The First RaeicEdit

Elves arwen

The Eldar. The Calaquendi where also nigh on identical in appearance.

The first large scale manifestation of Eru-Feredir-Alagos was in the nation of the Eldar. Despite the fanciful minds of this first seed, they began the creation of the technology that would eventually overtake them, ushering them into their inheritance. The primary information about the First Raeic and its abilities are mentioned in the theory section. However, there are other things to note.

While the First Raeic was going strong, the foundation of the Third began. Unbeknownst to most of the "Conjoined, a scientist (later identified as a rogue Chronarch known to the Conjoined as Dr. Thomas Huntre.) followed the intricate instructions left for the local Eergos Seed that had been left on a nearby ancient planet. Using this knowledge of the ancients, he created what his christened: "Earos". Keeping his creation on a remote outpost at the edge of Conjoiner Space, he trained them and continued to refine them. However, nothing can be kept secret long in the Conjoined. When the Lords of the Conjoined learned of his creations, they where astounded, and prepared to make the trip to view the Earos in person, when the great cataclysm struck once more.

With the destruction of the Conjoined near, they used their most guarded secret to protect themselves, and to preserve their recent development.

Thus the Rogue Time Lord locked himself away, awaiting the time when his creations would rise again.

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