The Gremorians are a slave meta-human race engineered for the Temyrians by the same core group of Geneticists which had created them. They were created as a response to the Temyrians need for a food source, and the scientists unwillingness to allow them to feed off of humans. They were designed to be much physically and mentally weaker than the Temyrians, who were on par with, if not superior to humans in such regards, they are the perfect slave race fit for the Temyrian's specifications.

They are sentient intelligent beings, capable of free thought, and as such, creativity in their own right. However, they are closer to monkeys in terms of mental capacity than they are to humans (they do not actually have the intelligence of monkeys), and as such are not able to form very complex thoughts and organize effectively to fight against the Temyrians.

Despite being a slave race, the Temyrians treat them very well, even granting those who have not fought against them the right to vote in elections. Those who are owned by Temyrians are often employed as common house servants, and are quartered in the Temyrian's home and given adequate food, drink, and even basic luxuries in exchange for this service.

Temyrians owned by the government are employed as public servants. They are responsible for maintaining the towns and cities of the Temyrian Collective. As a result, the cities of the Temyrian Collective are extraordinarily clean and well kept. The government-owned Gremorians are typically kept in common houses, with a number of other Gremorians, and are afforded the same respect as the house slaves.

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