The History of Atlantis dates as far back as 1813, but Atlantis was officially created July 31st, 2010.


1813 - 2010Edit

At this time, the first people found Atlantis. They created a single small city in north-western Atlantis that's called Atlontas. They named the entire island of Madagascar and surrounding islands with that name as well, and called the island their own.

Soon, several more people arrived at the city, and disagreed with the laws and decided to move to the east side of the nation and made two cities, Arretium and Cloyne, which are now the two largest cities in Atlantis, the land was divided in two, the east coast, called East Atlontas and the west coast kept the name of Atlontas.

The two nations were still extremely angry at eachother, and went to war. The war began in 1960 and continued into the 21st century.


In 2010, Lilninjabro6 sailed from Mozambique to Madagascar, intrigued by the war. He was quite famous in Mozambique, and upon arriving to Atlontas, the natives stopped fighting to meet him. He declared that the war had to end now, as the death toll of the people was so high.

When he returned to Mozambique, he began talking to friends about the island. He mistaked the name and called it "Atlantis" instead. One of his close friends, George Westmore sailed with Lilninjabro6 back to the island. He created a blue and yellow flag with a blue circle in the middle and placed it on the island.

George was put in charge of Atlantis.

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