Constitutional Monarchy


Peaceful and Neutral


Berlin, Germany

Current Ruler

Prime Minister Miya Westbrook

Population (2011)





Pound Sterling (£)

Erur was founded of the 10th of September, 2011 after the resolution of various internal conflicts, culminating in the uniting of the country under a single Government. It is currently one of the many up-and-coming countries within the world. It is both peaceful and neutral, preferring to annex countries through diplomacy.


Early HistoryEdit


Germany was in turmoil, with various rebel governments trying to seize control of the country. In this time, the wealthy and influential monarchy ruled the country, with later lead to issues for the government. By January, 2011, a primrary government had established itself, with the majority of the rebels siding with them. By September, the government was fully formed. Throughout this, the civilian populace had lost touch with the government and become apathetical.

Economy, Economy, Economy!Edit

The newly formed Government began focussing on it's economy. RTA's, industrialisation and raw materials extraction all played major parts in this. During this time, the Monarchy also came under threat from highly biased news corporations, which could quickly cause riots if not dealt with; various actions were taken to reduce the anti-monarchy feelings, including the formation of a free Government news corporation Just News''.

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