King XI was the eleventh leader of The People's Kingdom of the Infinite Seas (Vitaria) who came to power at the age of 11 in 2528. He was the grandson and the eldest male descendant of King X, who died of a stroke that same year. As monarch, King XI had full control of the PKIS with the notable exception of the military, which is commanded by the Supreme Commander (this separation was first made by King I to ensure a sort of balance of power, and prevention of tyranny.


The King's appearance upon taking reign.

Background Edit

King XI lived an isolated life completely away from the public eye, as is the tradition of Vitarian monarchs. His only human interaction, outside of meeting with the 12 current members of the cabinet and family, was giving monthly public addresses, which were edited by the ministry of communication to have proper pronunciation and a steady, unwavering tone of voice. Vitarian monarchs were not known by any name, only as "King" and then however many total monarchs there had been so far. Unbeknownst to the public, King IV and King VIII were both women.

Personality Edit

King XI was the youngest King to serve (although nobody knew this for certain, as no cabinet member was alive during the reign of all 10 monarchs before him). Having no formal education or proper parenting, King XI was known by his aides to have a volatile temper, and he often replaced cabinet members that he didn't like by sending them to do other jobs in the government, often to their dismay. His youth often made him curious, which is largely why, three years into his reign, Vitaria broke a centuries-old tradition of having no formal relations with other nations, and the minister of trade began negotiating embassies and trade deals. As King XI aged, his total isolation kept him from fully maturing as an adult, as nothing changed in his personal life when he went through adolescence.

Gilded throne2

King XI's throne, which the PKIS raised property taxes for in order to have the revenue to build it as he commanded.

Influence Edit

Because of the shift away from isolation, King XI will undoubtedly be marked as one of the most influential monarchs in Vitaria's history. Public opinion laid in favor of the King's actions, as many Vitarians believed interaction with the galaxy would be useful.

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