Howdia is a CYOC-Genre Player and In-Game Roleplayer. He first played Nation Creation on its 8th thread in August 2009 for a few days, but then accidentally abandoned it when school started. In late-November 2009, he found Create Your Own Country on its 16th thread and joined. He also joined Nation Creation on its 12th thread. He became somewhat active in the CYOC games, but then became inactive later in the school year. During the summer of 2010, he became more active in those games, and also joined an in-game roleplay, but became inactive again when school started. In January 2011, he became active with in-game roleplay, abandoning CYOC games, and he was inactive most of that time, eventually getting swept from all the games. In August 2011, he rejoined Nation Creation and Create Your Own Country. In October 2011, he decided to start getting back into CYOC games while being active with in-game roleplay.

His current CYOC country is the Kingdom of Albania.

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