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Haiiro Okami or Uen Kitsune is one of NC's newest players, having joined NC spacebattles in May/June 2015 as the Ishvalan Empire.


Haiiro Okami or just "Okami" for short crawled out of the darkest pits from the forgotten corner of New England to terrorize the world of NC....what he's trying to say is that he's from Connecticut. He is a recent graduate from college with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Despite being one of the newest players to NC, he has reportedly played several NC-style games over the years since his junior year of high school, beginning with a system nearly identical to some of the older iterations of NC featuring a divided United States on the Cyber Nations (an online nation sim game he has long since quit) alliance forums of the United Commonwealth of Nations (Alliances in CN are official in-game but the larger ones use their own forums and provide threads for roleplaying). 

When the UCN dissolved in a merger, Okami jumped ship to a new alliance, R&R where he continued NC style games, creating his own Space NC called "Galactic Empires" which by his own admission was a mess. He went through several NC style games, mostly space-age ones featuring alien civilizations in place of earth nations. Eventually he transferred to the Sufficient Velocity forums courtesy of a tabletop Game Master's suggestion for a particularly ambitious nation sim set in the Mass Effect universe, which due to personal issues of the GM failed to truly get off the ground despite an initially promising start. Finally he transferred to the Space Battles forums on the suggestion of the same GM who brought him to Sufficient Velocity where he eventually picked up NC.

Past History

By his own admission, most of the nations he ran in his past games have been of the lawful evil variety. The Ishvalan Empire as players currently see it, is actually the result of continuous refinement of past iterations seen in the space age games he played over the course of nearly 5 years. Okami claims he has gotten much better over the years, considering several stories of his actions during older NC style games suggesting a play style that made the Glock (or Quill) of old seem relatively tame by comparison.

Personal info

  • New Englander
  • committed tabletop gamer (D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun primarily with interests in BESM and "Everyone is John"
  • Describes his political views as "cynical"
  • Rabid fan of sci-fi and fantasy, having been raised watching the Star Wars original trilogy....and growing up Rooting For The Empire
  • Huge fan of anime and manga
  • History buff, especially when it comes to warfare, particularly WW2 armor.
  • Recently taken up model-building, and tabletop wargaming.


  • loves trivia
  • the names he uses; Haiiro_okami and Uen_Kitsune respectively translate to "Gray Wolf" and "Devious Fox" respectively.
  • Speaks sarcasm as a second language
  • speaks snark as a third

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