Ishvalan Royalty

The Ishvalans are a race of wolf-like Meta-humans within NC Spacebattles from the planet Ishval. They are found almost exclusively within the Ishvalan Empire.

Biology Edit

Ishvalans are remarkably human-like in appearance though they possess distinctive features that clearly distinguish them. On average, Ishvalans stand roughly 6ft tall and possess a lean, healthy look due to their faster metabolism. Ishvalans have red-yellow eyes with slitted pupils similar to those of a cat, pointed dog-like ears which possess an automatic “damper” system which reflexively works to lessen the impact of sudden loud noises (explosions, gunfire, industrial noise) to protect their sensitive hearing (although hearing loss is not an issue with Ishvalan regeneration), four pronounced canine teeth, and clawed finger and toe nails.

They possess highly developed senses of smell and sight being able to track by scent as well as being able to see in near-total darkness. Their faster metabolisms result in a higher baseline temperature than that of humans, allows a faster rate of wound healing, and higher resistance to cold temperatures. Hair colors range from midnight black to snow white, and facial hair is common among males. On average, an Ishvalan is stronger, faster, and possesses better reflexes than a human with the same level of intelligence. Average Ishvalan life expectancy is roughly 300 years.

Psychology Edit

Ishvalans possess all the capacity for emotions as well as the same level of intelligence as humans, though they display several characteristics and tendencies that set them apart. Ishvalans possess a strong sense of community and a mindset that values the good of the society as a whole as opposed to individuals, they also possess an uncanny ability to read the body language and scent of others to be able to easily gauge one another’s emotional states (and those of humanoids that they are familiar with) and communicate nonverbally. Ishvalan society prizes several things, cleverness, strength, and loyalty and those who manage to sufficiently impress an Ishvalan in any or all of these aspects will earn their (sometimes begrudging) respect, and a befriended Ishvalan is a stalwart friend and ally. Despite this, Ishvalans have a tendency towards aggressiveness as well as territoriality, seeking to expand, defend, and improve upon the territory they control.

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