Kinesis of Essence (Eru)Edit

The second pylon of the theory. This facet and sect of the theory focus on the immense power of the mind over technology, the universe, yourself, and other life forms. This is manifested through control full power of the mind, trained to be directed into technology and even other minds.

It also includes the power of warping the universe, through things like dimension warping, flux, use of the Ether, Dark energy and matter, along with more 'Magisciency' abilities such as Telepathy or Telekinesis. Eventually, the concept of Kinesis of Essence would allow for any Eergos to pull apart the very sentience of an enemy with the mere force of their minds.

Of the 'Seed' observed thus far, the Conjoined Eldar where nearest to this pillar, having power to control nearly all technology with mere thought, as though they where one being. They also wielded Dark energy and the Arcane powers, using elements that have existed since the beginning of time.

However, due to the Fourth Wall, they did not attain their true measure of power.

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