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Imperial Pacific Canada
The Imperial Pacific Canadian Kingdom's Flag.



Official Language:

English, French


Constitutional Monarchy


King Visari I




Pacific Canadian Dollar



Drives on the:


Establishment in Game Year:



Pacific Canadian


The emperor


IPC in Yellow.


Pacific Canada has got most of its land by war and some by annexation. Pacific Canada first tries to get tensions, and then attempt to go to war with said nation... or gain good relations, and annex it.

Land ListEdit

The nation is located in the North-west corner of North America and consists of:

  • British Colombia
  • Alberta
  • Alaska
  • Idaho
  • Washington
  • Northwest Territories

Mainland ProvincesEdit

Province of British ColombiaEdit

Information of British Colombia

Provincial Capital:

Provincial Population: ~45.200.000

Province of YukonEdit

Information of Yukon

Provincial Capital: Whitehorse

Provincial Population: ~5.600.000

Province of AlbertaEdit

Information of Alberta

Provincial Capital: Calgary

Provincial Population: ~16.900.000

Province of WashingtonEdit

Information of Washington

Provincial Capital: Olympia

Provincial Population: ~24.050.000

Province of IdahoEdit

Information of Idaho

Provincial Capital: Boise

Provincial Population: ~7.000.000

Province of AlaskaEdit

Information of Alaska

Provincial Capital: Juneau

Provincial Population: ~4.500.000


Territory of Northwest CanadaEdit

Territorial Capital: Yellowknife

Territorial Population: ~1.000.000


Primary EducationEdit

Children are required, by law to take primary and intermediate school, up to grade 12. The school system enstates that all children must learn the following subjects in order to pass the proper education level.

The Subjects are:

  • Mathematics (Basic/Algebra/Geometry/Trigonometry)
  • English
  • History (International/Pacific Canadian)
  • Science (Life/Magnet/Earth)
  • Physical Education
  • Biology (Grade 4+)
  • Chemistry (Grade 4+)
  • Language Arts (Foreign)

{C}{C Languages Include:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese (Avalon-Form)
  • Chinese (Avalon-Form)

Intermediate EducationEdit

Teenagers are required to attend Intermediate school as well as primary school. If a teenagers fail in Intermediate School, they will: A) Be forced to retake the class/classes or B) They will be drafted into the Military.


Health CareEdit

Healthcare in Pacific Canada is provided to all employed persons and their families by the government-run social security system, which is funded by employer and employee contributions in respect of salaries. The cost of healthcare is covered by the Board of Health Care of Atlantic Canada at rates of 75% for out-patient expenses such as medicines and hospital visits, 90% for hospitalisation, and 100% for work-related accidents. The remainder of the costs may be covered by private health insurance. Other residents (unemployed as well) and tourists require full private health insurance.


The main hospital(English: The Main Imperial Hospital of Pacific Canada) covering roughly the size of three-times the size of Central Park of New York is the main base of operations for medical 'experiments' and large, or expensive operations. There are also 12 primary health care centres in various locations around the Empire. There is also a twin counterpart in Montreal, in Atlantic Canada.


Agriculture plays a very improtant role to the IPC. In the Homeland (British Columbia) has many ranches across it. These ranches not only raise cattle but they also usualy tend to crops such as Wheat but catte is the primary form of agriculture in British Columbia. Once you cross over into Alberta however things start to switch from ranching cattle to involve more of farming such as wheat.

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