This is a record for a Nuzlocke of Pokemon X, followed by a Wonderlocke of the same game.

For those of you who don't know what a Nuzlocke is, please read the rules!


  1. You can only catch the first pokemon you encounter on each route. If it faints, too bad.
    1. This does not include trades or static encounters, but does include gift pokemon and fossils.
  2. When one of your party pokemon faints, it is dead. You cannot use it again. You must either release it or deposit it in the PC.
  3. You must use a live pokemon for HMs if at all possible. If this isn't possible, you may catch an HM slave, but it cannot battle.
  4. You must nickname all of your pokemon
  5. No breeding or trading except to evolve a trade evolution pokemon
  6. No catching legendaries (I will be making an exception to this for Xerneas on the first playthrough. Xerneas will promptly be deposited on the pokebank, and will never see use.)

Additional Wonderlocke rules:

  1. Any pokemon you capture must be traded away immediately via wonder trade*. This includes the starter pokemon.
  2. DUPES CLAUSE: If you receive the same pokemon (or one of its evolutions) more than once from Wonder Trading, you may choose to wonder trade one of them again.
  3. If you receive a pokemon that will not obey you because it is too high level, you may opt to trade it once again.

*Wonder Trading is a random trade system where you pick a pokemon to trade away, and get a random pokemon from a random trainer anywhere in the world in return for it.

Nuzlocke Edit

Party: Edit

  • "Harry"
    • Delphox (M), Lv. 40
  • "Breeze"
    • Pidgeot (M), Lv. 39
  • "Jet Li"
    • Mienfoo (M), Lv. 36
  • "Stevie"
    • Blastoise (M), Lv. 36
  • "Elucidator"
    • Doublade (M), Lv. 35
  • "Daisy"
    • Florges (F), Lv. 35

Catches Edit

Starter: Fennekin (randomly determined by Volcano) "Harry"

Route 2: Pidgey "Breeze"

Santalune Forest: Weedle "Easy Bee"

Route 3: Azurill "Bouncy"

Santalune City: N/A

Route 4: Flabebe "Daisy"

Lumiose City: Squirtle "Stevie"

Route 5: Fufrou "Bakura"

Camphrier Town: N/A

Route 6: Honedge "Elucidator"

Parfum Palace: N/A

Route 7: Snorlax (static) "Devon", Croagunk "Brock"

Connecting Cave: Whismur "Whistle"

Route 8: Mienfoo "Jet Li"

Ambrette Town: Aerodactyl "Dacky Duck"

Route 9: Helioptile "Fizzle"

Glittering Cave: Onix "Adrian"

Cyllage City: Luvdisc "Lsuv" (In-game trade for Steelix, "Thumper")

Route 10: Hawlucha "Rey"

Geosenge Town: N/A

Route 11: Nidorino "Rex"

Reflection Cave: Woobat "Wooper"

Shalour City: Lucario "Kirito"

Route 12: Tauros "El Toro Loco"

Courmaline City:

Azure Bay:

Route 13:

Route 14:

Laverre City:

Route 15:

Lost Hotel:

Route 16:

Dendemille Town:

Frost Cavern:

Route 17:

Anister City:

Terminus Cave:

Route 18:

Couriway Town:

Route 19:

Snowbelle City:

Route 20:

Pokemon Village:

Route 21:

Route 22: Farfetch'd "Slick Stick"

Victory Road:

Pokemon League:


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