Each cell in B & C Block is 5 feet by 9 feet. Cells at Jarvis have a small sink with cold running water, a small sleeping cot and a toilet. The cells in D Block (segregation) are more spacious, but still the least used. In D-Block, inmates are confined to their cells 24-hours per day, with the exception of one visit per week to the recreation yard, and these visits are alone.


There are 336 cells in B & C Block. There are 36 segregation cells and 6 solitary confinement cells (actually known as confinement chambers by many inmates) in D-Block. Two cells on the end of C-Block are used as restrooms for the guard staff. The cells in A-Block are only rarely used for short term lock-up periods when an inmate does not require full solitary confinement seclusion, but needs to be fully isolated from other inmates.

Inmates are granted one visit per month and each visitation must be approved directly by the Warden. No physical contact is allowed and rules dictate that inmates are not allowed to discuss current events, or any matters concerning prison life. Inmates talk with visitors via intercom and a correctional officer monitors the conversations during each the majority of the time. Inappropriate conduct during visits result in a loss of visiting and/or other priveleges.

On average, the time of residence is approximately eight years. Men are never directly sentenced to Jarvis and usually have to earn their way.

The current number of prisoners in Jarvis Prison is 592.

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