Diplomacy and War (sometimes stylized as Diplomacy & War, and also known as DAW) is a newer game in the CYOC Genre, created as a joint effort between Rache Glock and Teran Marine. It is notable in that it utilizes a point system. DAW was released on the 29th of October at around 6pm Central. It has since been taken offline, although Glock has promised that DAW will return when he is less busy. (Despite the fact that he is currently one of the most active NC players.)

It aims to be somewhere between NC and CYOC in terms of rigidity and how realistic it is.


Current claimed lands in DAW. (Only half of china is currently occupied, but I'm lazy)


D&W is based around a star system, the second to be colonized by humanity. It contains several Earthlike planets, in addition to lava, desert and dead planets.

Known NPC SuperpowersEdit

The United Terran Federation (UTF) are the main NPC power. Based on Earth, they have an unknown, but obviously incredibly powerful, military.

The Illuminated are a religious order infected by parasites that give the host extreme religious feelings. They are extremely advanced but lack true military might.


I am happy to announce that Stellar Empires will be released on the 27th December.

Stellar Empires is the spiritual successor to Diplomacy and War, but featuring numerous adaptations. It is also more rigid than DAW was and will not be massively altered.

DAW featured revolutionary concepts. However its problem was that it was too untested, the beta didn't last long enough. Now we know what works and what doesn't.


DAW thread 1

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