Do you wanna kill some Ishies?

We can kill them everyday

We will never see them anymore

They'll be on the floor

Starting to decay!

We used to be good allies

and now we're not

It started with that war!

Do you wanna kill some Ishies?

We really need dead Ishies...


Go away, Ishies!


Okay! *dies*

Do you wanna kill some Ishies?

Or cap them in the balls?

I think some war is overdue

I've started rambling in

The other nations' halls!

(Hang in there, Ninja!)

It gets a little lonely

All the empty threats

Just watching the years go by...

(post, post, post, post, post ,post)



Please I know you're with me,

I'd really like your help

They say "kill them now", I'm going to,

But I'd really like your help!

We could aid each other,

And with you and me

We could kill them all!

So do you wanna kill some Ishies?

-Parody of "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" From Disney's Frozen (2014)

-Written and edited by Akuma Zero

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