Creature concept 50 by perana-d5hgu4j

A Hyperion citizen

Hyperion is Bismarck's nation in Nation Creation. 


The Hyperion people are very ancestral, but are ironically nonorganic.


Planet 021812 by rich35211-d4q7pq4

A profile of Titanica

Hyperion rests entirely within the Northwest Hemisphere of the planet Titanica. Titanica is a desolate world with no true organic life present, but rather interesting carbon-silicon admixture with a large abundance in metals, specifically iron.

It holds a two moons, Achelois and Losna. Achelois is a true rounded moon while Losna is a small, captured comet.


Titanica is located in the Hathor System, in which it is the foruth planet from the star, Hathor. 


Hyperion is governed by a theocratic head known as the High Prophet, who is advised through the Central
Concept - Ethereal3

The High Prophet in ceremonial dress with the Helm of Malevolent Bias, shielding his face.

Hemiscycle, which is an elected legislative body. To aid the High Prophet and his administration, numerous lesser Prophets exist to either govern in his steed or attend to religious and administration requirements of the nation.

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