The Great Purge Conflict was a mass genocide of people who did not worship Okra, the Tree God.The genocide took place on a planet created by F3NR3L in Create Your Own Country and the real reason behind the purge was to mass annex the "infidels" through their fear.The many tribes scattered across the planet were gunned down by ruthless soldiers of the Holy Imperial Empire of the Mighty Tree and some infidels were burned at the stake for treason and heresy.

This marked the first of many conflicts that would go on within the Holy Imperial Empire of the Mighty Tree, and it would not be the bloodest.

The slaughters were worse than they would've been due to the bloodcrazed second emperor, Ramses Raul Dux Tree took the throne and wished to expand his influence to a all time high and to establish his imperial dictatorship's iron fist over any one who oppossed his small and savage nation.Shortly after the conflict, Ramses wife Queen Alexandria would give birth to Prince Titanus the "Savior" whom when he reached the age of twenty would slaughter his father to save his people and take command of the empire.

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