This is a reference page for those terms without enough information to justify their own page.

Hayashi Drive Edit

The Hayashi drives were developed by the brilliant Japanese-Russian physicist, Dr Mitsuo Hayashi (19th May 2030-11th December 2117) that led to the children of terra taking to the stars. They work by opening a wormhole through space that greatly reduced the distance travelled. Ships don’t travel quicker so much as travel over a shorter distance. This allowed travel at 1.1 times the speed of light initially, before being improved by the interstellar coalition led by the Reivers that developed the Hayashi MK.2 Drive in 2130 that allowed travel at a rate of 50 times the speed of light. The peak speed of 500c was reached in 2229.

Mutual Defence Pact Edit

A mutual defence pact or MDP is an agreement between two or more nations to support each other militarily if either party is attacked by a third party. This does not apply if one of the MDP signatories attacks the third party first and then suffers a counter attack.

Meta-Human Edit

A species biologically descended from homo sapiens but with significant genetic alterations. The Prismismals fall into this category

Non-Aggression Pact Edit

A Non-Aggression Pact or NAP is an agreement between two or more nations not to declare war on each other.

Penning Edit

The act of using superweapons on neutral parties then quitting or restarting. Named after Pen Par.

Trans-Human Edit

A species of humans who have moved beyond the need for a physical body. The Sublime Assembly is an example of this.

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