Jovian Independent Federation

Home Planet


Capital City

Jeva, Europa

Largest City

Jeva, Europa

Official Language(s)

English, French, German

Government Type

Military Junta

Current Leader

Grand Admiral Katarin Yannic


12.5 million

Economy Type

War Economy


Jovian Credit


3.175 trillion Jovian Credits

Per capita

254,000 Jovian Credits per capita



The Jovian Independent Federation, is a major NPC in NC Spacebattles V3 that controls the moons of Jupiter and portions of the asteroid belt. Originally a democratic collection of miners and other “belters”, it has evolved into an authoritarian military junta. On and off for the last century, it has been engaged in a war of survival against the Terran Orbital Authority.

History Edit

In 2095, massive He3 mining operations began around Jupiter in response to a price hike by the TOA of Lunar He3, leading to the population around jupiter increasing by twenty times within two years.

Unfortunately, over the next 10 years tensions increased between the TOA and the jovian miners until in 2105 TOA patrol ships massacre the Jovian crew of a helium tank. Their deaths cause the Jovians to declare independence from the TOA and defeat TOA patrol ships with improvised warships.

In 2138, a colony was established on Titan and was immediately inducted into the JIF (without the colonist’s approval). This pattern is repeated every time someone set up a new colony around Saturn.

In 2162 the TOA declare war on the JIF again. Martial law is declared within the JIF, initially just for a few weeks but the weeks drag to months, then years, then decades. JIF defeat TOA fleet but 40% of the JIF’s population die after TOA attack orbital habitats. This leads to a retaliatory strike by the JIF in 2164 that leads to 23 million TOA citizens dying. A ceasefire is signed shortly afterwards.

In 2177, the CoD declare independence leading to the TOA invading Mars. JIF intervene on behalf of CoD resulting in a pyrrhic CoD-JIF victory.

Military Edit

The JIF maintains the most powerful and most advanced military in known space, with highly advanced ships. It is heavily reliant on robotics and drones to make up for the massive population difference between it and the TOA. Thanks to the resources of the asteroid belt and the energy they harvest from Jupiter, they have a massive industrial capacity. They have no qualms using WMDs and have frequently resorted to them against the TOA.

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