Fuzzles32, A.K.A Olaf, in his final form. He likes warm hugs and summer.

Fuzzles32 was originally a player of Feudal Lords. He eventually navigated his way to Nation Creation, where he controls parts of Russia. He planned to attack Luimnigh and the inactive Rache Glock as part of a revenge scheme. He is known for his obssession with Vikings, his humorous demeanor, roleplaying, bad grammar, and his scheme to become a Superpower using diamonds.

He unsuccessfully attempted to defeat the Republic of Scandinavia with a plan to make millions of jobs cutting lumber, then leave and offer better pay in Russia. He figured this would bring many immigrants to Russia, due to the woods of Scandinavia being depleted. He would then invade Norway to take back his 'homeland'. It is currently unsure as to what he shall do next, but he has declined attempts at peace making.

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