5th of June, Canada


High school student/McDonalds worker


British Columbia (NC), Canada (NC), Atlantis (CYOC)

Years active:



Lilninjabro6, born the 5th of June, 1994 (Aged 18) is the owner of Atlantis and previous British Columbia and Canada.   He has been a member of CYOC since August 2010.  He also has an F-22, though it is unknown how he got it.

Ninja's personal lifeEdit


Ninja's F-22 at the local airport

Ninja lives in Holy Ninja Empire.  He is known to be an athiest and has a sister.  That's about it. He used to live in Ontario, Canada.

Other FactsEdit

  • Is a Dr. Who fan.
  • Once tried to create a CYOC genre game taking place in the middle ages, caled Magnis Imperiis, though it soon died.
  • Has been in two wars.  His war supporting Porchestan rebels failed and Atlantis left the conflict.  Mage and Eno threatened to invade Ninja if he didn't gift them land he promissed hundreds of years ago. Not really a war, but Ninja did surrender some of the land.
  • Has a notebook with many things. Some things include every possible plan of invasion/defense. Also include drawings of planets should Ninja ever restart. Includes many other things that only Ninja himself knows of.
  • May or 
  • may no
    Image (3)

    Map of Demeter

    t go to university studying 

    This is either a very well thought out plan or an attempt to kiss up.


    Ninja's spaceship design.

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