Gnuispir8 (Gnu) is a current NC player, and a former CYOC player, and has been active on and off since summer of 2011. 


Gnu first joined CYOC back in late November or early December of 2010 as a nation named Draconia. This nation was extremely short-lived, as Gnu's refusal to use decent formatting in his posts severely angered many players, leading to the nation being shot into a block hole. Angered by this perceived injustice, he quit CYOC immediately, only to return in the following summer. Upon his return he took to mending relations a bit with the players by being far more reasonable about formatting. He then crafted the UDEN, which started as the AIR, which could be considered his least original nation, being based effectively on Avatar: the Last Airbender. This nation lasted for many years and even took part in a number of wars of destruction, such as the Anti-Troll Crusades.

At some point, Gnu decided to try to join Nation Creation, and created a minor nation in the midst of the WW3 event. Not long after, Gnu abandoned this nation, thinking Nation Creation wasn't quite his style. This changed though when the game moved to its own website, the now deceased On the site, Gnu made his first decent NC nation, the Game Kingdom, which started off in Cuba. Due to a multitude of events, the Game Kingdom came to be one of the strongest player nations, albeit in a dying game. In the late summer of 2012, the game died and Gnu did very little with NC for a while. Eventually, he caught wind of Bis's NC revival, and joined as the Umbradi Empire (first iteration), and was also granted control of the Arab Federation. A lot of stupid things happened and Gnu once again did little with NC until the multitude of revivals, culminating in Super's revival on the RP-Forums, which also died quickly. Finally, with talk of the Spacebattles NC, Gnu returned once again as the Umbradi Empire, and is currently actively playing.



The Game KingdomEdit

The Umbradi Empire (1st)Edit

The Umbradi Empire (2nd)Edit

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