Base

Status: Successful

Built a giant pyramid-shaped base on the Moon's north pole.

Project Zombiefy

Status: Successful

Made a chemical formula that could "revive" fallen soldiers.

Project Texastar

Status: Successful

Built a huge capital spaceship.

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